Pretty bath bombs in their custom retail boxes

custom cardboard boxes

The first thing I do when I shop for myself is, go for the custom retail boxes that package bath bombs. I simply love this product. For me there is absolutely nothing as satisfying and comforting as  a bath after a long hectic day. I make sure to different types that come in slightly larger custom retail packaging. This way I can select any fragrance according to my mood. My skin had been looking dull for a while, so I kept reading about the product information on their custom retail boxes to find the bath bombs that can also be used as skin exfoliators. I was pleasantly surprised that the retail outlet had already restocked their moisturizing bath bombs as promised. There was a new brand of bath bombs that was branded impressively. I stopped to take a look at what they were offering. The custom retail packaging of the bath bombs looked superior. I thought I would give it a try. 

I bought six of their glitter bath bombs that came in tuck top boxes. I loved the window patching feature on these custom tuck top boxes. It allowed me to look at the product inside without even opening the packaging box. I hated opening my custom bath bomb boxes unnecessarily as it allows moisture from air to interact with the product. It can result in losing their effectiveness. The bath bombs might not fizz in the bath properly because of exposure to moisture. I decided to prepare my bath right away and left the tap running to fill the tub as I entered home.  Once it was full, I opened the custom cardboard packaging of the glitter bath bombs and chucked it in. I knew that it might take up to five minutes for the bomb to fizz completely. As it started to fizz my bath tub was filled with exotic and vivid patterns from the bath bombs that I decided to record using my phone.  

As I soaked in the warm bath I recalled that there were separate rooms in the bath bombs manufacturing units where glitter and non-glittery bombs were prepared. The glitter used in the bath bombs is made from seaweed usually. As I soaked in the tub my daily stress melted away. I felt rejuvenated. I somehow regained the energy to prepare dinner for myself after the bath and call it a day. I never store the cardboard boxes for bath bombs in the washrooms. I store in it my personal closet. Whenever I need a bath bomb, I simply take out one from the cardboard boxes for bath bombs and chuck them under water in the tub. For me, it seems to work perfectly. Did you know that every bath bomb is handmade? 

I love the fact that bath bomb boxes come in custom cardboard boxes. The brands I select offer biodegradable packaging boxes for bath bombs. This way I don’t have to worry about discarding them properly. These packaging boxes can disintegrate on their own without releasing poisonous chemicals or substances that are harmful to living species or the planet. This kind of packaging is such a blessing as it helps curb litter and saves the resources of our planet. Did you know that on average every working is required to make up to two thousand eight hundred bath bombs in one day? Incredible isn’t it? Many times, people cannot see the bath bombs in the retail outlets among other products. Companies have started using custom bath bombs display boxes to tackle this problem.  

Companies display their bath bombs using attractive and highly functional custom display boxes. These boxes are placed near the exit counters of the retail outlets and allow customers to pick up the bath bombs they want to buy and add them to their carts. A standalone display makes this product more visible. If you are searching for custom retail boxes for your products contact ClipnBox.

Different brands have already decided on their custom retail boxes. They will be using it to pack the products for their customers during the week of this event. They have contacted the revered names in the packaging industry to work out their packaging solutions for Valentine’s Day. The small businesses’ retail packaging can be as simple as introducing paper bags in red color. In case you are a brand looking for reasonably priced packaging options for this event, just add a red paper bag to your final packaging. But make sure that it carries your brand’s vital identification elements like logos, taglines, etc. These bags will work wonderfully as the billboard for your products and company. Every person who looks at them will come to know of your company’s existence. Custom packaging for small businesses is a great tool for business promotion. There are countless ways in which packaging boxes can be customized.

Even the jewelry retails and brands make use of custom retail packaging in February designed according to Valentine’s Day themes. The use of cardboard-based heart-shaped boxes is very common in this industry. These heart-shaped boxes come in all sizes and shades of red and pink. They are used for packaging delicate jewelry items like bracelets and rings. If you are a small jewelry company, then you can also add a customized sticker based on this theme to the custom boxes. It will uplift the look of these packaging boxes and provide a perfect packaging solution for your customers. When it comes to ordering custom boxes for packaging, the size of a brand does not matter. Effective packaging boxes are a result of studying product needs.


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