What Makes Online Learning so Successful?

Online Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived at our doorstep, all of us were obligated to remain in close quarters. It was a necessary step to stop the spread of COVID-19 which is a heavily infectious disease. The global spread of this disease also changed the way we do things. A lot of companies introduced work from home, shopping online became the norm, people started adopting cashless payment methods and most importantly, schools and other educational institutions adopted online learning.

In the beginning, lots of parents were concerned about how their children would cope with this new way of learning but after experiencing the inherent benefits of online school, teachers, parents and students, everyone who is part of the learning and teaching process realised how this method can help everyone learn and work together.

What Is Online Learning?

According to a recent survey, India has become the second-largest online learning market after the United States. The country has reached a 9.5 million user base within just one year and this number is expected to rise further. Rapid technological development, easy access to the internet and increased necessity because of the pandemic gave rise to digital learning.

Online learning is the enhanced version of offline learning, in which students gain access to knowledge via virtual classrooms. Learners can access resources provided by people from all over the world through online learning until they have an active internet connection. It allows teachers to use a variety of online learning interactive technologies to aid the learning process, including videos, audios, images, animations, virtual conference rooms, and more.

Benefits of Online Learning

In this section, we will discuss the inherent benefits of online school over traditional classroom teaching methods, which make it evenly popular amongst educators, parents and learners.

Associated Learning: 

When you teach or learn online you become part of a community where everyone is connected. With the help of this connected community, as a student, you will be able to access information and manage it according to your requirements. Online learning can help teachers, learners and parents coordinate with each other in real time as well as share their knowledge and insights. 

Instead of waiting for the next online class, students can also connect with educators using instant messaging apps and e-mail. Educators are also able to reply back to students according to their convenience. This level of communication and collaboration helps students boost their overall performance, learning ability, online learning experience and communication skills.

Flexible and Continuous Learning Process:

In a traditional learning environment or classroom, students have to learn during a specific period of the day. Educators also have to teach during the same time. With the help of online learning, both students and teachers can learn and teach.

Additionally, educational resources and recorded lectures are available 24×7. Therefore, students also would not have to be worried about lectures, study materials and even internet connectivity. With online learning, the education of students can become unstoppable.

Online vs Offline Learning

Online learning allows students and teachers to access study materials from the comfort of their own homes. Above all, online learning is advantageous for students who are unable to attend physical classrooms owing to a variety of reasons such as physical limitations, distance concerns, and so on. Furthermore, online learning helps students become more self-disciplined and better manage their time. Additionally, this method allows students to learn at their own pace.

Offline classes, on the other hand, provide students with a practical learning environment within a traditional classroom environment. Let’s compare both offline and online learning on crucial aspects.

  1. Accessibility

The most appealing feature of online homeschooling is that it allows students to learn from anywhere. Traditional schools, on the other hand, require children to travel to the institution’s location to study. Online schools allow students to access learning materials by logging in the system from anywhere. Online schools, such as 21K Schools, have made it possible for students to attend lectures directly from their home or anywhere in the world by logging in applications like Google Meet and Zoom. Also, students save on the transportation expenses in online. As a result, online programs offer the benefits of convenience and location flexibility.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is no doubt the best advantage of online learning. It provides students with self-paced learning options. Students can easily attend classes according to their convenience, pre-recorded lectures. Online schools like 21K Schools provide students with an opportunity to study the online materials and complete their work according to their convenience. When it comes to traditional or offline schools, there is some rigidity, which reduces the overall student flexibility. As there are no recorded lectures available for students, they must be in the class and arrive on time for the sessions.

  1. Practical Learning

Online homeschooling is entirely theoretical and takes place over the internet. This makes it difficult for children to participate in the practical aspects of learning and master crucial practical skills, which are an essential part of education. Unlike online learning, traditional schools provide a learning environment for students that is a perfect blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. This adds to the children’s cognitive growth. With the significance of practical learning in mind, several online schools, such as 21K Schools, have concentrated on developing a practical Seoul-based learning curriculum that allows students to learn a variety of practical skills even in online mode. Practical learning enables students to adapt fast to daily situations and events.

  1. Student Interaction

As offline learning involves face-to-face interactions, student interaction is more successful in it than online homeschooling. In terms of building students’ interpersonal skills, online learning is less effective than offline education. However, this has become a myth since many online schools, like 21K Schools, have global recognition and thus allow students to socialise with students from other countries. Online schools recognize the value of peer-to-peer interaction and provide a variety of class activities to help children socialise and make friends.

Personalised and Customised Evaluation

The traditional education system cannot cater to individual learning requirements because it needs a very unique approach. With the help of online methods, teachers can actively track the progress of every student while understanding their inherent strengths and weaknesses. 

This individual assessment can help educators take corrective measures that can improve the overall learning ability of students. Also, students can track their progress themselves. Online learning can provide the benefits of personalized learning with cost and time effectiveness.  

Relevant and Regularly Updated Study Material

When teaching online, educators can easily update study materials in an instant. This feature also ensures that students are up to date with the newest and most relevant information about the subjects they are studying. Whereas in the traditional learning method, it takes a huge amount of time to correct the information provided in the printed books.

Environment Friendly

It is absolutely environmentally friendly. In the traditional learning environment, both teachers and students have to travel in order to reach school. Whereas in online learning, both students and teachers can respectively learn and teach from their homes. Therefore, it also reduces the carbon footprint by decreasing the CO2 emissions which are harmful to the environment.

Online learning benefits are exceptional in comparison to the traditional learning environment. Moreover, the benefits are not just limited to students and educators. But the parents of students can also reap the benefits of online learning in multiple ways.

Most importantly, it offers flexibility and personalisation of learning while being cost and time effective at the same time. Due to its enormous benefits, digital learning is being widely adopted by both students and their educators.


Nowadays, parents also demand this kind of personalized environment and 21K School has made all of these possible with the help of its amazing online learning facilities. 21K School aims to provide benefits regardless of the location of students. It has paved the way for students to become an active part of this new and cooperative learning system.


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