YouTube Premium: What it is and How to Subscribe for Free


Who doesn’t know the best and most popular streaming media, YouTube? In addition to the free version, YouTube also offers a paid version, namely YouTube Premium.

For that reason, through the following article, we will inform you about what it is and how to make YouTube Premium in full to soakers.

Unlike the free version, YouTube Premium offers a variety of interesting features that you certainly can’t enjoy and find in the free version.

Although many similar music streaming applications are starting to appear, such as Joox, Spotify, and others, by offering various advantages, YouTube remains one of the recommended and worthy ones for you to use.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium

It is said to be different from the free version because, on YouTube Premium, you are offered an ad-free streaming service for all videos without exception. The paid version also features a video player in the background and easy video download options.

Interestingly, on YouTube Premium, you can also find more original movies or series which of course can only be enjoyed by YouTube Premium Apk subscribers.

Basically, YouTube’s paid streaming service has existed for a long time under the name YouTube Red, but this time YouTube brings something new and fresh to its paid service.

No need to download new applications or software, because YouTube Premium can be enjoyed and found on the regular YouTube streaming application for Android and iOS subscribers.

Then, how much is the YouTube Premium subscription fee? To subscribe to YouTube Premium is a bit more expensive, which is Rp. 173,000.00, the reason being, subscribers will also automatically be able to enjoy YouTube’s newest service called YouTube Music.

In this YouTube Music feature, you can only use it to listen to music with a more ideal experience, because it can also be adjusted to various activities or your mood.

How to Make YouTube Premium

  1. The first way to create or register for YouTube Premium is to open the YouTube streaming app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  2. If so, do the Log-In or registration using a Google account.
  3. Click on the Profile photo in the top right corner of the main page of the streaming application.
  4. Then at the bottom, there is a red Get Music Premium option that you can choose.
  5. Enter the details of the Credit or Debit Card that you want to use to make the payment.
  6. Another alternative is to use the payment method through mobile operator credit deductions. In Indonesia, YouTube Premium is offered for IDR 173,000.00 per month.
  7. Enjoy~

How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium Free for 3 Months

There are several ways and stages to subscribe to the YouTube Premium streaming media service easily and quickly. Special for loyal soakers friends, we will share about how to subscribe to YouTube Premium for FREE for 3 months in a row.

Let’s see and follow the tutorial slowly.

  1. Make sure you have logged in first using Email.
  2. Go to and access the YouTube Premium page:
  3. The following screen will appear.
    How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium Free 2
  4. Click the TRY FREE button. YouTube Premium has three subscription packages, namely: Family Package, Student Package, and Regular Package
    How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium Free 3
  5. A credit card/debit card filling form will appear, please fill in the information about the billing method properly and correctly.
    How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium Free 5
  6. Card information in the form of Card Number, Month/Year Expired Card, and 3 Secret Numbers commonly called CVC.
    How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium Free 6
  7. Click the BUY button after filling in the payment card information.
    How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium Free 7


The question will arise, he said free? But why are you being asked to enter a credit/debit card?
Actually, this is just a requirement, bro, after 3 months you can immediately cancel the payment for the subscription for the 4th month. So you don’t have to worry, bro.

By following the method above, you can get access to Youtube Music Premium for FREE.

How to Get Free YT Premium Access like Ponselsoak

In addition, there are other ways to make YouTube Premium that are no less easy to try. Let’s see the steps below.

  1. How to register and create YouTube Premium this time will use Google For Non Profit. It’s very easy, you just need to copy the following link,
  2. If so, continue by selecting the Sign-in option in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the Log-In option, please do Log-In to your Gmail account. It is highly recommended that my friend use the Gmail account that was used when registering for Google For Non Profit.
  4. Wait a few moments, then the Google For Non Profit account page will appear that has been successfully verified. Just click on the Register Now option.
  5. Click on the Enroll/Register option.
  6. Well, in the following steps, you can enter the YouTube Channel ID that you already have. But if you still don’t have an ID, see the following method, – Log-In Gmail account – My Channel.
  7. Finally, click the Register option. Congratulations, your YouTube account has changed to a paid or Premium version.

Subscription Plans on YouTube Premium

As we mentioned above, YouTube has several subscription packages, including the following.

1. Regular Package

The regular package is a package that is commonly purchased by YouTube users. To subscribe to this package, we have to pay Rp. 59,000 every month.

2. Family Package

For friends who want to subscribe to YouTube Premium at a more economical price, this package is perfect for use. Add up to 5 members to be able to enjoy the best services from YouTube Premium.

This YouTube family package costs Rp. 89,000/month. Wow, that’s a very affordable number, because it can be used by up to 5 people.

3. Student Package

Friends who are still students and want to subscribe to the YouTube Premium service, it’s really possible. Even YouTube as the largest video platform in the world is here to provide discounts for friends who are still students.

The student package is priced at IDR 34,990/month per person. To get this Student Package, you must meet the terms and conditions that apply.

YouTube Premium Advantages/Advantages

If all this time you have only enjoyed free services from YouTube, you will certainly always be faced with a lot of limitations in accessing the best streaming application.

But that’s not the case if you subscribe to the YouTube Premium service. you will certainly get many advantages/benefits from using YouTube Premium. Anything? Read more below.

1. Ad-free videos

Streaming activities certainly become more exciting and fun by using YouTube Premium. Because my friend can watch videos from favorite channels smoothly without having to be disturbed by the number of ads.

Subscribing to a paid YouTube service allows you to watch your favorite videos anytime and anywhere, without annoying ads. Of course, this cannot be enjoyed when you are on the free version.

2. Playback in the background

One of the shortcomings of the free version of YouTube that you often encounter is that you can’t play videos when you exit the streaming application. However, this never happens if you subscribe to the paid version.

my friend will still be able to play your favorite video even though it’s out of the Youtube application. This background playback feature is of course very useful for friends who like or like multitasking activities when playing smartphones.

3. Offline access

On the free version of YouTube, you can only download certain videos, but on YouTube Premium, you can download your favorite videos even more freely. You could say, all the available videos can be downloaded whenever you want to watch them at any time.

Thanks to this feature, my friend will still be able to watch various video content without the need for an internet connection.

Differences between YouTube Premium and Similar Streaming Media (Example: Joox, Spotify, etc.)

The difference with similar streaming media, such as Joox, Spotify, and others, YouTube Premium is equipped with a Google-style search feature.

YouTube Premium allows users to more easily search for music content through any keywords or keywords in the application.

If you want to know the title you want to hear, for example by looking for it based on the withered lyrics. Through this feature, of course, you will find it easier to browse and understand what you are looking for.

Not only can you listen to your favorite music, but you can also watch video clips of songs that are currently playing directly from within the YouTube application, of course.

There is also a Video Hotlist feature that can be used to browse the songs you want to play from the internet. In addition, through YouTube Premium, you will also be presented with a variety of films and series which of course cannot be enjoyed on the free version of YouTube.

If you are interested, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for Rp. 173,000.00 per month.

The cost of a YouTube Premium subscription is a little more expensive, but through this latest YouTube service, you can enjoy all your music videos without annoying ads. you can even download everything that is presented for later playback offline.

Then How to Unsubscribe?

The requirement to be able to get a free premium youtube service is to input bank data such as a debit or credit card, which will appear billing next month for the next subscription period. Now, here are some people who are confused because if I’m not mistaken the billing process will be automatically debited, even though if you only want to try the free version, you can cancel the service at any time.

As in the video above, how to cancel a premium youtube subscription is very easy, the method is:

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Then our data will appear. Now, simply by clicking Cancel Memberships, you will automatically unsubscribe and no more invoices from YouTube will appear.

So, that’s the explanation of how to get and cancel youtube premium which can be accessed for free for 1 month. What is youtube premium apk? no, you don’t need an apk/application anymore to try this service, only your google/youtube account type has changed.

How to Get a Free Premium Youtube Account Forever

If previously you only got free premium access for 1 month, now this time you can get youtube premium for free forever, the way is to continue the steps above but before the service extension period you change a new account, here are the details:

  1. Prepare several Gmail accounts to register a trial for 1 month as usual.
  2. Do a Cancel Membership or cancel the subscription during the D-3 period, which is the 28th or 29th day.
  3. Leave it until the validity period of the first account that was canceled runs out, just use ordinary youtube first.
  4. Now after H+2 from the first account subscription period runs out, log out of the Gmail account and replace it with a new Gmail account.
  5. To be even more convincing, you can delete the YouTube application first.
  6. And register for free access as above.

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