Coronavirus and Binge Drinking: How to Cut Down on Alcohol Use at Home

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Coronavirus and Binge Drinking: How to Cut Down on Alcohol Use at Home

The tremendous economic stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation has led more and more people to use alcohol as a coping mechanism. A NielsenIQ investigation has found that liquor sales in the US have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. Just one week in March last year has seen a 54% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Some people drink to alleviate their anxiety or frustration regarding the current situation while others might be drinking out of boredom. Remote working and the lack of structure have also made it easier to drink as much and as often as we want. After all, we don’t need to worry about going to work with a hangover anymore.

However, these habits can be damaging and lead to addiction and mental health issues down the line.

Is Binge Drinking During the Pandemic That Dangerous?

For some people, binge drinking during the pandemic is just temporary. Similarly to when they are going on holiday, they will stop the habit once things return to normal. For others, on the other hand, it may lead to addiction.

Scientists agree that the more you use a substance, be it alcohol, opioids, or drugs, the more your tolerance to it increases. So, you will need to increase the dose more and more to get the same calming or euphoric effect.

Moreover, alcohol use doesn’t have the same effects on everyone. It may have a calming effect on some individuals, but it may make others more aggressive. According to the World Health Organization, increase the occurrence and severity of domestic violence. Add to it the movement restrictions meant to control the spread of the virus, and we’re likely to see a spike in domestic abuse.

How to Keep Your Drinking Habits Under Control During the Pandemic through Rehab In Durban

  • Know What You Consume

The CDC defines moderate drinking as one drink or less in a day for women and two drinks or less in a day for men. But, you need to pay attention to the unit too. A large glass of wine has 250ml, which is three times more than one unit. You should also pay attention to the alcohol by volume (ABV.) If the label says 12% ABV, then it means it contains 12% pure alcohol.

  • Find a New Hobby

A lot of people start drinking more out of boredom. Instead, you could use this time as a way to try something new or something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time, such as learning how to play the guitar.

  • Meditate

If you’re drinking as a way to relax, then you should try meditation instead. There are countless techniques and tools that you can use to try and relax.

Are You Struggling With Alcohol Addiction During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

If you are already struggling with alcoholism, then the pandemic is likely making it very difficult for you to cope. Don’t hesitate to ask for help regarding addiction treatment and rehab UK services.

Alternative Treatments like ibogaine south africa are also available.


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