What are the three most common sources of conflict in a marriage?

conflict in marriage

Conflict and disagreement are fairly common in relationships. Therefore, it is not a huge setback if that is how you are interpreting it. Marriages experience ups and downs, and disagreement is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it might not be a problem unless it starts happening frequently.

Conflict can develop over a variety of subjects, causing breakups in romantic marriages as well as feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and unhappiness. The three most frequent sources of conflict in marriages are listed below, along with ways to avoid conflict and protect oneself from harming others by being the reason for conflict.

Lack of communication

If one looks at the underlying cause of marital conflict, it is either a lack of communication or miscommunication. If couples were asked about their relationship problems, they would likely answer that their partner ignores them and doesn’t pay attention because of the newly prevalent.

problem in the digital age: the spouse who frequently uses their phone while laying in bed. This results in less engagement, and while the person using the phone could feel fine, the other spouse might feel lonely when they need their attention to converse.

Sometimes, most married couples choose to keep their feelings and problems to themselves, leaving the other person to assume or try to read their minds, which is unhealthy behavior in a relationship.

It becomes crucial for the person to talk about everything and not to leave anything for the other person to infer, as the other person is not a mind reader. Because if someone is hiding their emotions and feelings, just like a balloon that eventually bursts as we slowly add air to it, so too will emotions build up and eventually burst.

Conflict over finance

In older times, People used to cling to patriarchy, which states that the man is the head of the household and will manage all affairs, but this has changed. These days, even the wife manages the household finances, and occasionally both spouses work together to run the home.

As most couples in today’s society work and make good money, as a result, sometimes it might lead to arguments and they will use the pronouns “mine” and “yours” in financial contexts. 

conflict in a marriage

Conflicts can arise as a result of the fact that the majority of couples hide their finances. Other reasons include when one partner takes on debts without the other knowing, when a couple wants to give money to their parents but neither partner wants to, or when one partner overrules the other by taking all of the money and not providing it to them.

This can be prevented by dealing with family issues involving the distribution of cash, and they can either split their salaries or both of them can contribute a portion of their income for future savings, groceries, and other expenses.

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Failed or unmet expectations

Both spouses in a relationship could have various demands placed on their mates. There may be a variety of causes for unmet expectations.

For instance, a partner can assume that the other person in the relationship will know their needs instinctively since they feel that they wouldn’t communicate anything with their partner.

Change your behavior pattern to see the good in everything and make an effort to discuss your feelings, problems, and wants as this will help you feel less frustrated and hurt. Additionally, one partner in a relationship may do a lot of things for the other; in such circumstances, the partner might hope for recognition and desire it in return. In such a situation, the partner should perform without any expectation.

As already indicated, disagreements are unavoidable. However, how the couple handles it is more crucial. Couples in these situations should understand that choosing to compromise over fighting demonstrates real love because one compromise can result in a successful marriage. Another key element is that one should never even consider giving up on relationships because they are crucial to long-term marriage. 


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