How to attract users to your website


There’s much more to establishing a successful business presence on the web than simply designing attractive web pages, getting call. Whether your organization is looking for hits on the website or for actual online sales, your aim should be to attract as many users, potential clients, or customer as possible to your site. Just what can you do to generate traffic? The following suggestion provide a good starting point…

Name your website sensibly.

Pick a site address that is easy to remember, has some relevance to your line of business, is short, and is spelt exactly the way it sound—a site name that readily sticks in client’s or customer’s memory is ideal.

Make sure your staff know your website.

The people most familiar with your organization—your staff—are the best marketers of your website. Be sure to familiarize them with its contents and purpose, and of any additions made from time to time.

Keep promoting your website offline.

Add your web address (URL) to every piece of communication that comes from your organization, right up there with phone /fax/ postal details—on business cards, brochures, letterhead, press releases, fax cover sheets, signs, newsletters, and catalogues. And don’t neglect traditional media. In all your advertising in journals, television, radio, and newspapers, be sure to include your URL. Catch your readers’ attention with the advertisement, and refer them to your website for additional details, even for placing orders.

Register with leading search engines.

It is essential to register your website with the major portals, search engines and directories—such as Yahoo. , Excite, Alta Vista, WebCrawler, Hotfoot and info seek. As an example, go to www., and work through the directory until you find the category that best suits your site. Complete the details as prompted, and your site will subsequently be reviewed for inclusion. It also pays to position your site to appear towards the top of search engine listing—all the more reason to seek advice on how to write page title, keywords, and page description.

Public online.

People will keep coming back to your site you have something fresh to offer them each time. Provide freebies. It can be expensive in energy and time, but if your site gains a reputation, for example, for offering free advice in your area of expertise, or providing tips on how to get best use of your products (with a subtle crossover to the sales area of your site), then they will come.

Write online articles. People go to their computer to learn something. Use what you know about your business to become an online expert. Submit articles to some of the thousands of relevant online publications now on the web—with link to your own site.

Use e-mail effectively.

Sign all e-mail. Remember to include, as a fixture at the end of your e-mail messages, a `signature’ that includes your organization’s URL and a one- line description of your business focus. Publish e-mail newsletters. Publish a regular newsletter for members, clients or customer to keep in touch, generate trust, develop awareness, and build business. Distribute it via e-mail or install it on your website. Capture visitor e-mail addresses. Ask visitors if they would like to receive your newsletter. Unsolicited e-mail, or spamming, could do you more harm than good.

Try contests. Announce via e-mail that something can be won by visiting your site, and traffic will increases.

Seek online links.

Try reciprocal links. Make an effort to have other quality sites include links to your site on a reciprocal and complimentary basis. Be careful, however, with the links you provide on you site – don’t make it too easy for your visitors to leave. They might not come back.

Investigate links to related industry sites. Various trade associations, for example, will be prepared to feature member sites. Even if fee is required, the link may bring you the targeted traffic you desire.

Encourage bookmarking. Make sure you ask visitors to bookmark your site. Buy banner ads. Another way to encourage traffic is to buy banner advertisements that lead to your site. These can be expensive but, if strategically located, can increase visits—although not all visitors turn out to be buyers. Banner exchange schemes are an inexpensive option.

Seek expert advice.

If your organization is serious about making an impact is serious about making an impact online, there are a plethora of expert companies available today to assist—website developers, e-commerce advisors, banner brokers, and find the right package for your particular business and who will provide facilities to accept online card payments for you.

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