Zamzam Water – A Great Source of Nourishment with Healing Power


The Zamzam well is situated since 2000 BC and is supplying water to millions of people all across the world. Zamzam water is also known as the “Holy water” as it has great significance in the life of Muslims. Usually, Muslims take Zamzam water as a souvenir after executing the rituals and completing Umrah. The Zamzam well is present in Makkah just 20 meters away from Khana Kaaba. People who visit Masjid Al-Haram for Tawaf also visit Zamzam well and drink water from the well as a Sunnah. It is considered that Zamzam water has a great significance and has the power to heal different diseases. Different researchers and scientists have also investigated and reported that Zamzam water has miraculous powers to cure different health issues. Each year a lot of Muslims go for performing Umrah and Hajj and get the benefits of Zamzam water to gather benefits. Their pilgrimage is never accomplished without Zamzam water. Pilgrims who come back after Umrah to their hometown, gift bottles of Zamzam water as a present for their relatives who are unable to go for Umrah.

Historical Background of Zamzam Water

The importance of Zamzam well can be considered from an Islamic background. Its significance can be stated with the link to the era of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his beloved son Prophet Ismail (AS). According to historical studies it has been noted that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) left his wife Hazrat Hajra (AS) and son Ismail (AS) at a specific point in a desert where Allah Almighty instructed him to do so. Hazrat Hajra when found her infant crying from thirst she started to run between the Safa and Marwa in search of water and she did this 7 times. She was worried about her son as he was getting thirstier with the passage of time.

Little Ismail (AS) was crying and was not able to control his thirst. He began to scrap the land with his feet. At some time with the blessing of Allah Almighty, water unexpectedly sprang out of the land. Hazrat Hajra (AS) saw this and was astonished by this miracle. She called out loud Zam Zam which is an Arabic word and meant to be stop stop. Since then the Zamzam water is considered the most sacred water in Islam. This water reserve has never been depleted to date. It is considered a blessed well of water and people consume water to treat different diseases and to cure their health issues. Zamzam water has splendid advantages and numerous benefits.

Hydrogeological Features of Zamzam Well

There are different features of the respective well according to a hydrogeological point of view. The well has a 30.5m depth and also consists of an internal diameter calculated as 1.08m to 2.66m. The government of Saudi Arabia has made arrangements for the protection of the well which is secured with glass panels. The original well is also situated in a basement room with all the required protection. The Zamzam well is not open for visitors instead only higher authorities can go for maintenance or to visit the well. The government has planted electric pumps for pilgrims to fetch water from the well. Different dispensers are also situated in Masjid Al-Haram to facilitate the pilgrims for drinking purposes.

Miraculous Benefits of Zamzam Water

  • Helps in Better Metabolism

It has significant benefits for the human body. It helps to naturally enhance the metabolism of the body. Water is not only a source to satisfy the thirst of the body but also provides complete nourishment to the body. Zamzam water provides energy to the body and consists of different trace elements that keep the body healthy and nurtured.  The water is also reported to have different minerals such as magnesium and calcium that lowers depression in people and reduces the symptoms of fatigue as well. The water is also healthier for pregnant women as it helps to nurture the fetus and also aids in getting relief from anxiety.

  • Makes Bones and Teeth Healthy

According to different researches carried out on Zamzam water, it is considered to have rich calcium content that is healthy for bones. It also has splendid benefits to keep the teeth and bones stronger. Zamzam also consists of a few traces of fluorine that keep the teeth healthier. The calcium level is maintained in the body with the help of Zamzam water and balances the nutrient level in the body. Zamzam water is also pure and clean without any bacteria and germs. The well is considered one of the purest water reserves in the world. The respective water also contains bicarbonates that are also beneficial for the human body to provide strength to bones and enhance the energy levels of the body.

  • Helps in Healing Various Diseases

Zamzam water is extremely advantageous for the body and helps in defending the body from several diseases. Various health issues including diabetes, congenital problems, nephrogenic health issues, and different other reproductive system issues can be cured with Zamzam water. Different inflammations can be cured and it also aids in fighting cancerous cells. Hence, the Holy water has splendid benefits and healing powers.

Opt for Umrah Packages to Visit Zamzam Well

Pilgrims from all over the world can avail of Umrah packages to visit Zamzam well in Makkah. Various travel agencies such as Muslim Holy Travels provide cheap rates for 8 Nights Umrah Packages. These Umrah packages provide the pilgrims with different options such as ziarat of different historical places in Madinah and Makkah. Zamzam well can also be visited in such a way. People can even fetch Zamzam water to take with them in containers to present it as a special gift to their relatives.


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