Why Should Businesses Choose Swift for iOS App Development?

Swift for iOS App Development

Do you remember the time when Objective-C was the official programming language for iOS app development? Well, it’s not anymore! But if not Objective-C, then which programming language is ruling these days for iOS app development? 

Calm down, people! It is *drum roll* – Swift (the general-purpose programming language). Yes, Swift is the new multi-paradigm language that develops cutting-edge iOS applications for Apple fans and the intended users to give them an excellent experience.

Per Statista, by 2023, iPhone users in the United States will reach 118 million, which is a great figure. The reason behind this success is the Swift programming language. If you ask any reputable app making company about the best choice between Objective-C and Swift, they will also advise you to go with Swift for iOS app development. 

Are you still confused? Relax! We have concisely discussed various reasons to choose Swift for iOS app development. After reading those reasons, you will get the answer to the most asked question – why you should develop the next iOS app using Swift.

We will first have a nitty-gritty discussion about Swift instead of jumping directly into the ocean of different reasons to choose Swift for iOS app development. 

Are you ready? Let’s go!

What Is Swift?

Swift is an open-source and general-purpose programming language introduced by Apple to write iOS, macOS, and watchOS applications. It also develops various applications using the Linux platform. 

Swift also controls different programming barriers, such as memory management, limits the overflow of integers, etc. So, if you also want to suit your business needs, and develop an iOS application based on the Swift programming language, consider consulting an iOS app development Company for fruitful results. 

Swift has a set of unique tools, faster development, and high interactivity level. Consequently, it becomes the ideal choice for many business owners and iOS app developers. 

7 Critical Reasons to Choose Swift for iOS App Development

  • Open-Source

Why choose Swift over Objective-C? Many business owners (including you) have this question in mind, and the primary reason to choose Swift is open-source. Yes, Swift is an open-source programming language that serves diverse purposes.

Swift has high potential that allows easy customization, edit codes, and keep a firm track of bugs. This core language is available to everyone that allows reviewing the language capabilities, making suggestions and changes to make it better than before. 

  • Easy Coding

Why should businesses use Swift? It is the hottest topic among several business owners. Following this, easy coding is one of the most compelling reasons to choose Swift for iOS app development. Programming languages like Objective-C have complicated codings. Swift, on the contrary, has easy coding, which makes business owners and iOS developers (of course) the happiest.

Swift is a to-the-point programming language that lessens the line of codes (LOC). Here is a little bonus for non-coders, and that is, they can also use Swift without any trouble because it is in plain English texts.

  • Secure Platform

How many of you will raise your hands if I ask- Is security not your concern? I believe no one will because a secure platform is a top priority of every business owner. That said, a secure platform is another reason that explains why you should develop your next iOS app using Swift.

Swift, by default, has an extended security framework with various application programming interfaces (APIs) that can manage every task like, authorization services, trust policies, keys, certificates, and much more effortlessly. The codes in Swift are clean and consistent, which saves time as well as secures the applications. 

  • Better Readability

Why choose Swift? Because it has better readability. The presence of clear-cut syntax in Swift makes it easier to read and write. Code lines are lesser than Objective-C because Swift programming language does not have semicolons, parentheses, or other punctuations. Therefore, increasing the readability.

Another difference between Swift from Objective-C is that it has a comma list of parameters separately within the parentheses. As a result, the code is much cleaner. 

  • Linux Development

One of the primary reasons to choose Swift over Objective-C is that it embraces Linux development. Yes, you read it right. Swift not only achieves faster code comparative to Objective-C but also contributes to Linux development.

Swift creates cross-platform applications for iOS and Linux. Only Swift is available to install on Ubuntu for the Linux platform. It is easy to develop in the Linux environment where there is an absence of Objective-C. 

  • Better Speed and Performance

iOS apps are known for their speed and performance. Ever wonder how they achieve higher speed and superb performance? Yes, you guessed it right, Swift is the success behind those high-performing apps. One of the primary features of Swift is better speed and performance. It is not only cost-effective, but it offers better speed and performance as well. App developers are allowed to explore high-order capabilities, and codes are also clean and reusable.

To give an improved speed to the users while using an application, most business owners have decided to adopt Swift for the same. It carries one of the C++ approaches with it, which is, by the way, the fastest calculation arithmetic. 

  • Inexpensive Maintenance

Why should businesses use Swift? Is this question still running in your mind? Here is the last (but not the least) reason, and that is inexpensive maintenance. Swift is an independent programming language that comes with cost-effective maintenance, attracting business owners worldwide.

Unlike Objective-C, Swift does not have any legacy code that maintains only a single file that makes the all-inclusive maintenance effortless. In short, Swift is a budget-friendly programming language. 

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Ending Note

Objective-C and Swift both give each other the neck-to-neck competition. But still, Swift has dwindled the existence of Objective-C because of numerous reasons. 

When it comes to money and time saving, many business owners prefer to choose Swift. Not only these two reasons justify the question – why you should develop the next iOS app using Swift. Apart from these two, Swift is open-source, has better readability (plus point for non-coders), easy coding, a secure platform, and the list continues. 

Now, you know why to choose Swift over Objective-C. Choose Swift for iOS app development, and keep your iOS app ahead of the curve.


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