Buying A Villa In Turkey


Foreign investors are interested in buying a villa in Turkey because the object is perfect for living. There are several bedrooms, a swimming pool, a garden, a rest zone, and parking. You can find villas in every tourist city. If you contact Stay Property company, you could purchase the project of a villa which will be constructed in compliance with your demands. Moreover, you can find a villa that was already built too.

Best Cities To Buy Villa In Turkey

If you are interested in a villa in Turkey, it will be better to focus on the following cities:

1.       Istanbul. It is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Turkey. It has a rich history, culture, and architecture, as well as many recreational opportunities such as beaches, restaurants, and bars. So, the villa owners could easily rent their houses if they don’t want to live in Turkey.

2.       Antalya. This city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Most villas are near to the sea and it is a great advantage.

3.       Alanya. According to the practice, most villas are in the mountains or in the forest. They have rather big areas to live. As for houses near the sea, they are in the greatest demand among foreign investors.

4.       Mersin is also rather popular. The city is small but is actively growing. You can purchase rather cheap property. Its price is increasing by 70% per year and the market has many variants.

5.       Bodrum. This city on the Aegean coast is famous for its beautiful beaches, that’s why you could easily rent a villa to get the additional income.

6.       Marmaris. This resort town on the Aegean Sea attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches and nightlife. It is developing very fast, that’s why the cost of villa can increase by 70% per year.

There are more tourist cities in Turkey but these are in great demand among foreign investors.

Note. If you are going to live in a new villa, it is better to have a car because most of them, are in special living complexes in some distance from the city.

How To Buy Villa In Turkey

The process of buying a villa is standard. It has the following steps:

1.       Decide on the budget and requirements for the property.

2.       Find the forwarder in Turkey. It should be a reliable company. So, you can contact Stay Property Company to get the necessary help.

3.       Find the object. There is no need to go to Turkey because specialists usually use video surveillance equipment.

4.       Discuss the price. It’s reasonable to obtain a valuation report.

5.       Sign the treaty. According to the practice, a lawyer can do this in accordance with the notarized power of attorney.

Most villas are over 400 000 euro, that’s why you can get a residence permit. It’s a great advantage of buying villas in Turkey. Then you will get the right to get citizenship. Stay Property Company specialists are ready to provide full informational and legal support at any stage of cooperation.


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