Instagram Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Right Choice For Your Business?

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The social media industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries currently operating in the digital world. Every day, more and more people join some sort of social media platform in order to connect and network better with people they may or may not know. The range of different social media platforms has also enhanced the user experience to much more than what it was at the start. Except that, even businesses are putting in resources into strategies like Facebook marketing that can help them reach their consumers better and form a close connection with them.

This bond with consumers can form in multiple ways and is unique to every social media platform. After all, each platform is used to connect with other individuals differently. With so many platforms dominating the social media market, it can get difficult for a brand to choose a certain marketing campaign platform.

Should one go for Facebook marketing services or focus on building a presence on Twitter? Should one put in all their resources to master Instagram, or is it easier to nail Facebook marketing? These can be some of the questions enterprises may face. While some brands and businesses afford to gather enough resources to focus on all major social media platforms, not all businesses are made equal. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of advantages advertising on each platform brings to the business.

We shall focus on a particular case and have a look at Facebook ads against Instagram ads. While the former is crucial for a Facebook marketing campaign, the latter can bring you more free Instagram followers and sales. This distinction can help you decide to choose whether to invest in Facebook marketing services or not.

Decide On The Kind Of Demographic You Want To Reach

With any kind of marketing strategy, it is firstly important to understand your business’s target audience and what charecterizes them. This way, even if you opt to focus on your Facebook marketing campaign, you can be sure that you’re are reaching the right people. No matter what advertising format you go ahead with, if you choose a format that does not connect with your target audience, it can ruin the efforts of a Facebook marketing agency if you consulted one.

In the case of Instagram vs. Facebook, both can bring in different kinds of people. Facebook is more popular with an older audience, while Instagram can bring you the focus of millennials. Therefore, if you wish to target a more older audience through your Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook ads should be your focus.

Decide On The Kind Of Ads You Think Are Better For Your Marketing Strategy

An important detail that can help guide the decision between Facebook and Instagram ads is the nature of the ads. Facebook has a wider range of ad types that any business can choose from and look through to decide on. Instagram, on the other hand, has much lesser types of ads. However, within certain ad domains, Instagram has greater strength than Facebook marketing ads. This is especially true for Stories Ads, which is one of the most popular and strongest forms of Instagram ads ( it reached 500 million daily active users in January 2019!)

Before moving onto the question of Facebook marketing or Instagram ads, it is important to understand the kind of ads that would best suit your brand image. A professional Facebook marketing agency is well-equipped to analyze your brand and suggest the best ad type for you.

Even A Balanced Mix Of Both Could Work Out!

Even though we have been trying to figure out between the two popular options, it is also helpful to keep in mind that even a healthy mix of both could work out for your brand. As mentioned above, both Facebook marketing and Instagram ads have their respective strengths in specific ad types. By combining the best of both, for example, Stories ads for Instagram and video ads for Facebook marketing, one can benefit from engagement on both extremely popular social media platforms.

By consulting with a professional Facebook marketing company, you can get a better sense of what combination of ad types will be able to provide you with the most advantages. This can positively lead to saving a lot of important resources, like time and money.

No matter what advertising form you choose, both Facebook and Instagram are among the world’s top social media platforms that are bound to bring significant engagement. However, there is always the risk of focusing on the wrong target audience, as mentioned above. Therefore, to even have a successful Facebook marketing campaign, you need to understand your brand and audience. Only then can you hope to craft a successful marketing campaign.


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