Step-by-step Guide to Implement Field Sales Force In 2022

field sales techniques
field sales techniques

In the current scenario, sales personnel are a crucial component of the sales department. 

The role of the field sales force in any organization is to interact with the customer and make the sale. 

It is crucial to have a team of well-trained salespeople that can reach out to customers and give them the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Sales force automation software is a crucial tool that can help them to implement field sales force effectively. 

It can help their organization to streamline the field sales processes, and the sales team performs well.

Automated sales processes are used in approx 50% of high-performing sales companies. 

Denave is committed to building intelligent sales automation tools that leverage the newest technological trends to streamline, optimize, and polish field force management

How to implement a field sales force?

The step-by-step guide to implementing a field sales force is:

Prospecting leads

Prospecting leads are the first step toward implementing field sales. 

Find people who have the potential to become customers. To accomplish this, there is a need to conduct extensive market research.

Once a company has a solid lead pipeline full of prospects, Its job becomes to contact those leads, build credibility and trustworthiness with them, and then sell.

Contacting and reaching leads

The next step is contacting and reaching out to leads. 

The sales force must start by identifying its target market, challenges, and problems and creating solutions to those issues. 

So when they are making cold calls or sending emails, make sure to keep it short. Provide value first before asking questions. 

Ask open-ended questions to help them understand who they are, where they came from, who they know, and their opinions about the company. 

Ask questions about their business, challenges, pain points, etc. The aim is to establish connections and rapport with them.

Sales pitch

The sales pitch enables converting leads into clients. There should be a compelling story to sell the concept and the product. 

The message should be authentic and hard-hitting. The client must get enough reasons to prefer the pitched product over others. But after all, no company wants to miss out on a sale.

Closing the sale deal

Closing a sale could be the process’s most challenging or manageable part. 

It all depends on how successfully the field sales force performed throughout the early stages of the sales process. 

So leads get transformed into new customers in the last stage of the sales process.


The sales cycle does not terminate after a sale is closed. After converting the prospect into a new customer comes the need to follow up with the client regularly. 

This will continue to bring value to the clients. To follow up, send them emails, or call them regularly. 

Denave’s ROI-focused field sales techniques significantly increase and improve brand visibility. Denave employs a hybrid strategy to field sales and marketing that includes fully skilled on-the-ground salespeople and marketing geniuses.


Understanding this process and field force management is critical to becoming a great sales employee. 

So this procedure will not only assist the field salesforce in increasing sales revenue and identifying possibilities for improvement. But it will also prepare the road for long-term and healthy client relationships.

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