Should Online Retailers Sell on Etsy Marketplace in 2022?


Over the last few years, offline businesses have been shifting towards online eCommerce businesses. The reason behind it is that the older buying and selling methods have been changed. Now, customers give priority to online products in comparison to offline shopping. Because of the changing nature of shopping, a vast number of online businesses are set up every day. The two ways of doing an online e-commerce business are: the first one is to have a personal website and sell from there; the second one is to sell on multi-vendor marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, etc. If we talk about which one is better, both have their specifications and characteristics. For example, selling from a personal eCommerce store is a great way to build a brand name, and on the other hand, multi-vendor marketplaces like Etsy Marketplace offer a large customer audience.

Likewise, if we put the competition on the table and re-analyze both selling methods, they have almost the same results. Both markets are equally competitive for online retailers. However, in 2022, is it worth selling on Etsy? This is the question that pops up in the minds of the vendors before they sell on Etsy.

Let’s have a quick look at the benefits and cons of selling on the Etsy Marketplace in 2022.

Both pros and cons!!

  1. Etsy offers a pre-built customer base, which offers the vendors the opportunity to present their products in front of millions of customers. On the other hand, as the customer traffic is high, if you are planning to sell on Etsy, you will have to join a family of 4.3 million Etsy sellers.
  1. Etsy offers easy-to-use templates for sellers. The sellers do not require any additional design team or technical knowledge to list their products on the platform. Etsy, on the other hand, charges a flat fee of $.25 per listing plus a 5% commission on sales. Without a doubt, the commission rates are high in comparison to other platforms.
  1. Etsy assists online vendors with marketing and analytics tools, making it a user-friendly and data-tracking platform. If we look at con number 3, Etsy recently launched the dropshipping option for sellers, which boosted the already present competition in the seller community.
  1. Etsy has a well-mannered seller community that provides various business connections to eCommerce merchants. For example, the vendors can receive assistance from various international shipping partners that are waiting for the sellers on Etsy. For the con, Etsy has a brand name that attracts customers. For the same reason, it is hard to build a brand on the Etsy Marketplace.
  1. The fifth advantage of selling on the Etsy Marketplace is that the marketplace offers a helpful community to the sellers to assist them in case of any queries. This might sound strange, but selling on Etsy means you do not own an eCommerce shop. If Etsy finds you involving any sort of activity against Etsy’s policies, the platform can restrict the sellers from selling at any time with every legal right.

Likewise, these are the five major reasons that every online retailer should consider before starting their Etsy-based shop.

Although there are a huge number of rumors that can be found on various social platforms, Undoubtedly, we can see a vast variety of eCommerce vendors that have their business based on Etsy and have a well-reputed image in the market.

The other way of selling online is through an e-commerce store. Merchants can start their eCommerce shop with the aid of the platforms offering online eCommerce shops. A few examples of the platforms are WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc. Especially WooCommerce. As per the reports, WooCommerce itself has almost 20% of the total eCommerce shops in the whole eCommerce industry.

Moreover, to aid the WooCommerce online retailers in selling on the Etsy Marketplace, the Knowband team developed the most advanced WooCommerce Etsy Integration Extension.

WooCommerce Etsy Integration Plugin:


Having a professional experience of 11+ years in WooCommerce plugin development, Knowband designed the most advanced API-based WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Integration module. The aim behind the WooCommerce Etsy marketplace connector is to offer WooCommerce merchants the ability to connect their shop with the Etsy Marketplace by offering them the opportunity to sell the same products on Etsy as they are selling on their online shop.

Furthermore, the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Integration Extension ensures real-time order data synchronization between the Etsy and WooCommerce shops.

Moreover, let’s find out the basic credentials the merchants need to connect their online shop with the Etsy Marketplace.

WooCommerce Shop:

WooCommerce merchants may find the beginning amusing. But the first component is required as an online eCommerce shop based on WordPress WooCommerce with genuine products listed and authorized by the original admin itself.

Etsy Developer App ID:

The second credential that users can get from their Etsy developer account is the Etsy Application ID. To generate the Etsy Application ID, the customers will have to visit the Etsy Developer console and enroll as an organization.

The Etsy Application Secret:

Along with the Etsy Application ID, the merchants can also get their Etsy Application secret from their Etsy Developer account. Later, the application ID and application secret can be used for the API integration setup.

WooCommerce Etsy Integration Plugin:

The last and most essential component for the Etsy WooCommerce Integration is the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Connector plugin. Online vendors can install the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Connector on their WordPress WooCommerce admin panel. After the installation, all that remains is to enter the Application ID, Application Secret, and oAuth client secret in the general settings panel of the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Module.

Features offered by the WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Connector:


WooCommerce Shop Etsy Profile Management:

WooCommerce online retailers can now manage their Etsy profiles from their WooCommerce admin panel with the help of the WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Integration module.

Moreover, while creating the Etsy profiles, the merchants can choose a price with an increment or decrement variation from their WooCommerce shop.

Along with the profile management, the WooCommerce online vendors can also add various variations to their Etsy profiles.

 Bulk Listing Made Simple:

The other adorable advantage of having Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Integration on board is that the WooCommerce shop owners can list all of the shop’s inventory with a single click on Etsy.

They can not only create multiple shipping templates for selling their products in various countries, but WooCommerce online vendors can also create multiple shipping templates for selling their products in various countries.

Etsy category mapping from the WooCommerce storefront:

Yes, the merchants will not have to visit the Etsy platform. The merchants can access the Etsy categories right from their WooCommerce back end. Moreover, merchants can get amazing options for adding more than one WooCommerce shop category in a single Etsy category.

Real-Time Order Synchronization

Let’s say it is the most amazing and beneficial aspect of the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Integration module.

The plugin allows merchants to track all the orders on their WooCommerce platform. In other words, the admins can even manage the Etsy order right on their WooCommerce Shop back end and can manage the same at ease.

In the end,

Selling products on just a single platform does not seem like a fair thing to do with your eCommerce business. These marketplaces are the best sources of extra income because they bring in a lot of customers. For the same, Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Integration is the best solution to sell on multiple platforms. Furthermore, in case you have any queries regarding selling on the Etsy marketplace, please drop us at

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