WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Plugin by Knowband


Users can search for products on online retailer websites using Google Shopping and compare prices from different vendors. The products are fed into the Google Merchant Center. The actual shopping campaigns are running on AdWords. E-merchants have the ability to define their budgets, manage bids, gain insights, and change based on results.

Google Shopping is a service that enables users to browse, contrast, and buy actual goods from a number of merchants who have paid to have their goods displayed on the Google Shopping website. Google Shopping was basically a site where items were just indexed based on keywords for the longest time, possibly a decade. 

Why you should choose the Google Shopping Integration Addon by Knowband?

google shopping integration

The Google Shopping Feed Integration Module from Knowband is a plugin that supports merchant growth. This ground-breaking integration is the tool that all sellers should use to automate their selling process due to its distinctive characteristics. Utilizing a single dashboard, this practical tool lets you upload your products, manage inventory, and do much more. For a variety of eCommerce platforms, including PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce, Knowband provides a Google Shopping Integration module. In this blog, let’s talk about the WooCommerce Google Shopping integration addon in detail.

WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed Integrator

Google Shopping Extension

Knowband created the WooCommerce Google Shopping integration addon to list your feed on the Google search list. The Google Shopping connector allows for simple installation and connection setup between the WooCommerce store and the Google Shopping Marketplace. All Merchants need to get started is the client ID and client secret from the Google Developer console.

Furthermore, once the WooCommerce Google Shopping connector plugin is installed, the store administrator can easily list their entire inventory on the Google search list with a few clicks. The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping integration plugin allows you to create the feed you want to list on the Google Shopping marketplace directly from the WooCommerce admin panel.


With all of the automated amazing features, the WooCommerce Google Shopping connector plugin gives eCommerce merchants peace of mind. The WooCommerce Google Shopping API integration addon provides WooCommerce admins with Cron-based automatic Feed synchronization and feeds status synchronization options.

WooCommerce administrators can create an n number of profiles for all of their WooCommerce Shop’s available inventory. Furthermore, the WooCommerce Google Shopping integration plugin lists in bulk with a single tap, eliminating the need for manual listing.

The Google Shopping WooCommerce Integration extension streamlines the process of creating Google Shopping advertising for WooCommerce-based eCommerce stores. The WooCommerce Google Shopping API add-on connects your online store to Google Merchant Center. The Google Shopping with WooCommerce real-time synchronization configuration makes it simple to list products on Google, map store categories with Google categories, map product attributes with Google attributes, sync products on Google, and so on. The shop owner can customize the product’s basic settings, such as store category, currency, language, and other critical fields. Admins can also select Google Ad-sense Custom Labels from the Profile Management tab.

In the End

Finally, Knowband’s Google Shopping Feed Integration Module provides a smart path to global expansion. To learn more about any of the Google Shopping Integration Plugins or any marketplace modules, or if you have any questions about installation and configuration, please contact us at support@knowband.com.


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