Your 2022 Guide To Real Estate Photography Editing Services

Your 2022 Guide To Real Estate Photography Editing Services

Getting a dream home or the dream office space is not just an aspiration for the buyer, it is also one for the seller of those spaces. A successful sale means they’ve received the compensation for it they expected within their preferred timeline in a very volatile realty market. And like with all successful sales, properties that have been put up on the market need their fair share of marketing. In the digital age, that involves hiring real estate photography editing services to make the property an irresistible offer for anyone who looks at its images. 

Whether you are an individual seller, an independent realtor, or a real estate agency? You need to know how to use digital marketing to your benefit. This is because the internet plays a vital role in bringing buyers and sellers together. For instance, 2021 saw 97% of buyers using it to search for a home. Your competition is also there, with 94% of realtors using Facebook for business promotion purposes. And no matter how poetically you describe the property in words, it’s high-quality, appealing property photos that potential buyers look for on these portals. 

While photography has come a long way since its early days, it still doesn’t always produce the kind of property images needed to sell it. Real estate photo retouching services can overcome this problem using a variety of high-tech techniques. This guide will tell you all about those as you continue to read it. 

The Problems Affecting Real Estate Photographs

There is a multitude of problems that can prevent you from getting the high-quality property photo you want straight from the camera. They have their unique causes, with some overlapping many problems. 

  • Poor, Incorrect Lighting

Lighting makes or breaks photographs, and with real estate photography, lighting problems come in different forms. Indoors, lighting problems arise due to windows not being oriented in a beneficial direction, benign too small to let sufficient light in, or having a tint that reduces incoming light, etc. Some rooms may not even have windows, and if it removed the artificial lighting there for some reason, then the photo won’t have enough light to make the place appear natural and appealing. 

For outdoor real estate photos, lighting problems occur due to the time of day, sudden movement of clouds blocking sunlight, seasonal changes to light like winter or rainy season cloud cover, etc. And unlike indoor photos, not every photographer will have the equipment to light the entirety of the outdoor view to be shot, especially if the property is expansive. 

In other cases, there may be too much light in the photograph obstructing important elements. Thus, you need real estate photo editing services to compensate for them. 

  • Improper Angles

Any photographer can tell you that angles affect how the photographed object looks in the final image. But good angles are not always easy to get in real estate photography. Small rooms are one of the culprits behind this problem. The other is an elongated property that is too large to fit entirely in the frame, forcing the image to be taken at an awkward angle. 

If not the size, then the design of the property could force poor angled shots. Compensating for this problem takes a combination of the photographer’s experience and expert work from a real estate photo editing company

  • Reflections/Reflective Objects

Using a camera flash is necessary during real estate photography, especially if the lighting conditions are poor. However, sometimes, shiny objects present in a room, or decorative elements on the property’s exterior, can reflect that flash. This results in the subject being covered by the light instead of being illuminated by it. 

It also distorts angles or concerns objects and space. The problem is worsened when there is no option to remove such an object, as in the case of a shiny, low-hanging chandelier in a staged home. The photographer will need help from real estate HDR photo editing services to clear such distortions and balance the light. 

  • Worn Out Paint / Improper Background

Some people may be in a hurry to get the property on the market and so won’t stage/renovate the property. This means worn-out wallpapers, wall paint, broken doors/thresholds, and other such imperfections get recorded in photos. 

When it comes to outdoor real estate photography, the photographer may have to contend with the wrong background. If a background reduces the sheen and appeal of the property & the photographer won’t have any control over it. It can be fixed in post-processing under the supervision of a real estate photo editor. 

  • Clutter

One instance where you have to outsource real estate photo editing to get the correct picture is when there are unwanted objects in the image. Depending on the property, there may be a few or many such objects that need to be removed or altered in some way. Trees or tree branches obstructing the view of the exterior of the property is also an example of clutter ruining a good shot. 

In other cases, the objects have to be present in the image. An example is furniture that comes with the property. It too must be present in the photo but taking such an image can distort the sense of space the room in question offers. Photo editing experts can compensate for the presence of such objects in many ways depending on the requirement. 

There are other issues besides the above that require real estate photography editing services intervention like color distortion, blurred images, size issues from drone photography, poor contrast, etc. 

Real Estate Photography Techniques That Solve The Problems

A combination of human ingenuity and technological progress has resulted in the creation of clever solutions to real estate photography problems. Check out the list below which is applied depending on the issues to be corrected. 

  • Light Balancing

As the name suggests, this technique corrects the disparity in the image’s lighting. Photo editing professionals can change the light tone, shade, brightness, and other such light-related properties according to the required parameters. 

By adjusting the light like this, you can make certain parts of the image stand out more than others. It will help to highlight them to prospective buyers. An example of this is when a real estate photo retouching services provider reduces the intensity of the skylight to make the building in question stand out. 

  • Color Correction

This technique sets the colors in the image to their appropriate levels, adjusting their various characteristics like tone, hue, saturation, gradient, etc. This is necessary when certain colors need to be enhanced or dimmed within images. An example of this is changing the warm color of the artificial lighting used to a more natural white tone for better views. 

  • Image Cropping/Clipping/Resizing

Here, a portion of the image is cut off from the original. A different item may take its place or it may remain empty with the background restored to compensate for the loss in that space. 

In other cases, the entire background can be removed and replaced with something more suitable. They can also resize the image to suit the application of use, like enlarging it for a billboard ad or diminishing it for a digital banner ad. 

An example of real estate photo editing services personnel doing this is when a piece of furniture needs to be digitally removed from an image by tracing its path along the edges and deleting it. 

  • Panorama Stitching

Panoramic photography is necessary to capture a wide field of view in one image. However, combining the various segments or images of the target region into one image is not an easy task. A professional photo editor can do it by carefully stitching together the various elements in the correct order and angles. This ensures that your property comes in full view in a single image without any cuts and distortions. 

  • HDR Image Blending

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image blending can work wonders for real estate photos. Here, a real estate HDR photo editing services agent combines multiple images of the same subject taken by a photographer under different light-intensity conditions. 

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The resultant photo will have high contrast and excellent light balance. It can make the right elements stand out from the rest. This technique applies to both indoor and outdoor photographs. The final photo will also be of a higher resolution than the individual constituent images. 

  • Day To Dusk Conversion 

Day to dusk is a special type of real estate photo editing technique. In which you can get the lighting and background image changed. It gives the right feeling or mood. It involves the method of sky color correction and changing. Real estate sky change services give the perfect look to pictures.

  • Virtual Staging

Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale. By adding items and preparing the place to be ready to move in condition. Virtual staging enhances the value of the property. A real estate photo editing company can save you money by doing the same virtually. 

This method combines a variety of other photo-editing methods that are readily available.

In Conclusion

The realty market is moving with the times while still wobbling between profitable and loss-making. What’s certain is if you wish to sell property, you need to outsource real estate photo editing. Only then can you get the kind of images. It can help you entice a buyer and make the deal you wish to make with them. It is also cheaper than doing it yourself, thereby increasing your ROI too. 


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