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Everything is formed seamlessly available with mobile app development from the increase of apps like Tinder to Facebook, Messengers to Video chats, everything goes round the periphery of socialization. During this technologically savvy world, we’ve found ways to attach, network and market with one another.

Today’s relationships begin on social media, like Tinder, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook. The Clone Phone software allows users to clone apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others, installing two copies of the same programme on the same phone. Follow the instructions below to clone an app and enjoy both simultaneously.

We’ve gathered some crazy statistics and facts associated with social media networking app development. A start-up such as you who are attending to create an app for teenagers must keep these numbers in mind for a successful business through app development.

❖The number of Internet users worldwide in 2019 is 4,388 billion, up 19.1 percent from the previous year.

❖Social media users in 2019 is NOK 3,484 billion, a rise of 9% from year to year.

❖Transportable users in 2019 is 51212 billion, up 2% year-on-year.

The general web traffic data clearly shows more inclination to mobile apps. 52%
of the traffic is generated via mobile access Desktop in second place by 43%.

There has been a worldwide increase within the use of social media since
January 2018 is 9%.

Asian nations have the biggest social media penetration in 2019 of 99%, which is above the world average of 45%.
Having knowledge of such interesting and wonderful facts about the social media app world, let’s dive into one in every favored social networking app development, Yubo app.

Overview of Yubo App:
Yubo Clone, formally called yellow, was mistaken for “Tinder for Teens” first. There is an evident resemblance to dating apps. But the app’s security policy doesn’t allow registration under 13 and above 18. Yubo could be a French social media startup and encourages teens to search out new friends by letting them move left or right to attach and live stream.

The app has grown quietly in recent years and managed to interact with 20 million users. It is now near 1,000,000 users who open the app daily. The corporation is experiencing a growth of 10% monthly. The social apps get greater exposure with the large giants like Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Bumble and lots of other Tinder options.

People like to chat with new people and know what’s happening in their lives, or random dating among adults and teenagers. We have the precise frequency of teenage use of social media from the 2018 survey. The survey shows that teenagers use social media over once every day, doubling their frequency of use than in previous years.


  1. Creating a New Friend Circle

People have forgotten the importance of social media due to the popularity of dating apps such as Tinder. The introduction of social applications allowed people to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as meet in real time all over the world. To begin, the Yubo app may track the demands of friends and chat in this world.

The Yubo app works on the same computer programme notion of swiping and mutual connection for possible friendship. There are no unturned stones in the mobile app business; you may explore and get your share of cash and popularity, as in the case of the Yubo app for adolescents.

  1. Rooms for live broadcasting

We live in an age of instant gratification. The social networking app, Houseparty, Loca Lingo, has an integrated “join the live” function. The word “life” has a distinct connotation in this context. With their friendly matches, teenagers may start live talks. The software offers a maximum of 9 users who may communicate and create a “live streaming room.”

  1. Supports in-app texting

As a firm looking to launch a social networking software, you must solve a critical issue with introverts. Everyone lacks the extrovert characteristic that necessitates a “conversation option.” Some people take the time to get to know a new group of friends, and conversing serves as an icebreaker for them. Only individuals who are friends should be allowed to utilize the messaging function. Messages sent between users should be kept private. Except in court, the discussion can be lawfully transferred, however call forwarding messages should not be promoted.

When it comes to communicating, the chat option is the most convenient. Nobody recommends making live video calls. It’s best to have both functions in a social app. The social app is all about communication, whether it’s spoken, textual, or through live video conversations. The goal of real-time taxation should coincide with the growth of mobile applications.

  1. Invite your friends

Any app creation must have a competitive edge. In this case, two difficulties in the social networking app fix “appealing friends” feature engagement for the app and free boost for users, resulting in acceptable app usage. You may also create a private share moments app, such as My Circle, where individuals can share photographs, videos, audio, and notes with close pals. The app for adolescents should contain an intriguing feature that keeps users interested in the app. It might be anything:

●  User interface that is appealing

●  Discounts and boosters may be purchased in the app.

●  Recommendation enhancers

●  A pleasant navigating experience

●  Technically, security features are absent.

Parents can take the following precautions to ensure their children’s safety:
Remember to keep an eye on how your children use social media. Pay attention to their smartphone actions/behavior. Take note if they want seclusion or rush to the bedroom or bathroom to use their smartphone. There’s also a lot to learn about teen texting codes. Do you even know what the term pmoys means?
Maintain open channels of communication with your children. Discuss their social media usage and whether or not they are using the app or wish to start using it. If they are, assess if your youngster is emotionally developed enough to be exposed to the app’s content. If you believe they are, talk to them about what they intend to achieve from Yubo as well as the hazards involved.
When it comes to your child’s online safety, it’s advisable to install parental controls on their device, such as Mobicip. For example, you might use Mobicip to prevent minors under the age of 13 from installing new apps onto their smartphones without your express permission.

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