Catch The Monsoon Vibes With These 6 Hair Care Tips For Men


Monsoons are undoubtedly pleasant, but they also bring with them a slew of scalp infections and hair problems. The most common hair problems during the monsoon season are oily scalp with greasy hair, severe dandruff, and itchiness. If not treated immediately, it can weaken your hair roots, resulting in severe hair loss and patchy scalp conditions and because of the humidity, your scalp sweats, providing a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Not to mention the grime and grease that gets sucked into this sticky mess if your head is in the rain for even a few seconds. And, since I don’t want your mane to stand in the way of you enjoying the monsoons! Here are six monsoon hair care tips for men to help you dance off your hair issues in the rain and enjoy the monsoons without damaging your gorgeous locks.

Nourish your hair roots & scalp from the goodness of the hair oils 

Hair oils contain ingredients that not only strengthen and nourish your hair but also help in the fight against various scalp infections during the rainy season. Include a hot oil massage in your hair care routine at least twice a week to improve blood circulation to your hair follicles and tame unruly and frizzy hair, which is a common complaint during the monsoon season. Oiling the hair also creates a barrier, preventing excessive moisture loss while washing.

Rainwater should be washed away

One of the most important hair care tips for men is to wash their hair after being exposed to rain. When you get wet, the acidity of the rainwater trapped in your hair may cause an imbalance in the pH of your scalp, exacerbating hair problems. Using a nourishing and strengthening shampoo and conditioner will keep your glands from secreting excessive sebum and keep hair problems at bay. Therefore It is advised to use a mild shampoo with natural ingredients to give your hair the extra care it requires to prevent hair fall during the monsoon season.

Keep your scalp & hair dry as much as you can during the monsoon

Keeping the scalp and hair dry during monsoons is an important hair care tip for men at home that many of you overlook. Keep in mind that your hair is brittle and at its weakest when wet. After washing it, make sure to quickly dry your scalp to reduce hair fall. Allow your hair to air-dry naturally, and never tie it when it is wet! Aside from that, use necessary accessories such as umbrellas, caps, or scarfs to protect your hair when out in the rain during the monsoon season.

Use the comb in an appropriate manner 

Using your comb correctly is an important part of your monsoon
hair care tips for men to detangle their hair, use a wide-toothed comb. Make sure the comb’s teeth have enough space between them so that the hair does not break while combing. Avoid combing your wet hair right away because it is more likely to break. Another hair care tip to remember is to avoid sharing combs, especially during the monsoon season, to avoid fungal infections.

Various treatments that prevent your hair from being damaged during the monsoon

To avoid breakage and hair fall during the monsoon, deep condition your hair once a week to improve its shine and smoothness. Simply apply conditioner to your hair’s lengths and wrap it in a warm towel for 15 minutes. The heat will allow the conditioner to penetrate deeper into your hair shafts, combating the extreme monsoon frizz. You can also try spa treatments designed specifically for hair loss to strengthen your hair from the roots and protect the length of your hair.

Maintain a healthy & nutritious diet

The food you eat has a direct impact on the quality of your hair, and eating a well-balanced diet keeps your hair healthy and shiny all year. In the gloomy monsoon months, you may crave hot, oily, and crispy foods, but these will only aggravate your hair and scalp problems. As a result, it is critical to avoid junk food and instead opt for a fresh and healthy diet. Include protein and vitamin-rich foods in your daily diet to help your hair shine. Berries, nuts, spinach, and sweet potatoes are some of the best foods for hair growth.

 Well, It is natural for seasonal changes to have an effect on your hair, but you can keep your hair healthy and shiny by following the hair care tips listed above. Make this monsoon happy for your hair with Swagmee by booking an appointment at a salon at home Chiranjeev Vihar, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, and Greater Noida for experiencing the professional services at an affordable price within the convince of your interiors and flaunt your healthy and lustrous hair this coming monsoon.


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