Essential Tips to Enjoy The Campervan Trip


Campervans are a booming trend. You can easily find someone driving a converted campervan through the Pacific Northwest, USA or Iceland if you look through your social media. It’s no surprise that they are so popular. These vans often have miniature kitchens and beds that can be transformed into dinner tables. Travelers can experience both modern comforts and the freedoms of the great outdoors from these vans.

You should definitely add a campervan trip to your bucket list if you haven’t already.

13 Tips for the Perfect Campervan Trip:

Be Sure You Can Drive The Campervan

If you are unable to get your camper off the lot, it won’t be of much use. If you’re not used to driving a van, it can be more difficult than a car. Before you book, make sure you are familiar with the vehicle you’re renting. Also, ask about automatic or manual transmissions. This is the wrong time to start learning if you have never driven a manual car before.

Enjoy the Flexibility

The van section of your campervan is important. Your new home should be so inviting that you forget that you are spending the night in an auto. You can still enjoy the benefits of your choice if you don’t get it out of your head. You are transient, flexible and free, so you can jump in the driver’s seat to go somewhere new. Everything you need is already there.

When you are driving or hiking, keep your mind open. Stop when you spot something that interests you. You might consider extending your stay to try out a neighbor’s amazing hike. Enjoy the freedom that the van offers.

But Still Do Some Planning

Although it might seem that you can camp anywhere with your van, since your bedroom is on wheels, it’s better to plan your campsites in advance. While it is important to be flexible on a road trip you can reduce stress by knowing exactly where you will park at each stop.

You can map possible stops along your route if you don’t have a plan. You can then take as much time as you want on the road, and pick the most convenient spot at the moment.

Bring someone you really like

It’s inevitable that you will be living in tight quarters. You should make sure that you enjoy this trip with your partner, family members, and friends. You don’t want to be uncomfortable getting together.

Before you go, make sure to check the gear

Before you arrive at the van rental counter, review the contents of the rental and make a list. Compare the two lists.

After you have picked up your camper, take a good look at it. Check that everything is there. Ask about missing items if you aren’t sure. Once you have the keys, go to the store and take out your list. It’s important to be prepared for this. You don’t want to find out that you don’t have towels in the middle of the woods.

At the shores of Chilkoot Lake, Alaska, a campervan traveler lies comfortably in his fully equipped van. It’s important to be organized when you live in such a small space. Also, think about how each inch will be used.

Do not Forget the Essentials

Yes, you do have a car. You don’t want your vacation to be spent driving around trying to find a can opener. Be thoughtful when packing and shopping. Baby wipes, shampoo and a good knife are all great options. These items will help you make the most of your trip so that you can enjoy the adventure.

Plan Your Meal

After a long day on trails, there’s no joy in digging through an empty cooler at eight o’clock in the evening. Do some preparation before you go to avoid an empty stomach or three meals of peanut butter sandwiches and jelly sandwiches. You need to calculate how many meals you will need, and then decide what you want to eat. You should also consider how much food you have available, which is likely a cooler or minifridge. Choose dishes that are easy to cook over a fire like chili or roasted vegetable skewers or loaded baked potatoes.

You don’t have to plan what you will eat every day. But having everything ready for you in your van will make sure you don’t go hungry to get up each morning.

At the beginning of your trip, take your meal plan and ingredients list with you to the grocery store. While there may be some shops along the way, you will need to make sure that you have all of the necessary ingredients before you start your trip. Tacos are incomplete without tortillas.

Stock Extra Snacks

Campervans allow you to travel further afield, which means that there won’t likely be many stops. You’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity when it is available. After a long trek through the forest, your body will not care about the absence of stores nearby. You can also purchase extra fuel such as trail mix and sandwich fixings before you leave civilization. Don’t forget to bring treats for late-night campfires.

Do not overpack

There is limited space and you will need some, even if it is going to be used by you. Are you really going to need four swimsuits and four sweaters? No. It doesn’t. You don’t. It’s not a good idea to spend your morning looking through items you don’t need.

Choose the right campsite

Although you can be more flexible with a van than with a tent or tent, it is still important to choose a campsite carefully. You should only camp in areas where it is permitted to stay overnight. This is dependent on local ordinances and rules in parks, so make sure you read them before you go.

Keep these things in mind as you go about looking for your site. It’s important to choose a level spot. This will prevent you from getting your blankets or bedding smashed on the other side of the van. Avoid camping lights as they can keep you awake at night and hinder stargazing. Try to choose a spot that highlights the best of the campground. You can enjoy the ocean view if it is at the beach. Look for the view from campervan if you are in the mountains.

There are often many campgrounds of various sizes and shapes. Don’t be afraid, however, to take the time to look around to find one that fits your needs. You can even find reviews and photos on national parks websites so that you can make an informed decision when making a booking.

Stay organized

Stress is the result of clutter. Make sure you have a place to store everything before you leave. Be mindful of the distance you will be driving, so make sure to store fragile items in a safe place.

Keep a flashlight close by

You can still camp in your van, even though you are traveling in one. A flashlight is a must for nighttime trips to the bathroom or finding unwelcome wildlife.

Find a Place for Your Shoes

This is not a metaphorical idea. It is important to plan where your shoes will go when you are in the van. They’ve likely been on a steep cliff, or walked through a sand dunes. This is not something you want in your bed. Do yourself a favor and keep them away from your head.

They might be needed in the middle or early hours of the night, so make sure you stick to the location you have chosen. You’ll love knowing where your van is in the morning, and it will keep your campervan clean.


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