How to choose a cleaning service company or a private maid

How to choose a cleaning service company or a private maid
How to choose a cleaning service company or a private maid

How can you be absolutely sure that your cleaning service company or personal maid is trustworthy? According to Mark Russell of The Mang Insurance Group, a national survey of insurance companies concluded that 44.6% of all thefts came from domestic cleaning services. Additionally, Mr. Rosell said most cleaning providers are insured – protecting themselves from theft of company property but not covering up their clients in the event of a theft.

 He added that there is no need for a criminal background check to purchase bond insurance. This great information should be of great interest to anyone hiring a domestic helper Before allowing a stranger into your home, whether you are hiring a private maid or a Privat rengøring company, you must make sure you are not putting yourself at risk.

As the owner of a cleaning service company since 1989 and a consultant for a residential cleaning company since 2004, I have heard a lot

Except for less insured companies that may have violators among employees, there are less serious concerns to consider. A woman came home from the hospital a month later to find that her personal butler had not only come inside but had brought her entire family of five with her. 

Another person who hires a franchisee seems to come to pick up his check every time he has to clean the house. I learned of another franchise that sent a team of three cleaning ladies to do the cleaning, but the customers could not contact them because of none of the three-spoke English.

You must do your research before hiring a cleaning company to ensure that you have an acceptable experience. My recommendation is:

  1. Remember that just charging shouldn’t determine who you hire.
  2. Ask for proof of insurance sent directly from the insurance company so you have a document on hand in case something goes wrong. (Emphasize that the certificate of insurance was sent to you by the insurance company, not the cleaning company.) Here are some insurance guidelines:

Bond insurance can be as low as $1,000, and only third-party bonds protect you from theft. Appropriate insurance would be a minimum $25,000 third-party bond.

Liability insurance ensures that your landlord won’t charge in the policy for any accidents and only third-party insurance will protect you from damages. $1,000,000 minimum recommended for liability insurance.

– Workers’ Compensation ensures that no personal injury to your property will be covered by your landlord’s policy.

  1. Make sure you are comfortable with the owner of the cleaning company, as they will contact you if there is a problem with the service. Ask about company policies regarding inadequate services, employee issues, and insurance claims. How long does it take before you return damaged or lost items? Will you compensate for inadequate cleaning, or will a team be sent to clean your home and how long will it take?
  2. From one hundred applications reviewed. We were able to invite an average of ten interviewers because of our lack of work history and stable accommodation. Nine out of ten applicants invited to interview were disqualified due to poor work ethic, overcrowded housing, and/or criminal records. While my company would bring in a lot of revenue immediately if I accidentally hired adopters. I assure you that repeat business will result in huge losses and my customers will feel left out. violate.
  3. How long ago did the company check criminal background? A ten-year background check is a legal maximum in some states; However, the twenty-year test is more desirable. I have seen applicants who appear to be elderly citizens but have criminal records related to notorious Wild West criminals. A young woman applying to be a maid has committed a six-page crime and has time to catch a safe crack! And one man gently sued for taking his time for armed robbery. Although these dire circumstances make them a problem – if your cleaning service doesn’t check criminal records. You could invite a criminal into your home.

 Usually, an applicant’s criminal record is very clear; However

Ten percent include assaults, peace disturbances, and serious traffic violations. Here are the profiles of candidates with above-average job applications – can you imagine who would be sent to your home if the company you hire didn’t have the strictest hiring policies? A woman came home from the hospital a month later to find that her personal butler had not only come inside but had brought her entire family of five with her.  You could invite a criminal into your home.

  1. If you choose to hire a private maid, make sure you have a criminal record check. Remember that attendance can be fraudulent and references can be false.

In most cases, your biggest concern will be getting value for your investment

If you invest $120 to clean your house and aren’t satisfied with the results. You have the opportunity to see firsthand how the company’s internal policies work. Does the company have policies, procedures, and resources that allow it to deal with your complaints professionally and diplomatically? Do they offer immediate remedies for any problems? Not only should the company you invite to be an important part of your life. But they will take your concerns seriously.

The labor intensity in the residential rengøring industry is equally competitive with the intensity of communication and management. If the cleaning company does not employ proper management techniques, your overall experience will not be as desired.

In conclusion, like any important decision, you should do your own research before making the final choice as to which company will allow you to clean your house. Search online, on the phone, meet in person, talk to friends and neighbors about their experiences with local cleaning companies. Bottom line – you’re ready to invite people into your home, their most valuable and private asset to many. Make sure your decision research and prudent, not just based on price. Like many of our customers, you’ll find that a decade later. Friendly faces and good service are a new and necessary part of your life.

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