Kumon Franchise – A Unique Business Model!


Kumon is one of the largest after school programs in the world, spread across 50 countries and regions globally. As we continue to expand around the world, we are seeking like-minded individuals who can play an important role in shaping the upcoming generation within India. The Instructors at Kumon believe in the potential of all children and use Kumon’s unique method of learning to maximise their abilities. If you too, possess a passion to work with children and become an educator within your community,  join us to be a part of a worldwide network of associates working together for student development.

Becoming a Kumon franchisee gives a unique opportunity to develop students through the Kumon after school programs, as well as build your own study centre and business. After joining the Kumon network of Instructors, your local Area Manager will help you to get your study centre up and running as you prepare to start your training. We make sure you have what you require to succeed, so after two weeks of initial training, we’ll supply you with the business model and provide the assistance of our Brand Marketing team. Along with that, we will invest in your professional development with our ongoing instructional training.

Key Features Of The Kumon Franchise

Being one of the best after school programs, Kumon Franchise offers several features for you as an instructor. Below mentioned are some of the key features of The Kumon Franchise.

  • You don’t require an educational background to get the franchisee. Many of our Instructors have backgrounds in law, finance and business and are experiencing the benefits of the Kumon Franchise themselves through their own families.
  • Kumon Franchise is a full-time business opportunity where you can build and run your own business along with helping children achieve potential success.
  • You will be a part of a network of Instructors sharing their best practices along with the satisfaction of making a difference to children in your local community.
  • You will have an Area Manager for offering advice and support in launching, running and marketing your study centre.
  • A minimal start-up fee is required and Kumon also offers generous subsidies to centres opening in particular venues or areas.
  • By delivering both face-to-face and online Maths and English classes, you will help several families benefit from learning with our unique learning method.
Creating a strong business with Kumon Method

Having years of experience, Kumon is well aware of how to help franchisees develop rewarding businesses, both financially and emotionally. Instructors guide kids through a long-term program in which they master math, reading and writing, along with building essential skills such as setting goals and developing the grit to achieve those goals.

  • Kids stay in Kumon for years

The Kumon Method is unique among other education franchises because it is not a tutoring process. Instead, you will guide kids through a self-learning program that complements schoolwork while ensuring that nothing is left behind in math, reading and writing. Kids stay connected with Kumon for years as they work through the levels of the program.

  • Help kids become exceptional

With Kumon, you can provide a long-term solution to parents and help their kids excel academically in various ways they never thought possible. Kumon helps all children develop critical thinking skills, improve study habits, increase focus, become more organized and learn to be problem-solvers.

  • Parents become loyal

The overall enrichment kids receive in Kumon helps them to catch up. It also helps in advancing them to work at levels above their current grade. The skills students develop including courage, time management and focus make parents excited about Kumon. Kumon helping kids reach their full potential benefits the entire community and will make lots of parents happy.

Wrapping It Up

Kumon is searching for driven professionals who have a passion for education, children and helping them build a bright future. Together with Kumon, you can turn that passion into a reality by running your own study centre.

As a franchisee, you will receive extensive training and support so that you can help students of all ages discover and achieve their potential through our Maths and English classes. Contact us today for more information on Kumon Franchise Model or to know about how you can transform a child’s life through education.


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