How Much is a Tandem Skydive?

How Much is a Tandem Skydive

The price of your first skydive will vary depending on whether you jump spontaneously or with a reservation, as well as whether you go alone or in a group. Typical skydiving costs roughly $300, which includes a tandem jump with a highly qualified instructor. If you make a reservation, skydiving at the Long Island Skydiving Center costs $239; if you just show up at the drop zone without a reservation, it costs $298. For just $199, you can jump again!

The average cost of a skydive

The average cost of a jump in the USA is about $250. With it, you can jump out of an airplane in tandem while being connected to a highly qualified, experienced instructor using skydiving gear, which keeps you and your new best friend together the entire time. That could seem expensive at first, but when you remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you want to be sure it’s secure, it starts to make sense. Right?

About the optional costs of a skydive

You can enhance your jump to include a skydiving photo and video package, as luck would have it. Yes, the cost is a little higher, but trust us, you want that! With one of our packages, you’ll leave your first tandem skydive with a large grin on your face and tons of high-quality film to remember your once-in-a-lifetime skydiving experience. Additionally, it will be simple for you to share it with your loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

What’s included in the price of a tandem skydive?

Despite being referred to as a “free” fall, leaping out of an airplane is unfortunately not risk-free.
To ensure that you have the first skydive you deserve, there are a number of expenses that must be paid. In exchange for your tandem skydive fee, you receive:

  • You will be accompanied by a highly qualified tandem skydiving instructor throughout your trip with us.
  • You will attend a brief training session where you will learn about your duties as a tandem student and what to expect when you jump.
  • Use of all necessary equipment, including helmets, goggles, and jumpsuits
  • A flight in our skydiving aircraft to reach our exit altitude
  • 60 seconds or so in free fall
  • There is a 5- to 6-minute parachute flight.

You may get a memorable lifetime experience for $229. However, you cannot put a value on that.

Prices Depending on the Height of the Jump

The price is also influenced by the jump’s height. Since the plane must ascend to greater altitudes, the trip will stay longer, and the time it takes the jumpers to reach the ground will also take longer. The following table lists the typical costs in California for tandem jumping:

  • 10K feet tandem jump (around $180)
  • 15k feet tandem jump (around $220)
  • 18K feet tandem jump (around $280)

You can anticipate using an open parachute for the final 5,000 feet for these pricing. If the parachutes must be opened before five thousand feet, the skydiving center’s crew probably lacks experience.
You can anticipate getting these products for prices that are typical. Again, avoid choosing the cheapest offer you come across because there is probably something lacking in their service and skydiving is already a perilous activity. Remember that prices might fluctuate frequently, so don’t be shocked if our averages aren’t entirely correct.
Contact Boston Skydive Center right away if you’re interested in scheduling an exciting and top-notch skydiving excursion! With more than 23 years of experience using the safest skydiving techniques, Boston Skydive Center is renowned for being the best in safety.

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Is skydiving worth the money?

You aren’t buying a product when you buy a skydiving ticket; you’re buying an experience. The sensations of a jump are incredibly difficult to describe and are very different from what most people anticipate. In a nutshell, skydiving is similar to flying.
You will remember your first skydiving for years to come, whether you decide to jump for the rush of excitement, to face a fear, or just to tick something off your bucket list.


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