4 Ways to Turn Your Blog into Book with Online Book Printing

Perfect Bound Books

Blogging is currently one of the most dominating online creative endeavors that millions of people are engaging with right now all around the world. Now, often, for a successful blogger, turning the blog into a book can be a perfect way of reaching their target audience in a more appealing way. Maybe you are a travel influencer, sharing your travel stories and photos on your blog for years. Or maybe you are suffering from a chronic disease and your motivational write-ups on your blog have been inspiring a lot of people from every corner of the globe. Or you share an immense love for food and that you want to tell the world through your blog. When there are hundreds of users reading the blogs with just one click, you are missing out on millions of readers who might be more comfortable with a book.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn your blog into a soft cover perfect bound book! Give your stories and photographs a tangible format that is going to stay with people forever. Unlike blogs that get lost in the hundreds of links on the internet, your book will not only stay but will inspire others for years to come. How to do it? Read on and get inspired.

Choose a Theme

If you have been into blogging for a very long time, you surely have covered various topics even in your genre. For example, if you are a traveler, you must have traveled islands, mountains, vivacious cities, and even the rainforests. Or if you are a food blogger, you must have covered street food, authentic cuisines, and so on. So, choose a theme and use that for picking the right content.

Perfect Bound Book Perfect Bound Book Perfect Bound Book Perfect Bound Book

Sort the Content

Now, the next thing that you need to do is sorting the content that you are going to share in the book. Your blog might have over 1000 entries, but according to the theme choose the right ones. Pay attention to which ones were pretty popular and got a really good response on the blog and social media.

Connect with a Printing Company

Now, your next step will be finding out the right printing company and connect with them. If you start researching the printing companies offering perfect bound book printing, then you will find many options. But for choosing the right printing company, you need to think of the rate they are offering, the turnaround, and the quantity you can order. Reputed printing companies can offer you even a free sample kit to give you an idea about what you will get.

Explore Options

For your book, choose the right paper stock for your cover page and inside page. Choose the right finish. You can go for gloss or matte finish with UV coating. For cover pages, you can choose 100lb paper stock which for the inside pages 70lb pages will do the trick. You can also print some pictures for the inside pages too.

So, now as you know how getting your blog printed as a book will go, what are you waiting for? Find a BBB accredited company with good online reviews and place your order right away.


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