What Is The Cost Of Studying In Canada For Indian Students?


Any kind of education is based upon the funding, from wherever you want to pursue it. Higher education sets up the base of your future. When you get to the global scenario, you will find out how important a degree is which is given by a world-class prestigious issue. Many of us want to pursue an abroad education, we all want to get associated with the top global universities. As graduation is the most important part of every education order. So, you must have thought of some countries that have proven to be the pioneers of education.

Today we will discuss one of those countries which are Canada. In past years, Canada has proved to be one of the most crowded places regarding abroad education, as a large number of students approach Canada every year to pursue their preferred course from the universities. We will today understand the expenses of studying in Canada. We will also discuss how much does it takes for grabbing a Canada study visa in Chandigarh will cost.

Tuition fees

The main and the primary part of education is tuition fees, how much will it take what are the requirements regarding the college or university fees. The fees’ structure of Canada study will depend on which type, of course, are you willing to attend and which university do you choose, as there is a list of great options for you to choose from.

The tuition fees will cost you around 7 thousand CAD to 35 thousand CAD per year. This can vary as we discussed on the basis of university and course. In Indian currencies, for one year it will cost you around 3,50,000 lakhs to 19,00,000.


The universities offer within-campus residence for international students. Also, students can also opt for off-campus living where they can share with their new friends on campus. Within campus accommodation facilities will cost you around 8 thousand to 10 thousand CAD. Another option of living outside the campus premises will cost you around 400 to 700 CAD per month in which you will get a shared apartment.

Living expense

Considering various expenses and living costs, like communication, transport, books, supplies daily usages expenses. Students must count all these expenses as this makes an important part of the budget for all the international students who are living abroad.


Other than all the expenses, there are some other areas where the students need to take a count for. The other expenses which are there include health insurance this is the most mandatory part for every international student, the Canadian government demands health insurance which will give you complete access to the country.

We discussed all the different aspects of the financial part of education in Canada, by calculating all the different costs and expenses you must have understood what is the basic financial plan for abroad education in Canada. So, you must inculcate this in your plan and planning.

You can also take help from the professional consultants who are there in the field serving different students. The need to get in touch with the abroad education consultants is simple. The consultants are very well aware of all the ground status of all the processes which need to be followed for abroad education. You can take help from Canada study visa consultants in Gurgaon. So, plan today and keep all the expenses in mind which we discussed above, so that you do not lag behind anyone in the new era of abroad education. Plan today and become a part of this global world.


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