Survival tips for women with ADHD – 2022

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When women find out they have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), they often get an immense sense of relief. The reason is that the cycle of blaming themselves for their faults for years ends. Moreover, the realisation of not being responsible for their mistakes lessens the self-esteem issues they caused at the expense of the disorder.

Now that they have an answer after being diagnosed, they realise that they can get ADHD treatment so the feelings of inadequacy melt away which puts them in a better position to manage as well as treat their symptoms.

Incidence of Hyperactivity in women

Women with hyperactivity-impulsivity ADHD are more likely to be diagnosed than women with inattentive ADHD. Hyperactivity comes with its own set of difficulties.

You may figure out that you have more physical energy in comparison to your friends and you feel the need to chat continuously. You may recall being rejected, criticised, and ostracised by your classmates because you appeared to be different. This can be carried on throughout maturity and at times become a problem in everyday life.

In cases where the ADHD symptoms are becoming too much to manage and becoming a hindrance in the day-to-day life of the individual, there are a plethora of survival tips for women with ADHD that need treatment and can utilize not to let their disorder become an obstacle to living a fulfilling life.

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Focus on the right things

It’s all too easy to get so wrapped up in focusing on the ADHD issues that you forget about your abilities, strengths, and the things you enjoy. Understanding and accepting yourself as a woman with ADHD should be your first objective. Don’t judge your achievement by someone else’s standards. Instead, appreciate your ADHD strengths. Many ADHD women have a lot of energy, tenderness, creativity, humour, sensitivity, and spirit. Work to create chances for you to be your best self as a woman with ADHD, and seek out individuals who can recognize the best in you.

Rid yourself of perfectionism

Allow yourself to be imperfect. Spending too much time on minor details that have little bearing on your life rather than more vital duties causes unnecessary tension and worry.

For instance, you may spend hours looking for a suitable typeface for a job report while ignoring a presentation due tomorrow. Concentrate on putting things into perspective rather than setting impossible goals for yourself.

Focus on properly managing your time

Adult women with ADHD frequently struggle with time management. You may lose track of time, have trouble sticking to plans, or underestimate the amount of time required for a task. Hyperfocus is when you spend so much time on a task that you don’t get anything else done. You might feel overwhelmed, annoyed, and exhausted as a result of these challenges.

What you can do is, regardless if you have work to go to, conduct errands, or perform home duties, writing out your top priorities might be beneficial. Make a timetable the night before to get a good start on the day. You will feel more relaxed if you have a “game plan.”

Drive with caution

The most prevalent causes of road accidents are distractibility and loss of attention. They are also the most prevalent symptoms that women with ADHD deal with.

Women drivers who suffer from ADHD can improve their safety on the road by performing the following:

  • Consider driving a car with a manual transmission rather than an automatic since it causes you to be more present and less prone to zone out.


  • Distract yourself less. Before you begin driving, turn your phone off to avoid being distracted by incoming calls or texts. Avoid chatting on the phone even if you have your earphones plugged in.

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

Try adding physical exercise into your everyday routine if you suffer from hyperactivity. Exercise is beneficial to both mental as well as physical health. It definitely helps you feel calmer and focused.

You may use your energy in a variety of beneficial ways. For example, you can use your energy to become involved in your community, aid a loved one, or pick a hobby that you like. You might even find a new thing you are passionate about.


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