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What Is RetailGrpah?  

There are certain factors that every store must have to follow to be successful. Stores that sell groceries must have a top-quality Point of Sales (POS) system. Because it is a good fit for both the cashier and the customer, a thorough understanding of their store’s performance, and it has a method to measure the performance of employees. Thus Grocery POS system is the on-demand solution.

This way, technology is also changing. It’s increasingly critical to meet customer expectations through loyalty programmers and online grocery purchasing, and self-checkout services are important to stay current.

At retail, We are aware of the importance of having proper technology and its obstacles. Our core business is the grocery industry, and we’ve been desiccated to enhance chains and independent grocery stores since 1993.

In the last 28 years, we’ve used our vast experience in the grocery industry to develop technology-based solutions that have enhanced both the grocer and customer experience.

Point of Sales (POS)  

Our Point of Sales was developed for grocers and is operated by grocery stores. We are experts in using Point of Sale systems that aren’t suited to your needs in the marketplace.

88%t of American consumers aren’t pleased with the speed of their checkout as well as some Points of Sales don’t help in terms of efficiency at checkout. The check is the last thing customers will see in the store and could affect the entire experience at the supermarket.

RetailGraph POS makes a good impression on your clients and aids in the management of your grocery store.

We ensure that our POS Hardware and POS software are always current and PCI compatible. Our updates are centrally managed to ensure that you don’t need to worry about updating or any new features.

Your store’s grocery stores can be assured that their POS is PCI-compliant and safe. Our systems can also accommodate integrated attachments for visible displays to customers that allow your customers to be aware of what’s happening while checking out!

We place the trustworthiness of our systems first so that you can be confident that you’re getting the most reliable system in the market.

We understand that technology constantly evolves, and customers’ habits change frequently. It’s not easy to keep up. However, Our Point of Sales can keep up with you! RetailGrpah helps with small stores POS requirements and chain grocery stores. Our solutions incorporate the most recent payment solutions that allow customers to pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

It is never necessary to deny a client due to not accepting their preferred payment method. You can also track what your customers are buying through advanced reports. Our POS displays the most popular products purchased, the most recent visit dates, and other information.

This means you can always anticipate and meet the needs of your customers.

Reporting Analytics  

RetailGraph can help you understand your sales, profits transactions, hours of work at a glance by reporting analytics features. Our report analytics provide you with food reports that can aid you in your success. You can view your store’s performance by comparing results between dates so that you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Does your grocery store operate better in winter or summer? Morning or night?

You can choose when your grocery store can be successful by expanding your grocery report.

Our Reporting analytics provide you reports at the end of the day and at the end of the week, which provide all the details you require but are quick and simple to comprehend.

We believe that confusing analytics create more trouble and disruption, and Analytics that are easy to understand helps you make decisions with confidence and without a doubt.

RetailGrpah can show you all the information you require to make the best choices. The sales report for our products utilizes advanced filters to categorize your products. You can sort them by department and vendor and get a complete list of non-movers and movers.

The report will reveal how sales for your product are doing based on price adjustments and other adjustments. The information will also give you full transparency of each transaction and a complete digital version of every receipt.

If you’re familiar with using Excel, We can help you export your data into the programs you’re familiar with while working with your store’s figures or performance statistics.

We also offer the ability to report analytics on mobile devices so that you can operate your business anywhere. Being able to see your store’s performance is essential to its success. we go one step further by displaying your sales dashboard at the touch of a button.

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Employee Tracking  

The employees are the core of your supermarket, and they ensure that the store runs smoothly and act as the primary main point of contact for your customers.

The employees are essential to your business, but there is an enormous amount to track as you manage your store. The employee monitoring system makes it simple to keep track of the performance of your employees. RetailGrpah grocery POS software has integrated with the POS system, and it continuously records employee performance data. You can obtain all sales and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information from one source.

If you’re a company with many employees, interruptions will occur. There is no way to avoid every issue; however, you can proactively identify the root of the problem. The employee tracking system we use shows the performance of each employee in areas of high risks, such as gaps and overrides.

You can also observe how your employees behave, stand out, and act differently. This way, you’ll start to identify issues and be more proactive when they arise.

It offers a tracking system that tracks employee training. You can determine what employees can do in both the front-end register and the back-office management software.

You can limit employees’ ability to sign off, execute cancellations, voids, overrides, and many more to stop high-performance employee fluctuations. You can also establish the maximum amount of refunds and decide what managers will see in the back-end of the office management software.

It is simple to onboard employees using our portal for managing employees. It is possible to multiple onboard employees, update their details, or even delete employees through an easy process.

The employee’s information will seamlessly integrate into conjunction with our POS system, so they can start working immediately!

Make time-sheet entries for employees using our employee tracking feature as well! We offer a shift management feature that records clock-in and clock-out entries and calculates total work hours per day. It is possible to view each entry in whatever way is best for your needs, such as by either long or daytime dates.

This will allow you to determine how long your employees are working over a month, week, or any other time frame you want! The solutions offered by RetailGrpah make it easier for employees to check-in at the cash counter and start their day, and it also allows you to access all the data you require immediately!

Customer Loyalty  

Customer satisfaction is essential to your store’s success since retention rates are often lower than when attracting new customers. We understand that consumers are looking to feel appreciated and be loyal to shops they can count on. Create trust and a relationship with your customers with RetailGrpah’s program to reward customers.

Our loyalty program allows you to modify your loyalty rewards to be compatible with your business. Make percentages or dollars off the total amount a customer spends or a product. Encourage customers to visit by offering them points per dollar they spend or limiting rewards to be used on specific dates of the week.

Keep your customers returning with a variety of incentives. Shops like you can offer discounts on the number of transactions your customers make depending on the number of points. When customers make purchases, they earn points to make the next purchase! You maybe amazed by the value they will receive at the counter as you create a personalized customer rewards system!

It’s only three steps to begin by joining our program for loyalty! You can select the number of points customers will receive for every dollar they spend. Then, you can utilize our easy form to design different rewards for your clients, and finally, you can decide the number of points each prize will be worth.

This POS software makes it simple for cashiers to add rewards to customers’ transactions.

Online Grocery  

Many grocers who have put their stores online have seen an increase in their sales by 15 %. RetailGrpah can get your store up and running to make your latest special items visible and listed.

Complete RetailGrpah POS integration can expand your customer base, and our partners in marketing will provide email, online and social media, as well as in-store along with on-site advertising.

The customer’s habits are always changing, and more and more customers are turning to online shopping sites to find what they require. RetailGrpah can fully integrate with eCommerce platforms, so you are online quickly.

Your shop will be able to deliver your products directly to your customer’s door and have access to thousands of drivers and more than eleven thousand zip codes. It might sound like a lot to manage; however, RetailGrpah will cover you. Our partner platforms keep track of your deliveries and orders to ensure that you don’t need to worry about payment or refunds.

RetailGrpah has partnered with Mercato, Freshshop, Instacart, My Cloud Grocer, and other platforms to help you achieve a seamless online shopping experience and delivery. These companies share the goal of assisting independent supermarkets in succeeding amid a crowded market.

Online sales of groceries are growing by a third every year. We aim to place your store in good hands to achieve success.


Make your checkout lane more efficient and offer incredible speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness. To improve your customer experience, you could use our POS system further and select our kiosks that self-check out.

Self-checkout kiosks work well for busy shoppers and speed the process of checking out, and improve customer convenience. They are also great for cost savings since there is only one cashier for all self-checkout kiosks.

We utilize our POS system for our self-checkout kiosks to provide the highest quality service. It lets you change between cashier-assisted and self-service modes to satisfy your customers’ needs.

The system also offers a variety of tender options, an easy-to-use user interface, and ample security options such as the weight-verification feature, an in-built gate for security, and much more.

Customers are pleased to choose between the traditional checkout experience and self-service. Our products are available to the mom-and-pop shop and international chain stores so that each store can provide more efficient checkouts, shorter lines, and an overall satisfying customer experience.

Self-checkout kiosks have an intuitive user interface that’s simple to use even for newbies and have full control over transactions and tender. We’re here to assist your business in satisfying customers and reducing labor costs.

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RetailGrpah Payments  System 

Working with several companies that offer POS systems, including reporting analytics, reporting, and payment processing can be challenging.

When you use the RetailGrpah payment system, we provide a one-stop-shop so that you can access all these services from a business you can trust. We make it easier to manage your management of payment processing with our easy-to-use POS system.

Our Payment Processing ensures that your customers’ information is secure and checks each transaction within just a few seconds. It also supports Google or Apple pay in all cases to satisfy your customers’ needs.

We can help your business achieve success with our payment processing services and help you save money by giving our customers the best price we can. RetailGrpahers payment processing has been created to provide you with an excellent customer experience, and we’ll help you improve efficiency, productivity, and profit.

Wrapping Up  

RetailGrpah has everything that your store’s grocery needs to be successful. We know the requirements to become the top grocery store and can assist you in every process.

The RetailGraph Grocery store POS solution is the foundation for all our activities, is very easy for cashiers to operate, and offers a pleasant customer experience. It also provides the data we need to run our reporting analytics to see the sales you have made at a glance!

RetailGrpah is ready to assist you in tracking employee performance to ensure that employee performance can lead to the success you desire. Our loyalty program for customers integrates perfectly with our Supermarket POS system to encourage customers to visit your shop.

If you have your grocery shop online, you’ll be able to bring customer satisfaction onto their smartphones effortlessly! Self-checkout kiosks can further enhance your checkout capabilities, keeping customers returning.

Set up a demo now for a Grocery POS system, and you want to learn more about what RetailGrpah can help you succeed!


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