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If you’ve started dipping your toe into the interior design waters and are feeling a little lost, don’t stress! We’re here to help with a little introduction to several popular decor styles with our Pattern Wallpaper Styles Cheat Sheet.

Pattern Wallpapers

If you’re a creative, you’ll want to design a space that helps you unleash your imagination and allows you to feel inspired. Bold, bright colors — orange and yellow are believed to inspire creativity, for example — and fun patterns can help push you toward those creative goals. Skip neutral tones, like whites and grays, because they can create a sterile environment and foster a sense of boredom and monotony.


If the office space will be primarily used by kids, you’ll want to focus on durability, so the materials of the wallpaper used will be just as important as the color or pattern. Look for wallpapers that are scrubbable and washable, and refrain from choosing wallpapers that are made of natural materials such as grass cloth. In a study about which colors are preferred by children, purple came out on top. “Designers may wish to incorporate more cool colors… A wall with a subtle purple hue may support children’s interest in the space”


For “traditional” adult work spaces where efficiency is a top priority, focus on creating a comfortable environment that will instill a sense of happiness when you begin working each day. Color choice is important here, too – Pattern wallpapers tends to keep the mind fresh and alert and can work as an energizer when you’re ready to call it quits, and blue is associated with improved communication and focus. Red wallpaper, on the other hand, can denote aggression and can create additional pressure when you’re already stressed – ain’t nobody got time for that!

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While color choice tends to play a bigger psychological role in affecting overall productivity, pattern choice can dictate the difference between checking off all of those to-dos or just a few.Here  not only does wallpaper set the entire tone of the room, it also affects our mood, which can then affect productivity. A University of Warwick study demonstrated that happy workers are 12% more productive, and pattern wallpapers is a great way to make you smile at the start of a work day.


When you’re deciding between patterns, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I want my work to be reflected in my wallpaper pattern?

2. How does this wallpaper make me feel? Am I inspired? Do I feel happy?

3. Will I get bored with this wallpaper pattern or color scheme? Will it annoy me after working for a few hours?

4. Will this wallpaper distract me, or do I think it will help my concentration?

If you’re interested in adding wallpaper to your workspace or if you’d like additional tips for designing a productive office space, we’d love to help!


…Especially when it gets dark at lunchtime, am I right? Make sure you have an abundance of several lighting types through your home, such as task lights and table and floor lamps. Add ambiance lighting like candles and string lights to really set the mood, but bulb selection is key – avoid using cool white bulbs as they’re harsh and uninviting. Keep it to soft white lights for the ultimate warm glow.



Pattern wallpapers made from natural materials such as jute, bamboo and cork will instantly add an organic feel to your space, evoking memories of warmer days. Botanical and floral prints can also make it feel like summer all year long. Plants and fresh flowers are beautiful, functional pieces of home decor that helps a house feel like home.



Tile, laminate and hardwood can feel especially cold during the winter months – both literally and visually! Not only will rugs add insulation to a chilly room, laying several different rugs will help bring a cozy aesthetic to the space. Don’t be afraid to use accent rugs on top of existing carpet, too – just make sure your accent rugs incorporate complimentary colors.

  • There’s no doubt that 2020 has been… Challenging, to say the least, especially as a baby business with limited resources (no gigantic advertising

    budget here, folks) and just the two of us running the show. We like to keep it real around these parts, so I won’t even try to deny that over the past few months, there’s been a fair amount of tears, a little more profanity, and a hell of a lot of wine consumed, but thanks to all of your support, we’re beyond grateful to say we made it through (for now).

The future remains uncertain, but we’ve chosen to use the events of late as an opportunity to rethink our business model and pivot in the face of challenge. With that sad, we’ve certainly been busy bees lately! Here are the changes we’ve made:


…In addition to our in-person and on-site consultations. Enjoy the same level of custom-tailored service that we’ve always offered, except in the comfort of your home (+ jammies)! Using the platform of your choice, we’ll get a feel of your space and style, and help find you the perfect wallpaper – on trend and within budget. Interested?


We’ll be cleaning + disinfecting our shop before + after every customer interaction. We’ve always been neat freaks, but now we have a valid excuse when clients walk in and see us frantically scrubbing surfaces with highly-coveted Lysol wipes. Facial coverings are required in-store, and we’re requesting all clients wash their hands prior to arriving, if possible. We’ll also be doing the same for the health and safety of both ourselves and our wonderful clients. Hand sanitizer is available.

As always, we’re extremely humbled and grateful for all of your support. We wouldn’t be able to keep on keep in’ on doing what we love to do without you.


Modern technology is great, right? Unfortunately, it does tend to fall a little short in the home decor world.

Images can vary both between different monitors and between monitors and smart phone screens. Want to see this in action? Pull up this blog on your home or office computer. Now, on your smart phone, navigate to this post as well.

Sometimes, you can see that there might be texture on a computer image. Other times, the image will look completely flat, and you’ll have no idea a wallpaper is textured until you see it in real life. It’s best to be able to physically feel a wallpaper sample to determine texture.


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