3 Ways Accessibility Helps Your WordPress Website With SEO


Websites become an important part of our life as whenever we have stuck anywhere and want to gain some knowledge, we open different websites. Some of the websites have SEO-friendly WordPress theme while some have fancy and attractive themes that make the customer stay on the website.

However, if you want to make your website famous and trending, then you should make it accessible for everyone and everyone includes people with disability and other problems. If the website gets 5000 readers every day then it would be easy for you to make the website accessible for everyone.

Therefore, let’s look at the ways that make the website accessible and also improve your WordPress Website SEO score. So, let’s find out.

Why Accessibility Is Important For Any Website?

Accessibility means to understand, navigate and interact with the information by all people. If we take the example of a website, then accessibility is an important factor. It means reaching the customers and if the accessibility is good then more customers will be able to navigate the website and surf it.

What Are The 3 Ways Accessibility Helps The Website with SEO?

Here are the ways through which you can easily make your website accessible even with SEO friendly WordPress theme. So, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Get and Maintain A Good Name

Every website needs good publicity. If your website is famous among the users then you are halfway there to achieving your customer goals. The good publicity factor is necessary for the nonprofit organization whereas negative reviews spread quickly among the customers.

For example, if a website is doing good and gives out different products of high quality then its popularity will increase at a stable pace. On the other hand, if there are any negative reviews about the website. Then everyone will start putting the negative reviews by pointing out different points related to anything like SEO-friendly WordPress theme, functionality, and products.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires that every organization and its website should provide accessible information and communication technology.

  1. Maximize Your Reach

Make sure that your website works perfectly for every user as if everyone is satisfied with the services of a website like SEO friendly WordPress theme, then they will come back. For example, if a company takes care of its employees and supports their decisions, then the employees tend to stay in the organization for a longer time.

The same thing happens with the website if you give readers the content which they want, then they will stay on your website. However, if your website doesn’t give support or meet the needs of the readers then it will result in the loss of readers and your reach will be minimized.

To make the website maximize its reach, the best option is to put different links from the other websites that are established and advertise them to get more customers.

  1. Caption Still Matter

Google search doesn’t access the descriptions of your video and other small matter that you put under your video? However, if you put descriptive text under the video or some picture captions, then the information becomes searchable.

With the option of instant help, you can raise your website’s rating easily. The web content and the like SEO friendly WordPress theme should have appropriate and clear headings and sub-headings and the writing should be done in plain English so that everyone can understand it properly.

With plain English, you can increase your website’s accessibility and by following all these points, you can make your website reach at top of the search list and helps you in achieving a higher score.


What Web Availability Means
Web availability means that a website is designed and developed so that all people can use it. This includes how they understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the website.

See how Kinsta heaps up against the competition.

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A good way to completely define and understand web availability is to bust some of its myths.

The more accessible your point is, the further people can use it. It’s that simple. Learn more in this companion. ⬇️

Myth One It’s Just for the Eyeless
A completely accessibility website should be usable by people with audile, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual disabilities. People with disabilities are a high focus for availability sweats. still, they ’re not the only people who profit from an accessible website.
Web Availability improves the stoner experience for all the following kinds of people and situations

Someone using mobile bias with lower defenses and varying input modes.
People with limited capacities, vision, or mobility due to aging.
Someone with a temporary difficulty like an injured hand.
A person using the point in an area with lighting that may change the discrepancy on their screen.

Someone penetrating the point with limited Internet connection or bandwidth.

Myth Two It’s a style or Trend
Chances are, you have heard more and more about web availability in recent times. As the web is growing and further and further people calculate upon it, web availability is getting a more critical issue. But it is n’t just a style.

“ Digital availability is a civil right and a mortal right of impaired people around the globe. ”
Lainey Feingold, disability rights counsel and author

As time passes and the use of the web becomes further ubiquitous, so does the need for wide web availability. When a website is not completely accessible according to WCAG guidelines. Individualities can take legal action against the website inventor or proprietor.

It just takes a look at the number of suits around web availability to understand how seriously people are taking this. The number of suits from 2017 to 2018 has nearly tripled.

Since also, that number has equaled ,345 suits per time. The number of ADA Title III Website availability suits in civil court increased to 12 from the former time.

A map showing the number of availability related suits is only adding with each fleeting time.

The number of availability- related suits is only adding with each fleeting time.
Web availability is then to stay. As we develop software and websites, we need to incorporate web availability into our processes moving forward. This is necessary not just because no bone

likes being sued, but because the internet needs to meet the requirements of all individualities, no matter what those requirements are.

Myth Three You Can Completely Automate Availability
Once you understand why availability is important and that there can be consequences for not prioritizing it website is WCAG- biddable.

One of the most popular myths about web availability is that you can download a simple plugin or install a piece of software that. with the snap of your fritters, makes your point completely accessible. This is simply insolvable.

According toa11yproject.com, availability issues are moreover objective or private. ideal issues can be detected by law, and private bones

bear mortal judgment. law can noway directly resolve issues that fall into the ultimate order, and attempts to do so frequently beget further detriment than good in the process.
“ Overlay results are automated software results, which as we know, can only descry
30 of WCAG issues in the first place. This is because the WCAG is nuanced and illuminative. Machines aren’t good at this. ”( source)

Flash back that availability is not about threat avoidance, but about furnishing optimized gests for all druggies.

Web Content Availability Guidelines
The Web Availability Initiative has developed a set of Web Content Availability Guidelines( WCAG) that can help you insure accessible. However, develop, or support a website, If you design.


Keep in mind that small changes can make big impacts on any website, so if you want to increase the value of your website or the organization. Then make sure that you follow these points and make your website accessible to everyone.

Everything should be done perfectly like the choice of letters, the font and letter sizes. Video and audio support and other recommended measure to make the website accessible with like SEO friendly WordPress theme.


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