All You Desire to Know about MBBS in UK

All You Desire to Know about MBBS in UK
All You Desire to Know about MBBS in UK


MBBS is the choosiest course in United Kingdom among all other courses. Medical universities in the UK claim the 2nd highest Nobel Prize in Medicine. The migration of international students is increasing every year. here in this article all you desire to Know about MBBS in UK.

If you have solid ambitions and dreams paying attention on a career in medicine, MBBS in United Kingdom is a best decision.This will give you a successful career in the field of medicine.

Know about MBBS in UK

Studying MBBS in UK is the most challenging course for Indian and international students. But the value of edification offered by medical universities in the United Kingdom is much better than any other university in the globe.

Most reputable medical specialists come from UK medical universities. Additionally, the UK MBBS degree is recognized by the MCI and the World Councils Directory.

All about MBBS in UK

The UK is well known for its excellent medical education across the world.

Studying MBBS in UK provides students with helpful career guide options including international exposure, higher level of education with the most exciting medical technology and advanced methodology.

medicinal courses in the UK are led by MRCP/MRCS /FRCS and FRCP expert.

Medical students in the UK have the opportunity to obtain globally recognized qualifications from the MRCS/MRCP.

In addition to MB, top universities in the UK award other degrees such as BS, ChB or BCh which stands for Bachelor of Surgery. These degrees are same to each further and a scholar becomes eligible to perform as a surgeon after finishing them.

So MBBS in the UK is equivalent to MB (BS, ChB or Bch), BAO depending on which university you are pursuing your medical studies from. Also, BAO is elective based on the interest of the student.


Here are the basic steps for UK admission for MBBS course

First step:

“Select your university” will help you to choose medical universities in UK.

Stage no 2:

Have your original documents legalized by the authorized bodies. If you are from a non-EU state, you must apply to the universities before September 1 and June 30 (depending on the semester). If you are from an EU state, apply before January 15.

Step no 3:

Register on the UCAS website to complete and submit your application form. All applicants must apply through the UCAS portal.

Stage no 4:

After authentication of admittance, apply for the migration process. Visit the British Embassy in Delhi after getting an offer letter.

Step no 5:

Inform the date of arrival at the medical university in the UK. The university will send an official representative who will pick up the student at the airport.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant’s age must be 18 before applying for the MBBS program.

Medical schools in the UK conduct tests such as the British Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) depending on the college or university.

Students must score high in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics to enroll in the MBBS course.

Required Documents

Certified copies of Class X and Class XII score sheets

Invitation letter

Declaration of Intent

Proof of financial funds

Copy of valid passport

  • English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS/UKCAT/BMAT)
  • Passport size photographs
  • To gain admission to any UK college, you will need to take IELTS. The test will check your speaking and listening, writing skills. The normal score is 6.5 for most top ranked colleges in the United Kingdom.


Fee in USD Fee in INR

Tuition fees (approx) INR 24,590 17 45 253

Cost of living (approx) INR $15,078 10 70 160

Total USD 39,668 28 INR 15,413

If you are a student, the cost of living in the UK varies depending on the type of country your university belongs to.

Requirements to Pursue MBBS in UK

Here is the cost range as per your basic requirements to pursue MBBS in UK

The fees of living in the UK depends on your lifestyle. Also, it is based on the location to various degree. The cost of living in London is a bit higher than elsewhere. In London the average cost of living excluding tuition fees can be £1,020 per month, while outside London it can be as low as £820.

Other monthly expenses that students may have to pay are


  • £50

Gas and electricity bills:

  • £45 – £55 GBP per month

Beer or wine:

  • GBP 3.19 and GBP 3.6 respectively

If you opt for an off-campus stay, you will find many shared flats, apartments or hostels. Accommodation facilities in the UK are first class so you never have to worry about accommodation here. The average cost of accommodation in the UK is £400.

MBBS Scholarship in UK

Universities propose a range of scholarships for overseas students in the United Kingdom. Course fee waivers are granted on the basis of excellent academic performance throughout or extracurricular achievement.

Documents required for scholarships

  • Photocopies of academic records.
  • An updated CV.
  • A well-written letter of intent.

TOEFL or IELTS score certificates.

Letters of reference due to outstanding academic or extracurricular performance.

Chevening Scholarship:

This is a scholarship program for international students who possess excellent academic records and fantastic leadership qualities. The Chevening scholarship also offers you to learn a 1-year postgraduate course at any university.

The timeline for the application of this scholarship is from August to November. Also, the preselection of candidates takes place in February.

The interview takes place between March and May and the announcement of the results takes place at the beginning of June.

The value of the scholarship is 18,000 GBP.

Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship:

 The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is offering this scholarship in the field of medical sciences for students from developing countries.

The scholarship is for students who are already taking postgraduate courses in the field of medicine like tropical medicine and hygiene.

This program will provide you with two fully-funded PG courses in medical sciences.

The application deadline is in April and it pays partial course fees up to GBP 2,500.

Hull York Medical School International Scholarships:

This scholarship aims to fund international students to pursue careers in the medical sciences.

It covers 1/4 of the tuition fee each year for the first two years after successful completion of the course.

  • The value of this scholarship is approximately 8,737 GBP.
  • This scholarship is applicable to those taking the MBBS course in the UK.
  • To qualify for this scholarship, you must have a course offered in September.
  • In March, you can expect to receive a link for the app.
Faculty of Medicine Scholarship:

This is an plan of the grand university of Science, Technology and MBBS. This scholarship is worth GBP 1,000 per year for students pursuing an MBBS in the UK. As a result, the deadline to apply for this scholarship is April 28, 2022.

Rhodes scholarship:

It comes second in the list of the most prestigious scholarships in the UK. The program covers all college or university fees, personal allowance and an economy class airfare to Oxford. It also includes the cost of a student’s return ticket to their home country.

  • Rhodes scholarship is offered for Indian scholar.
  • Scholars typically possess exceptional intelligence, leadership, and commitment to service.
  • Application date starts from June to July.
  • It will provide you with an annual allowance of GBP 15,141.

As a result, overseas education consultants, healthcare experts are one of the top five highest salaried professions MBBS in UK. Once you done your MBBS, you will get a very high salary. Check out the study MBBS in UK consultants to get a better idea of doctors’ study MBBS in the UK.

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