Kitchen Design: What’s the right kitchen style for me?

Kitchen Design What’s the right kitchen style for me

If you find yourself choosing this option, it is the space that we find draws everyone. It is ultimately the most significant selling point.

The style of your home, the kitchen’s location and size, your needs for storage and intended aesthetic all influence the design of your kitchen with modern Kitchen Stone Benchtops.

The most crucial feature of any kitchen is its functionality; the fun part is the design!

But the number of alternatives might be confusing.

Here are some short hints on the many looks and choices Kitchen Design:


Consider wooden furniture, ornate doors, big appliances, open shelving, and soft colours that exude a comfortable, lived-in appearance.

Stylish design suggestions include Trendwood Timber Flooring, Classic White Satin Doors, Pegasus Blue Granite Benchtops, Butlers Sink, and Tiled Splashback.

Design of Scandinavian Kitchens

By definition, Scandinavian design is a style that emphasises simplicity, minimalism, and utility.

Since it follows the path of simple lines and useful spaces, it is highly well-liked.

This impact is quite helpful in kitchen design trends and enhances the room’s appearance.

Also, a wide window should remain or be added because natural light is a key component of Scandi kitchen design  interior design.

Additionally, whites or neutrals are favoured, as are seamless finishes (no visible handles and smooth surfaces like acrylic).

Scandinavian Kitchen design characteristics

  • Bright and luminous (plenty of light wood)
  • Parallel lines
  • Simplistic (uncluttered)

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Rustic Kitchen Design

As you would guess from the name, a “rustic kitchen” flips the negative connotations of the phrases “worn,” “distressed,” and “rough-hewn.”

You will immediately notice the amount of wood and stone that is frequently utilised in the design when you enter a rustic kitchen design.

The intriguing features that provide a touch of workmanship, such as distressed finishes, untreated surfaces, textured items, opening shelves, antique appliances, and polished wood flooring, become apparent when you pay closer attention.

When it comes to rustic, what it actually means is pragmatism, simplicity, and a strong use of nature that evokes the interiors of log cabins.

Modern & Minimal

The pinnacle in minimalism, modern design has strong horizontal lines, integrated appliances, neutral colour schemes, and reflecting surfaces.

Modern kitchens design are clean, open, linear, and even geometric in their attempt to simplicity and clutter-free style, much like industrial rooms.

This well-known design maxim is shown by a distinctly monotone colour scheme with strong and striking colour bursts.

Large uncovered windows are the standard in order to make the room appear bigger and more airy than it actually is. Adequate natural light is essential to preserving a sense of openness and newness.

Inspiration comes from the Fibonacci Terrazzo flooring, white engineered stone countertops, and ultra-white glossy doors (for a touch of colour, add a complementary colour to the island bench)


Contemporary design is increasingly popular since it allows for a greater variety of materials and may combine old aspects with current trends.

Think of matte or smooth surfaces, upscale kitchenware, comfortable seats, and useful storage.

These kitchens show off cutting-edge trends.

They are typically regarded as kitchens that take into account modern needs and tastes because they are created for 21st-century living.

They emphasise convenience, functionality, and minimalism.

Contemporary kitchens place a premium on simplicity and sleekness, much like modern kitchens do.

Kitchen design cabinets from nowadays frequently have flat panels without any furrows.

For a seamless look, their doors completely enclose the frame.

When appliances are concealed behind cabinet doors, that seamlessness is maintained.

The important words here are space and minimalism.

Layouts that favour horizontal lines neatly extend the room and give it an airy, open appearance.

The kitchen design can be kept clean and organised more easily thanks to smart storage options and integrated equipment, which is crucial for someone leading a hectic modern lifestyle.


Engineered Stone Benchtops that looks like marble, cinder matte doors, porcelain tile flooring, and porcelain sheet backsplash


You decide how traditional you want to be; options include a huge Aga, corbels, ornamental mouldings, panelled glass doors and cabinets to the benchtop, elaborate lighting, and a sizable butler’s sink.

It may be difficult to resolve this one.

Traditional kitchens design may conform to and adapt to a wide range of different design sensibilities, making them modern in scope, eclectic by nature, and ambiguous.

A conventional kitchen is probably a nice design to look into in more depth if your particular taste in design veers all over the place.

Unlike its rustic siblings, traditional kitchens include somewhat detailed hardwood furnishings and cabinets.

stone, such granite, quartz, or even marble, with a natural finish.

Avoid using contemporary and industrial elements like stainless steel & concrete in your kitchen design space. And aim to use more natural materials instead.

Trying to pin down your kitchen’s style is a process that entails learning what appeals to you.

With so many fantastic alternatives available today, it might be challenging to stick to one design. But it’s a highly satisfying experience. When you step back and realise you’ve pinpointed your dream kitchen design exactly.

I hope this essay has been useful to you in achieving that.

Black granite countertops, trendwood flooring, porcelain gloss doors (with details), and tiled splashback are examples of the use of inspiration.


As you might expect, a transitional kitchen design combines the finest features of both styles: the welcoming warmth of tradition with the clean, minimalist design elements of contemporary.

The ultimate result is a seductive fusion of familiarity and contemporary refinement.

People whose tastes fall somewhere in between will benefit from transitional kitchens. Since they give a lot of versatility in designing a cosy, livable area.

Remember that seeing is believing; the only way to determine which product will work best for you. Bring your plans and ideas so that we can assist you in finding the right match.


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