Xbox Series X Exclusive Games List (2022)

Xbox Series X Exclusive Games list (2022)

Are you an Xbox game lover? And looking for the best games to play on Xbox X Series in 2022? So, here’s the list of the greatest Xbox Series X games that have expanded to include a variety of titles that work well on both Microsoft’s flagship platform and the Xbox Series S.

Some of these games remain cross-generational. Many of them make use of the Xbox Series X’s improved graphics and frame rates, as well as Quick Resume, which allows you to switch between games quickly.

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

The latest installment in Ubisoft’s long-running historical action/stealth franchise is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This time, you’ll play as Eivor, a Viking warrior tasked with establishing a new home for his clan in the wilds of medieval England. The usual Assassin’s Creed activities are included, such as hunting for gold and quests, chasing down Templar spies, and amassing an arsenal of stealth and assault weapons. You’ll also create a village, travel in a longship, and raid monasteries, just like any good Viking would.

The traditional Assassin’s Creed activities are available, such as roaming the countryside for quests and gold, hunting down Templar spies, and equipping an arsenal of stealth and assault weapons. As you would expect from a Viking, you will also build a village, travel on a longship, and raid monasteries this time around.

2. Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Even though Destiny 2: Beyond Light is not an Xbox Series X exclusive, it is still one of the best games you can play on it.

The Xbox Series X version of Destiny 2: Beyond Light features 4K resolution, faster loading times, and overall smoother performance than the Xbox One version. Destiny 2 series is one of my all-time favorite games. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is a game you should try with your friends.

3. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter video game developed by 343 industries. After two mediocre Halo games, Halo Infinite soars back to prominence, primarily because of the new grappling hook, which lets you cross chasms and scale cliffs with ease.

I would like to see a tighter story and a variety of environments. As for Halo Infinite, it is a resounding success in terms of pure Halo action and fun and is a must-have for anyone looking for a superb first-person shooter for the Xbox One.

4. Sea of Thieves

Have you ever imagined yourself in the shoes of a semi-cartoon pirate, raiding islands and sinking other ships for the mere pleasure of it? If you answered yes, you should play Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

What began as a simple Xbox One and PC experience has evolved into a much richer game full of mysteries, including a massive Kraken to battle. The Xbox Series X version will run at 4K and 60 frames per second, making the entire experience a breeze on Microsoft’s latest flagship platform.

5. Gears Tactics

A Gears Tactics game would be the offspring of Gears 5 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Top-down turn-based strategy game combining Gears characters, antagonists, and weapons. Gears Tactics does it, converting third-person action into a strategy game deftly.

Even without a third-person view, Gears 5 allows you to maximize your skills to extend your “turn” as long as possible, so expressing that Gears action sense. With the Xbox Series X, you’ll experience superior texturing, performance, and load times, making it the best place to play Gears games to date.

6. Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a culmination of everything developer IO Interactive has learned from prior Hitman games. Also, it is the third installment in the World of Assassination trilogy.

Missions include infiltrating a warehouse rave in Berlin and exploring the neon and rain-soaked streets of China’s Chongqing, as well as breaking into a country house on Dartmoor, an incredibly bleak and windswept part of England. Various opportunities arise to carefully kill a tricky target, or you can switch off a load of hints and figure things out on your own. To know more about the Xbox games and latest games go to Dunk Gaming.

7. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft flight simulator has its first made debut on windows 10 PCs, now it’s out on the Xbox series S and Xbox series X while sitting on your couch allowing you to live out your piloting fantasies.

MFS is one of the best games on Xbox series X. So now is the time to take off biplane and jet into clouds without worrying about the pilot’s license’s need or causing any horrific mechanical health.

8. Resident Evil Village

With the association of PlayStation, Resident Evil is the best franchise, it has been a multiplatform series for a while, and now with the entry of resident evil village in the series is the best on Xbox Series X.

If you purchased the game on Xbox One the player will get a free update to the Series S and Series X Version. As Resident Evil Village Itself is an amazing horror meet and adventure game.

9. Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered is somewhat of the cult classic game, it’s a freshen of the original version of Alan Wake, with the latest and modern graphics for the latest gaming consoles. In comparison with the old version, it is ensured that the latest remastered version of Alan Wake runs better than ever.

Alan Wake remastered is a good recommendation for anyone who has not experienced the joys of being using a flashlight to remove ghostly enemies, because it’s not only overhauling the original game but also welcoming the improvements to visuals.

10. Gears 5

Gears 5 is also an extremely beautiful game, as in “bite-the-back-of-your-hand” beautiful. The Series X’s increased power improves texture and shadow details while also introducing a form of “lite” ray tracing. Running at 4K with a fairly consistent 60 fps is pretty much the only way to play Gears 5.


In this article, we’ve mentioned the Xbox Series X Exclusive Games List, I hope, you find the best games to play on the Xbox X series, after reading this article you can pick any one of them and play and just have fun!


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