XL Speaker – Giant Earbud Bluetooth Speaker with High-Quality Audio

XL Speaker

This next funny-looking media gadget would be a great purchase (or gift) for any music enthusiasts out there that are looking for a cool new Bluetooth speaker to include together with their home decor and bring some extra life to their dedicated music room, whether that’s your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen. Meet the XL Speaker.

The XL Speaker is a giant-sized earbud Bluetooth speaker that features a trendy and cool design while also proving capable of delivering a full and natural sound with a dramatically deeper bass than you’d expect.

It’s funny-looking and somewhat oversized earbud-design promises to not only enhance your musical space but also to turn heads and leave your guests’ jaws dropping down to the floor. Not only that, but this awesome Bluetooth speaker can also produce great audio, and it can even be connected to your favorite FM radio station if you’re ever looking to listen to some live-broadcasted music.

Additionally, this cool Bluetooth speaker also integrates a built-in HD microphone, and so, after you pair the XL Speaker with your Smartphone, the speaker also allows you to pick up any incoming phone calls in a hands-free manner.

Lastly, its Bluetooth connectivity also offers you support to Stereo Mode, meaning that you can link two XL Speakers together to get the ultimate surround sound experience.

So, in the very unlikely case that you’re still not convinced that this unique Bluetooth speaker isn’t made for you, please join us in our detailed review of the XL Speaker, where we demystify everything there is to know about this amazing and one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker.


Starting with the speaker’s size, while the XL Speaker was in fact designed to look like a giant-sized earbud Bluetooth speaker, the unit is still reasonably compact in size, thus making it conveniently portable, and ultimately, easy enough to carry with you while you’re traveling as well as easy to take it with you to any outdoor events, whether that includes a pool party, camping with family and/or friends, etc.

XL Speaker

Moving on to the unit’s design. Not only was the XL Speaker built to be compact and extra-durable, but the speaker itself also features a very sleek and minimalist design to it, which allows it to easily blend in with any choice of home decor that you currently have.


Now, we’ll talk about some more important things. As mentioned earlier, this giant-earbud Bluetooth speaker can actually offer you great sound quality.

In case you’re wondering just how great its sound quality really is, I’d be extremely pleased to tell you that the speaker comes equipped with a high-quality speaker (which works at 5W of power) that can boast a 360 degree true-sound experienced, and that same speaker works in combination with a built-in 3D base stereo that can pack a bigger punch to any beat-based songs, thus bringing you a reasonably deep bass with a 100% crystal-clear sound that would keep any party going.

XL Speaker
XL Speaker

That said, the XL Speaker can deliver a full, natural sound with a dramatically deeper bass than you’d actually expect.


Additionally, and as stated before, the Bluetooth speaker also comes equipped with a built-in high-definition microphone that allows for hands-free calling after connecting the unit with your Smartphone via Bluetooth.


Now, when it comes to controlling the unit’s sound settings, at the side of the speaker’s body we can also find its integrated and easy-to-use control buttons.

The speaker’s built-in control buttons include an On/Off Power Switch (which is sitting on the opposite side of the rest of its buttons), as well as a Volume Increase and Volume Decrease Buttons, a Stop/Play Button, a Skip Song Button, and a Mode Selection Button (allows you to swap between its Bluetooth Mode, FM Radio Mode, and AUX-support Mode).

Right under the speaker’s On/Off Power Switch, going from top to bottom, we also have the speaker’s USB Charging Port, a TF-Card Reader and USB thumb drive ports.

Since the speaker also features a TF Card Reader – meaning a built-in memory card slot reader – you can use this cool Bluetooth Speaker to read and play music directly from any Micro SD Cards that you have stored music in. Additionally, thanks to its USB thumb drive ports, if you ever decide to store your music in a thumb drive, you can simply connect that same thumb drive to the speaker to have it played the drive’s stored music files.

Moreover, this Bluetooth speaker also comes together with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack-to-USB cable, thus making it compatible with computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and pretty much any other device that’s equipped with a 3.5mm headphone port. Thanks to that, the XL Speaker allows users to play their favorite music from pretty much any source or device that you want to use together with the speaker.


Since this is in fact a Bluetooth speaker, the XL Speaker obviously features Bluetooth connectivity. For those curious enough, that would be the latest Bluetooth version, meaning that the speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0, and the unit also features a 30-meter Bluetooth connectivity range, so you won’t ever have to be sitting right next to it after connecting your Bluetooth-enabled devices to it to have it play your tunes wirelessly.

Thanks to that, you can easily control its sound settings right from your Bluetooth device (Smartphone, tablet, etc.) and take your music with you anywhere.

Now, as mentioned before, this Bluetooth speaker also features FM Radio Connectivity, and as such, by simply using its Mode Selection Button, you can enjoy your favorite radio stations on it at any moment you see fit.


This Bluetooth speaker is battery powered, as it comes equipped with a large-capacity 1200mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can offer you up to 3 hours of battery life.

Keep in mind that those values will only be reached if you’re not using the speaker at its maximum sound settings as well as using it with the maximum range (30 meters) for its Bluetooth connectivity, as both of those things will definitely be drawing some extra power from the unit.

XL Speaker

Now, recharging the speaker’s internal battery would be a super easy thing to do, as all you’re required to do is to connect its included USB Charging cable to the speaker’s built-in USB Charging port (which, as mentioned earlier, is located between its On/Off Power Switch and its TF-Card Reader / USB thumb drive ports).


Stereo Mode

As stated earlier, since this is in fact a Bluetooth speaker, the XL Speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity also offers you support to Stereo Mode, and thanks to that, you can always purchase two separate units if you’d like and then link those two XL Speakers together (via Bluetooth) to get the ultimate surround sound experience.

Aux Mode

Lastly, by pressing the speaker’s Mode Selection Button for three (x3) times in a row, you can activate its Aux-Mode, which allows you to connect its 3.5mm headphone jack-to-USB cable to any 3.5mm-enabled device (meaning a Smartphone that supports it, a PC, etc.) and have the speaker playing your selected music right from that device.


Inside each box users will find: their XL Speaker Giant Earbud Bluetooth Speaker, the unit’s USB Charging Cable, the unit’s 3.5mm headphone jack-to-USB cable, and a User Manual.


The XL Speaker is a giant-sized earbud Bluetooth speaker that features a trendy and cool design while also proving capable of delivering a full and natural sound with a dramatically deeper bass than you’d expect.

XL Speaker
XL Speaker

This funky-looking giant earbud Bluetooth speaker would be a great addition for any music lover’s home. It looks great, sounds great, it’s easy to control, easy to connect to any your devices either via Bluetooth or with a cable connection, and can even play songs from memory cards and thumb drives.

It’s also worth to point out that for those that would like to get it in a more colorful look, the XL Speaker is actually available in 6 different fun color models: White, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black.

If you’re interested in buying it, the XL Speaker is currently discounted from its normal price of $75, now going for just $39.99 per unit (saves you $35.01). You can order yours online right now, directly from the company’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link here.


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