Summer All Year Round: Why Buy A Property In Alanya


Summer All Year Round: Why Buy A Property In Alanya

There are many properties in Alanya for sale and foreign investors can find something in compliance with demands and financial features. The city is developing really fast. You can find luxury villas and apartments in almost every district of Alayna. Many objects under construction are already built.

Why Alanya Is So Popular For Investors

Alanya is a tourist city with a soft climate. Many people move here for vocation. Some of them don’t like living in a hotel, they prefer to rent a house. In this case, investors can earn some money. But it’s not the only reason to become the owner of the Alanya property.

  1. The city is known for its beaches, especially Kleopatra Beach. So, many people move here to see it.
  2. Developed infrastructure. There are many banks, cafes, shops, transport, and so on.
  3. The real estate price is rather low in comparison with prices in other European Nations.
  4. The annual price increase is over 50%. It’s a great investment income.
  5. Easy to get a residence permit in Turkey.
  6. The city has a high security rate. According to the data, the amount of criminals is rather low.

It is better to focus on the property in Mahmutlar, Oba, Demirtash, and Kestel districts. They are developing really fast and it affects the real estate price.

How To Buy Real Estate In Alanya

The process of buying is the following:

  1. The choice of a real estate object. You should set up a budget and understand, what you really need.
  2. Search for an object. You can use local real estate agencies or online resources to find a suitable property.
  3. Meeting with the seller. It is necessary to arrange a viewing of the object and discuss the terms of sale.
  4. Document verification. The seller must provide all necessary documents for the sale of real estate, such as a title document (TAPU), a technical passport, and a tax certificate.
  5. Real estate valuation. You can contact a local appraiser to assess the value of the property.
  6. Conclusion of the contract. Making the payment. It’s possible to apply for a mortgage in a Turkish bank.
  7. Getting the TAPU, signing treaties with companies that supply you with water, gas, and electricity.

You can get in touch with Stay Property company if you’re interested in the property that’s now being built in Alanya. This developer is reputable and can provide you with both luxury and affordable apartments and villas.

The property, which is now under construction, is less expensive than the already constructed item. Interest-free payments are provided by several developers up until the completion of the project. After construction is completed, the investor is given a contemporary, state-approved apartment or villa.


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