AYUSH registration – How much you’d need to pay?

ayush registration

Ayurvedic business is booming and more and more people are now looking for AYUSH Registration. To meet this rising demand, there are several consultants that are quoting multiple prices for the services for this certificate. Are you tired of looking at these quotes as all of them claim the same and asking for different prices? 

This blog will surely clear your confusion. Through it, we will take a dive into AYUSH certification cost and look at the:

  1. Process of AYUSH certification. 
  2. How the government assesses your application? 
  3. And, the governmental and professional cost of getting the license. 

A brief look into the AYUSH certification procedure

AYUSH registration process is one that has been written about countless of times. However, there are cases where the process is licenses has varied – causing confusion among those who require it. That’s why, let’s streamline the process of AYUSH manufacturing license: 

  1. Prepare the complete documentations of the application: AYUSH manufacturing license, the primary license by AYUSH requires the following documents to be attached with the application. 
    1. Complete contact details of the applicant that will include contact number, name email and address. 
    2. Copy of the manufacture license that the applicant has obtained from the Municipal Corporation of the state
    3. The layout of the manufacturing plant showing complete blueprints of the AYURVEDIC factory. 
    4. Formula for manufacturing AYUSH License. It’s a new requirement and requires special care that you answer everything correctly. 
    5. The manufacturing process of the ayurvedic product. 
    6. List of all the ingredients put inside the ayurvedic product.  
    7. List of all the products that you’ve gotten approval for that you can use. 
    8. Stability analysis: Regardless of their simple nature, Ayurvedic medicines, under certain conditions will expire after a while. Thus, you have to provide details about its expiry. 
    9. Report that validates the process of manufacturing. 
    10. A list that contains information about all the technical staff involved in making the medicine.
    11. The same list should also entail the qualification details of the staff. To prevent any show cause notice from AYUSH ministry, make sure that each and every one of your member is qualified provide the service. 
    12. List of equipments and instruments used to produce the product. 
    13. Diagram of the water system showing the sanitation measures you’ve taken to ensure good production. 
    14. Diagram of the HVAC system or the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system place in the manufacturing plant. 
    15. List of products for which you’ve applied the COPP for.  Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product is a pre-requirement to apply for the AYUSH Registration
    16. Safety and effectiveness measures you’ve taken to ensure the protection and well being of the product and your staff. 
    17. In case of herbal products, take an undertaking that you’ve not added metallic ingredients to them. 
  2. File the online application of the AYUSH License: The application of AYUSH Registration has to be filed via online means. When your AYUSH certificate apply online, it’s at that stage you’d upload the scanned copies of the above mentioned documents and pay the AYUSH certification  cost. 
  3. Let the assessment begin: Upon receiving your application, the AYUSH ministry will start the assessment process. 
  4. Get the AYUSH certificate: After acute assessment of every little detail, you’ll be granted the license if that assessment yields positive results. 

But what kind of assessment does the government do to justify the cost. 

How does the government assesses your AYUSH license application?

After receiving your application, the AYUSH ministry takes the following steps to assess it:

  1. It first appoints an official as an auditor. 
  2. That auditor comes to your AYUSH manufacturing premise to see whether check the validity of the details you’ve filled in the application form. 
  3. Based on the inspection, that auditor creates a report and forwards that to the head of the AYUSH ministry. 
  4. If the report says that everything you claim is true and the details are validated,  the head of AYUSH ministry bestows upon you the AYUSH license. 

The application processing fee that the government asks for is justified because of the thorough assessment it conducts. 

The governmental and professional AYUSH certification cost

Following are the details pertaining to the governmental and professional AYUSH certification cost:

  1. The government fees: it’s about INR 2,000/-. The cost is divided into different stages of the process.
  2. The professional fees: It varies from service provider to service provider. Our consultants charge a mere INR 46,999/- to provide you the license. 

The reason for professional cost

Many of you will find the professional cost to be too high. However, that’s not the case. The process of getting AYUSH/Cosmetic License Certificate requires vigilance and constant follow ups with the ministry. Furthermore, it would also require you to be steadfast and ask the right questions if there are issues that you think are not warranted with your application. An AYUSH consultant can handle these matters, and that’s why, the AYUSH certification cost appears a bit high. 


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