A Fresh AI-Powered Approach to Education 


It’s always the right time for a fresh approach in education. This year, Twinkl Romania is empowering educators to better manage their workload and offering the tools to become more sustainable.

With advancing new technologies and the ever-changing world around us, it can be difficult to stay current. However, at Twinkl Romania we’re working hard to provide the resources you need to stay ahead. This includes our expanding collection of teacher-created AI tools and our new Sustainability Hub.

We’re proud to deliver the resources you need but don’t just take our word for it. For example, Ion, a high school teacher, shared how the AI Lesson Planner tool helps him quickly generate engaging lesson plans, saving him hours of prep time each week.

The Use of AI in Education

AI has grown tremendously, and the Ministry of Education has outlined in its policy paper on Generative AI the many opportunities for the education sector using AI, but has been clear on its limitations.

At Twinkl Romania, we understand the invaluable role educators play in the learning process and firmly believe human teachers are here to stay. Teachers are the experts, but AI has the potential to assist them, providing more time to focus on priorities, whether it’s morning meditation or having the first hot drink of the day in peace.

Take our AI Essay Writer tool, designed specifically for teachers to create unique, personalized student essays in minutes. One of our members, an English teacher, shared it’s “great for providing essay starter ideas and outlines.”

We also have the new AI Lesson Planner, which creates a lesson plan and suggests relevant resources. Simply choose a focus topic, generate a plan, and accelerate your prep.

And let’s not forget Alina, Twinkl‘s Romanian AI assistant providing prompts, ideas and inspiration. Alina can help with everything from generating AI vocabulary worksheets to AI poems.

Sustainability in Education

The new year is a great time to adopt new approaches aligning your school with the Ministry’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy. As always, Twinkl Romania provides what you need to educate, inspire and sow the seeds of positive change. The Hub contains information on addressing eco-anxiety in classrooms, CPD learning materials, and guidance crafted around the strategy’s five key action areas.

Start aligning your school today and prepare it for a brighter future, setting change in motion and ready to transform more than just classrooms.


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