13 Ways To Reduce Kids’ Sweets Obsession

kids' sweets obsession

Are your children constantly asking for sweet treats? Are you helpless in controlling your kids’ sweets obsession? How often do they ask for sweet treats? We have the answer if you want to stop your children from asking for sweet treats too often.

Many parents do not know that sugar obsession is preventable. There are many practical and simple ways to reduce the kids’ craving for sweet food items. A good Growth Mindset For Kids is helpful for them to mentally prepare for what is good for their growth or not. 

Children love sweet desserts. This is normal because children also have more tastebuds than adults, which may explain why they start to dislike bitter vegetables around the age of 2 or 3. Discover below some ways to reduce the kids’ sweets obsession.

Avoid Offering Sweet Treats As Rewards

Candy can be used to console or reward children who are sad or unhappy. Children will learn to associate food with praise, sadness, or joy. They will crave sugar as they get older, whether they are feeling sad or happy. This could lead to unhealthy emotional eating. Instead, reward children with cuddles, praise, and encouragement. 

Pay Attention To Time Of Kids’ Sweets Obsession

It can be helpful to notice where your child is most obsessed with sugar. Do they prefer cupcakes at birthday parties? Donuts at church or eat candies with other children at lunchtime. 

Each child is unique, just like adults. They are important to your life, and you should respect their needs. Consider incorporating your kids with affection and find ways to reduce their craving for sweet food items.

There Is Always Tomorrow

If you’ve already had ice cream today, you can say, “You still have tomorrow.” Although it may be difficult initially, your child will soon get used to the idea that they will enjoy another treat again. The tantrums and the urgency will soon cease. This is the best way to reduce kids’ sweet obsession.

Distract  Kids’ Sweets Obsession

Distract your child from the demands of candy or melting down by giving your full attention. Instead of giving them cookies, encourage them to play games, puzzles, building blocks, or sing together. Sometimes, kids’ sweet obsession disappears because they aren’t hungry at all.

Teach Whole Food Is Necessary For Them

Teaching kids about the value and benefits of whole food is helpful for reducing kids’ sweets obsession. Your kids will be more likely to want pastries and candy if your pantry is well-stocked with sweet items. It’s easy to see how it works: If you don’t have sweet food in your pantry, it will be less likely that they will ask for it. 

You can fill your kitchen instead with healthy whole foods like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, beans, and nuts. Teach your food how whole food is nutritious and good for their overall growth. 

Have A Positive View On Sweets

Children are naturally attracted to sweets, so it’s not their fault that they enjoy them. It is not your fault if you don’t have a strategy and/or policy to manage them well. 

Your child’s sweet tooth is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, accept it as part of your childhood nutrition experience. Keep developing your strategies to reduce kids’ sweet obsession. 

Establish Guidelines For Treating

Guidelines for treating are also beneficial in reducing kids’ sweets obsession. As a parent, your job is to set healthy eating habits. While you don’t want to set rigid rules that discourage healthy eating, you can allow your children to have one treat per day or several times per week. 

You can also let them choose when they have it. Your child will be able to choose when and how much they want. Knowing that treats are allowed at certain times can reduce meltdowns.

Healthy Diet

Children and teens must see that healthy eating habits are important for their families. Parents should also show them that they can lead by example. You can start early by teaching your children about foods that strengthen the brain and those that cause brain damage. Start with sugar. Eliminate as much as you can and replace it with healthy vegetables, fruits, and almonds.

Make Healthy Snacks For Your Kids At Home

Many processed foods are often made with zero sugar. The more you can make your own food, the better. Making mini muffins is a better choice than buying them at the grocery store. Although your recipe might contain sugar, you can make it healthier or reduce the sugar content.

To avoid sugar, you can make your own granola bars. You can make granola bars that are unprocessed and do not need to heat your oven. You can choose fresh or dried fruits over snack foods.

Fruits Are Better Than Sweets

Fruits are a better alternative and helpful to reduce kids’ sweets obsession. Our kids should be happy and healthy. We can help them to reduce their sugar intake. 

You can replace sugary snacks with fruit like blueberries (builds the brain), bananas, and raw honey on an Ezekiel loaf. Honey is not sugar, but honey is real food that is rich in important immune-building nutrients.

Get Rid Of Sweets

Is it possible to place a cookie jar in a spot where children can’t see it? Is it easy to find sweets in your home? Your child’s immediate environment can make a huge difference in how they eat.

Healthy snacks like fruits and veggies should be visible. Sweets should be kept in the back of your mind until you are ready to serve them. Kids will ask less about the sweets from you in this way. 

Do Not Give Sweets Special Attention

It is the best way to eradicate kids’ sweets obsession. 

Parents and children pay a lot of attention to sweets, as they are seen as both a positive and a negative thing. Research shows that sweets can be used as a reward for eating vegetables. Your child will be able to say, “If you finish your broccoli, then you can have cake.”

Avoid Restrictive Parenting

Restrictive parenting can lead to rebellion and backfire in the long term. It’s okay for children to indulge in occasional treats as long as they get the nutrition they need from other food throughout the day. 

They keep learning the health benefits of healthy eating in any way. If your kid is less obsessed with sweets, it is not a concerning factor. 


Kids like to eat sweet items due to the sweet taste buds they have at a younger age. Following practical tips are helpful in reducing kids’ sweets obsession. If you have any queries, you can comment below in the comment section. 

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