11 Essential Tools For Startups In 2022


Business owners and managers have myriad things to do; that’s why they often get confused and frustrated while managing multiple tasks. And owners of startups have to face this problem even more as they have to do the tasks manually. Startups usually operate on a limited budget, and they also have limited seats in the workforce. Therefore, managing various tasks and operations without any tech tools or men support can be prone to errors. And as a startup, making mistakes can leave a significant impact on the business reputation, so it is essential to make things work efficiently within a predetermined budget. There are many startup tools that helps entrepreneurs to run the business effective. 

As the mobile apps market keeps growing and numerous tools are introduced every year, the competition also increases among different system providers. Therefore, competitive prices are set to remain in the market, and no other business can leverage it better than startups.

Efficient tools at a free plan/trial or a lower price – is there any other thing a startup needs for cost-cutting and productivity? Therefore, numerous SaaS tools offer free trials or free plans or set their prices at a lower level that fits best with startups. We have mentioned a list of tools proving digital transformation can boost the startup’s growth. And they should be considered while automating different processes.

TeamUp – Scheduling tool

TeamUp is an appointment scheduling tool for managing teams, scheduling work, managing availability, and sharing events. Resources, events, locations, teams, projects, and workflows – manage everything with a single tool and stay organized. It provides users with 11 different types of views, including timelines, grids, and yearly views. It lets you create custom calendars for different departments and individuals. In addition, it also supports multiple time zones across the world, so the confusion about meeting times stays out of the question. It prevents double-bookings, and filters lets you find events by keyword, custom field, or sub-calendar.

Highlighted features:

  • Images and file attachment to events
  • 9 level access permissions
  • Custom fields


  • Free plan
  • Plus plan starts at $8/month
  • Premium plan starts at $20/month
  • Enterprise plan starts at $80/month

factoTime – Attendance tracker tool

factoTime is an attendance tracker tool for SMEs and startups to manage their workforce’s attendance. The tool is simple, easy to use, and provides powerful insights about employees’ time. Employees can clock in and out with selfie and location. It automatically calculates the total work hours, and managers can even calculate salaries by adding pay rates. Managers can eliminate buddy punching by registering specific devices, so the app restricts employees from punching from other devices.

Highlighted features:

  • Timely alerts for punch
  • Shift management
  • Detailed attendance reports


  • Free plan
  • The premium plan starts at $0.99/employee/month
  • The Elite plan starts at $1.49/employee/month

Chanty – Communication tool

Chanty assists startups for their communication purposes. It lets you manage tasks and essential conversations in a single place. Text messaging, voice messages, audio calls, video conferencing, and group meetings – are the critical features of Chanty. The tool provides users with unlimited searchable history so that every single detail can be found easily and allows to turn any message into a task. In addition, the code snippets are formatted in a way that helps developer teams.

Highlighted features:

  • Teambook to manage pinned messages, tasks, and shared media
  • File sharing in conversations
  • Kanban view for tasks


  • Free plan
  • The business plan starts at $3/user/month

Pingdom – Website tracking tool

Pingdom is a prominent tool for tracking website performance and getting uptime alerts. It has a user-friendly interface and reliable pricing options from which businesses can choose their best fit. It includes geographical checks from more than 100 countries. The page speed analysis helps you troubleshoot the issue, and transaction monitoring lets you test complex transactions on your site. This tool can test new registrations, searches, user logins, URL hijacking, and shopping carts.

Highlighted features:

  • Pre-publishing performance testing and A/B testing
  • Page load error reports
  • Filtered performance alerts


  • Synthetic monitoring starts at $10/month
  • Real-user monitoring starts at $10/month

nTask – Task management tool

nTask is a popular tool among teams to manage different projects and tasks. It provides managers with complete control of project workflow as they can assign tasks, manage priorities, set deadlines, and get notified when a particular task gets finished. Therefore, all these things can be managed from a single platform, thus, saving time and effort. Managers can create checklists and give descriptions to every task, and they can track the progress in real-time.

Highlighted features:

  • Multiple views for tasks (grid, list, calendar)
  • Allows adding images, files, or comments to each task
  • Timesheet management


  • Premium plan starts at $3/month
  • The business plan starts at $8/month

Agile – CRM tool

With its advanced features, Agile CRM helps startups make a robust sales and marketing structure. It helps you manage leads, contacts, deals, and marketing practices. The appointment scheduler lets you manage client contacts and company records. Managers can gain a complete overview of leads with the lead scoring tool, and they can also set custom deal milestones. The tool also enables advanced analytics and reporting so that the business progress can be tracked easily.

Highlighted features:

  • Email templates and tracking
  • Voicemail automation
  • Deals tracking


  • Free plan
  • The starter plan starts at $8.99/user/month
  • The regular plan starts at $29.99/user/month
  • The enterprise plan starts at $47.99/user/month

Xero – Accounting tool

Xero handles the financial aspects of startups and provides them with insightful reports. It lets you manage income, expenses, accounting, inventory, and invoices. Invoices can be generated easily, and sending options can be determined by converting to a PDF, sending through email, or getting printed. Or a reminder can be set to send the invoices in the future. In addition, the dashboard gives an overview of business progress. It shows different real-time data such as sales, open invoices, estimated income, and even the creditor’s money.

Highlighted features:

  • Financial reports
  • Multiple bank account integration
  • Supports multiple currencies


  • The starter plan costs $22/month
  • The standard plan costs $35/month
  • The premium plan costs $47/month

Sendible – Marketing tool

Sendible is an effective solution for startups looking to create an impressive image of their brand through social media marketing. It helps businesses to schedule posts, craft engaging content, and monitor their progress. The smart queue features allow managers to utilize their inbox, recycle the evergreen content, and monitor keywords, brand mentions, and competitors. In addition, the calendar gives you an overview of planned content and published posts, and you can make changes to it by using simple drag-and-drop options.

Highlighted features:

  • Social media analytics
  • Content curation
  • Social inbox with automation capabilities


  • The creator plan starts at $29/month
  • The traction plan starts at $89/month
  • The scale plan starts at $199/month
  • The expansion plan starts at $399/month

Visme – Designing tool

Visme is a simple-to-use graphic design tool helping startups create attractive designs in their social media posts and websites to create an impressive digital presence. Users can leverage the tool to make logos, infographics, images, vectors, and much more. Template libraries and data visualization tools allow you to create stunning flyers, projects, presentations, GIFs, and videos. In addition, the collaboration feature lets teams work together on a project, and team members can leave comments and make edits to a project.

Highlighted features:

  • Project analytics
  • Animation and graphics
  • Image & and video editing


  • Free plan
  • The personal plan costs $12.25/month
  • The business plan costs $24.75/month
  • The enterprise plan offers customizable pricing options

Dropbox – Documents sharing tool

Dropbox is a tool where you can store all your documents and files, so the information stays organized. It assists companies in managing their essential data on the cloud. It also enables document collaboration features, backups, and eSignatures integration. If you want to share some important information with others, then Dropbox’s screenshot features make it easy as it allows you to take multiple screenshots at a time and share their link.

Highlighted features:

  • Document collaboration
  • Document’s entire version history
  • User and role-based access


  • The plus plan costs $9.99/month
  • The family plan costs $16.99/month
  • The professional plan costs $16.58/month


Jobvite is an excellent solution for startups to streamline the hiring process to acquire the best employees. The tool also helps in candidate insourcing and onboarding. Its AI-powered features provide candidates with a great recruitment experience that creates an authoritative brand image of the company. It also helps in optimizing a career website, ensuring that the candidates get personalized content and job recommendations. The tool lets recruiters create a talent pool and run their social campaigns effectively. Users can integrate their social media platforms with Jobvite to obtain excellent, skillful applicants. It also allows contacting candidates through email and text.

Highlighted features:

  • Recruitment metrics and analytics
  • Candidate tracking
  • Candidate screening and interview scheduling


  • $500 per month for less than 100 employees

Final Thoughts

We have gone through these 11 tools that help optimize and streamline different business practices so that excellent results can be achieved. These tools automate various repetitive tasks, save time, and keep productivity at its peak. Moreover, they divide huge goals into achievable tasks and make it easy to attain expected results. Therefore, this list can help to automate various processes easily.


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