Your Little Princess Just Had Her First Period? Does She Know Everything About It?

organic sanitary pads for first period

The famous psychologist Stanley G. Hill referred to puberty for a girl as floating down a broadening river into an open sea. I remember seeing blood for the first time and telling my mom, “Maa, I think I’m going to die.” What seems to be a funny distant memory now can be daunting for young girls who experience their period for the first time. However, one thing that comes to mind is: what about the little girls having their first in school classrooms or playgrounds? Will they always have a well-informed adult around to help them out? No.

Dear moms and dads, let us join hands to have our little girls be prepared for it and not make it scary as it was for many of us. We understand how difficult it can be to talk to such young minds about such a drastic change in their lives. How about setting in place an action plan for preparing the both of you. Your daughter may have heard it in conversation around and probably wonders what a period is, what it is like, what’s the deal is about the pain and blood.

Start basic here, confront the concerns staring right across you. Tell her what a period is, how it will impact and that she’ll need to put on menstrual sanitary pads or cups, as per your liking. Although tampons may not be a great idea for the beginning, you can slowly make a transit over time when they get the hang of it. Let her be more aware of herself, her body and that there will be changes that she should embrace and not be embarrassed or worried about. Tell her that there will be blood all the time for a few days every month; however, she should watch out for any color changes and ensure that she changes the pad every 4-6 hours.

  • Next, prepare a start-kit for her first period and make sure she carries it everywhere she goes so that she’s never caught off guard. In a zip lock pouch, pack a couple of organic sanitary pads of a size suited for teenagers, along with a clean pair of underwear. Even after she gets her first period, tell her to keep this kit handy in case of any staining or leakages. Also, pack a toilet paper or napkin into the kit to dispose of the used pad in the nearby dustbins.
  • For young dads, your daughter may be as uncomfortable talking to you about it as you are. But remember, the point is to remove the stigma against concealing periods as if it’s an evil force. Make your little princess feel as if it’s as natural as any other bodily function and that she’s always welcome to talk about it. If you have any sons, educate them too and always help their fellow female friends and classmates whenever they need it. Both the parents should make sure not to call a period any negative names or refer to a period as being ‘down.’ This part of storytelling will have a lasting impact on how she sees it, so make sure she knows all the remarkable things that periods indicate like good health and how it’s imperative to a woman’s healthy body.
  • Break the stigma of being limited in your capabilities when on period. Don’t put periods across as a disease to your young girls and boys because it really isn’t. Make sure they understand this aspect and are comfortable in their skin during their periods because this is really something if every parent did for their girls, would go to great lengths to empower women. Make sure they understand this is not like when blood flows when an injury happens. Make them understand the technicalities if the need is, in the simplest way possible. Try using teaspoon analogy, i.e., fill about 3-4 teaspoons and show them it’s just that much blood which seems like a lot more over the days.
  • Try exploring the possible options for periods like underwear suitable and pads, telling them how they should, if possible, opt for 100% organic cotton kind. Tell them the benefits of going chemical-free to prevent any rashes, infections, and the best of all, the biodegradability factor.
  • Teach them properly how to put on their pads, not be skeptical about the leaks, and most importantly, not to freak out. Tell them it’s okay to reach out to any available adult around for some help and keep the basic hygiene in check, always. Tell them that women anywhere will have their back.
  • This is for you to teach both the girls and boys not to be ashamed of discussing a period or hide a sanitary napkin pack as is the ongoing way to wrap it in the black polythenes or newspapers. Teach them to buy the supplies on their own when they need them because almost half the world’s population goes through menses, and the entire population is aware of periods.

Hi-life can help make your life easier with their 100% organic pads, which:

  • Have a unique design
  • Are super absorbent
  • Are biodegradable
  • Are absolutely chemical-free

Our research labs in Japan have created a unique honeycomb structure that makes our organic pads super absorbent. Each pad is made with two air-laid sheets — to prevent back-flow, stains, and side leakage. These are the best sanitary pads for heavy flow. In addition, the soft organic cotton that the pads are made of prevents rashes. The planet is a major concern for us. Therefore, our biodegradable sanitary pads come in a biodegradable disposal bag marked with a Red Dot for easy and safe disposal.

First Period: Why Should Organic Sanitary Pads Go To?

By now, you clearly understand what those big headlines mean by harmful for you if you are still on traditional sanitary pads. But if not those then what? Organic sanitary pads come to the rescue here. They are made while keeping all these problems in mind. By using organic sanitary pads you can actually do away with all of these issues.

Let us check out some benefits of organic pads and why they should be your absolute go to:

Cotton Keeps All Infections At Bay: Cotton means no plastic or synthetic materials have been used to make organic sanitary pads. This promotes perfect absorption through multiple layers to keep all infections at bay.

Cotton Helps You Maintain Excellent Hygiene: Cotton in organic pads has great absorption capacity that makes them absolutely leak-proof. This helps maintain excellent hygiene.

Say Goodbye To Period Rashes And Itching: Due to the usage of cotton over plastic and synthetic materials, the friction causing all the rashes and itching is there no more.


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