YouTube SEO: Steps To Rank Your Videos

Youtube SEO
Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO to rank your videos

In the last few decades, video marketing has never been a strong suit for any business service. However, the YouTube platform’s creation drew many online marketers’ attention. Video marketing has quickly become a new interactive way to attract customers because videos engage customers like no other type of content. If you are unsure how to use this marketing tool to benefit your company, consider hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in India.

For many bloggers, influencers, and digital marketers, YouTube has emerged as a new platform. It eventually marked itself in Google search results to increase the phenomenon of YouTube SEO. It is the process by which digital marketers optimize their YouTube videos to rank in the top ten of YouTube searches. The primary goal of SEO is to make your website easy to crawl, search, and rank.

Google has developed a new algorithm to determine whether your video is optimized correctly following recent updates. If you want your videos or channels to appear at the top of YouTube search engine pages, follow the same steps. Attempt YouTube SEO!

This article will review some of the most popular techniques for getting your videos or channel to the top of the search results. Let us take a look!

YouTube SEO Tips to Help You Rank Your Videos

Keywords For Youtube That Have Been Thoroughly Researched

Keyword research is an essential aspect of Youtube SEO and search engine optimization. You’re probably wondering how Google bots or crawlers will find out the topic of the videos you’re posting online because they can’t read them. Keywords are the most critical entity for connecting the subject of the video to the user queries. Crawlers read keywords in video titles, descriptions, or content to display the video based on the user’s intent.

Well-researched tags can help your content appear in searches for your target audience. Try to use relevant keywords with appropriate inquiries. This is why you must conduct careful keyword research, as it will target your audience; otherwise, your channel will receive no visitors. Choose the most relevant keywords to your video content to attract more customers from popular searches.

Create Video Titles That Are Optimized and Concise

Following your keyword research, you should concentrate on one more thing: the title of the video content. The keywords our users will use in search engine searches are always in the video. As a result, you must be more specific when creating the titles for the videos.

Take a look at the top searches in the video section. Most videos used to have exact keywords in their titles and optimized title length. Keywords are included at the start. Long titles do not have to perform exceptionally well. The title should be 45 to 75 characters long, with a maximum or average length of 100 words. We should make the titles shorter and use more specific keywords.

Smart and Persuasive Descriptions

Another option for uploading videos is to include a description. Because you need to keep the title short, the description field should be descriptive. When uploading the video, your report should be more extended and contain all the information in every possible way.

The character count must be in the thousands. You should keep the most exciting or essential information at the beginning of the video description so that users will click when they see the description in ranked results. To avoid alienating your users, avoid using promotional content at first. A well-explained or visually appealing video description boosts engagement.

Use popular or relevant hashtags related to your content to increase your chances of being found on search engine pages. At the end of the description, include a call to action, such as subscribing to the channel, different timestamps to the video, and so on.

Increase CTR by making longer videos.

The video’s length is directly proportional to the online ranking factor. Online, we can see that videos with a longer duration of more than 15 minutes rank higher than videos with a shorter time. As a result, it is beneficial to invest in producing long videos. A video less than 2 minutes long is not worth ranking because Google crawlers ignore such videos due to their lack of information.

We do not imply that making videos for an extended period is required. However, try to create more relevant informational content. So don’t be concerned about the video’s length. When creating videos, always prioritize quality over quantity.

Promote Your Videos on Other Websites

You must promote your videos on other social media channels to increase user interactions or visitors after proper on-page optimization for Youtube SEO. More videos about the products or services mentioned on the website are made. Use the video links in your blog post on your website. Post the video links in various groups, forums, or q/a sites to increase customer engagement.

Add tags to the video.

Anyone who works with Google SEO knows that stuffing keywords into meta tags in the code of a page no longer makes sense. Because it was widely used as spam, the search engine no longer uses this aspect as a ranking factor.

Tags, on the other hand, are critical for ranking a video on YouTube. They are among the factors that YouTube considers when identifying the subjects of a video and correctly indexing it, as well as recommending related videos.

Those recommendations are also an essential source of traffic for your videos.

YouTube allows you to use 120 characters in this field. We recommend using 6 to 8 words to avoid confusing the algorithm with terms that are unrelated to its content.

Create video transcriptions and captions.

Only text and code can be read by YouTube’s algorithm, not images or videos.

As a result, one strategy you can use to ensure that it understands what your content is about is to create transcriptions and captions.

Transcription is converting what is said in a video into text. You can do this manually or with the YouTube tool, which makes it more accessible.

Adding timestamps to the transcript can also make it into captions.

They allow users to follow the video even if they cannot activate the audio, and they also serve as an accessibility tool for people with hearing impairment.

In addition to captions, the transcript text is included in the video description to provide viewers with additional information about the video.

Use end screens and YouTube cards to your advantage.

Assume you want your viewers to do something specific after watching your video. In that case, it is critical not to leave anything to chance.

Inform them directly with a clear call to action (CTA). It ensures that your viewers complete the correct action rather than missing the shot and helps to alleviate decision fatigue.

Of course, you can (and should) incorporate verbal CTAs into your content. However, it would help if you also took advantage of YouTube’s built-in features, such as YouTube cards and end screens.

YouTube cards are visual notifications pre-formatted to appear in the upper-right corner of your video.

The cards are interactive, encouraging users to explore additional videos, links, playlists, and other content.

You can add up to five of them per video, so use this to encourage viewers to complete desired CTAs.

Finally, end screens appear after the viewer has finished watching the video and are best used to inform them of what you want them to do next.

End screens encourage users to subscribe to your channel, watch other videos, visit your website, and so on.

Using interactive features increases view times, improves engagement, grows your subscriber list, and improves your video’s search rankings, so use them wisely.


Finally, we all know that when optimizing video content, you must pay attention to every detail. Otherwise, your entire SEO campaign may be in vain.

Assume you are new to YouTube SEO. In that case, you can work with any Digital Marketing Agency In Noida to get better-ranked videos in no time. Otherwise, you can use the tips mentioned above to improve the ranking of your videos. Please let us know which information works best for you in the comments section.


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