Read Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service


It’s now that you are ready to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to clean your business or office. You may find the cleaning too much for you to handle, or it is not something you want to do. You are fortunate to know that there are commercial or office cleaners in Bristol who can help you keep your office looking amazing!

To make the best choice of cleaning services, you will need to contact the cleaning staff and perhaps visit them in person. This helpful and thorough checklist will help you narrow down your choices quickly and efficiently.

Check this checklist to hire a commercial cleaning service

Interviewing Commercial Cleaning Service

After reading this article and gathering information about possible candidates in your local area, the first step is to interview the cleaning company via phone. During your phone interview, you will be asking about the following items. You can move on to another cleaning company if any of the items don’t match your requirements.

Before making your final decision, you might consider meeting with a representative from the commercial cleaning service in Bristol. This option might be discussed with the person you talk to.

What about the Cleaning Crew?

Is the cleaning crew that arrives first the same one that visits each day? Do you value this or do you prefer someone who is skilled to clean your office?

Are they Bonded or Insured?

Only an insured and bonded crew should be allowed to clean your warehouse or office. It’s crucial that everyone is protected in the event of a breakage or injury. Most cleaning jobs go smoothly and everything goes well. But, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, just like with homeowners or auto insurance, you will be glad it is there. You can request documentation from the commercial cleaning company about their insurance and bonding. It should be submitted every year to ensure it is current.

What are their Commercial Cleaning Services like?

What type of cleaning services do you prefer and how often? Their website might have a list of all the services they offer. You might find more than what they list on their website. During the interview process, be sure to ask questions. It is a good idea to make some decisions before calling. Perhaps you only need the kitchen and restrooms cleaned each time you visit. Or maybe the office needs to be cleaned every other week. You are the one who decides. Ask if there are any changes you can make as the time passes.

What are the Cleaning Garanties?

Is there a satisfaction guarantee? What happens if you’re unhappy with your cleaning? They will send someone out next day. You could also focus more on this area next time. These are just a few suggestions to keep in mind when you ask.

What types of cleaning supplies are used?

Ask about cleaning supplies when interviewing cleaning companies. Do they come with the cleaning company? Or will you have to supply them yourself? What about cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners and dusters? Make sure to ask if they are using certain supplies and keep a record of the comparisons.

What are their terms of service?

It is normal to have to cancel or change plans at the last minute. The cleaning service you hire will likely have strict guidelines that they must follow to ensure the business cleans on time. Although you might not believe that you will need to make any changes, everyone has their lives and works, so be sure to ask this question during your interview.

Are they able to conduct background checks on employees?

For your security, it is essential to check the background of all cleaning crew members. This can help you to relax and avoid worrying.

What are their cleaning rates?

Finally, inquire about the charges that cleaning companies charge for the services you are looking into. Ask about payment methods, when payments are due, how often they bill, and if they bill weekly or monthly. You might have to ask them questions.

Use your Checklist

This list will help you find the right commercial cleaning company for your company. To get an idea of the services offered in your area, and which cleaning companies specialize in each, you can interview three to four different cleaning companies.

Once you have chosen one or more, they will most likely visit your workplace to take a look and give you an idea of the rates and the dimensions of your space. It’s a great time to meet staff and ask questions about any issues you didn’t discuss over the phone.

Are You Looking for a Professional Cleaning Company?

A professional cleaning team is the best way to keep your office clean. Your cleaning crew should be familiar with any special sanitizing requirements, procedures, or requirements that come with being present in your office buildings. Let’s do the work.


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