World Baby Names

World Baby Names

World Baby Names with Meanings. Congratulations! On your newborn baby in your universe. A baby is a heavenly gift from God. Baby can continue your generation and make big your family. After born new baby parents have to start a caring life for a child, and take responsibility for the children. The first and most important responsibility is choosing a good name that affects a child’s life. The name is the first identity of every child as well as the first property. Names can identify children’s personalities; if your child is famous the name will be famous. The world is going to fast as well as advance. According to changes people’s thoughts, personalities, food, and style are changing.

One of the primary responsibilities that come after the birth of a newborn is to find a suitable name that would define their life and personality. Since it is a daunting task, we would like to help you with this list of baby names from around the world. If you widen your search for the right name, you will be able to find classy, elegant, historical, or modern names with beautiful meanings that would suit your baby’s nature and reflect on their lives in the future. Parents want their child’s name to be special and meaningful, so these names can help you out. So, check out the options below to know more.

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Therefore, You can search here for World Baby Names with Meanings. These names are collected from various sources. Here I have collected World religious names for boys and girls and also describe every language’s names for girls and boys. So, you can search here your desirable boys and girls’ names according to your religion and language. You have also searched here for Single modern names and double boys and girl names with great meanings. I hope, you can like these names and visit again my site.

Furthermore, you can find here Muslim names, Hindu names, Christian names, Punjabi names, Arabic names, African names, English names, Spanish names, Turkish names, French names, and German names. To search these names click the above link World Baby Names for a detailed list.

Here are mentioned some names of English Girl names with meanings. If you need to search here. For a full list click the above link.

English Girl Names List with A, B, C, D, E

Name Meanings
Aala Supreme, Exalted
Aaryan Worrior
Abigail Cause of joy
Abrie Father of Multitudes
Ace Unity
Adele Noble, Kind
Adelie Noble natured
Adira Noble, Powerful
Adly Greatness
Adora Beloved One
Aella Whirlwind
Affey Cure fun loving
Aice Pretty
Aila Holy, Blessed
Ainhoa Town of Virgin Mary
Akani Profitable Encounter
Alaia Happy, Joyous
Alaiya Happy and Joyous


Bina Knowledge, Insight
Binita Diminutive form of Wilhemina
Blair Modest
Blake Plain, Field, Meadow
Blythe Variant of Black
Bonnie Pretty ,attractive
Bow Pretty, Attractive
Braaklyn Beautiful Brook
Bramble Blackberry Bush
Bramley North Midlands
Brandalyn Beautiful Sword
Brenda Sword
Bria Noble
Brianna Resolute, Strong
Briar A Thorned Shrub
Brieland Name of Card Table
Chrisha Just
Christina Follower of Christ
Christine Follower of Christ
Chrysta Gold, Golden
Chyna Form of China
Cindy Woman from Mount Kynthos
Clara Bright, Famous
Clarabel Bright, Beautiful
Clementine Mild and Merciful
Cleo To Praise, Acclaim
Clio To Recount
Collins Holly
Connie Constancy
Cora Just, Honest, Good
Corbie Raven
Dacia From the South
Daiana Divine
Daisy Day’s Eye
Dakari Rejoice
Dakota Friendly, Allies
Dalary God is my Judge
Daleyza Delightful
Daniela God is my Judge
Danielle God is my judge
Danna God is my judge
Dara Rich
Davina Little Deer
Dawn The first appearance of Light
Daxon Water, a Life-giving drink
Easton East facing place
Eclipse Gift of the Moon
Eden Delight
Edgy Expert
Edith Riches, Blessed
Edna Pleasure, Youthfulness
Effie Well Spoken
Ejona Ours
Elaine Sun Ray
Elaine Light
Elan Tree
Eleanor Bright, Shining one
Electra Amber
Elenoa Bright, Shining Light
Eliana God has answered


English Girl Names with F, G, H, I, J

Ferna Fern
Fernande To travel, To derive
Fidella Faithful
Filomena friend of strength
Finland Appriciate Quietness
Finley Warrior, Hero
Fiona White, Fair
Fiori Flower
Flair Style
Fleta Swift
Floella Like a Flower
Flora Flowering
Florence Blossoming in faith
Florene Blossoming, Flourishing
Floretta Little flower


Gennara January
Gennea Generation
Gennie White and Smooth
Gennivre Fair one
Gentry Of gentle, Aristocracy
Georgia Farmer, Earthworker
Geraldine Spear Ruler
Geralyn Ruler with a spear
Gerda Shelter
Gericka Ruler with a spear
Gerilynn Spear Ruler
Gert Strong Spear
Gerusha Sent away
Gevira High ranking Lady
Ghisella Hostage, Pledge
Giada Jade
Halle Rock
Hallie Praise the Lord
Halo Divine Aura
Hamony Perfect unity
Hanita Divine Grace
Hanna Favour, Grace
Hannah Favor, Grace
Hara Seizer
Harlem Home on a wooded Hill
Harley hare’s Meadow
Harlow Rock, Army
Harmoni Concord
Harper Harp Player
Harriet Powerful Ruler
Hastings Violent
Ianthia Violet Flower
Ibbie God’s promise
Idalene Prosperou,s Happy, Hardworking
Idalia Behold the Sun
Idelisa Bountiful
Idessa Long Journey
Idona Active in Love
Idonia Loving One
Ikenna Father’s Power
Ilaria Cheerful
Ilsa God is abundance
Ilsha Gental, Loving, King
Imelda Universal Battle,Warrior Woman
Imogene The noble sacrifice
Imojean Maiden
Imperia Imperial
Jaelyn Bird of light
Jaiden God has heard
Jaimee Love
Jalen Bird of light
Jaliyah Created name
Jaliyiah Sweet and loving
Jamie May God protect
Jamilee Beautiful Angel
Jane God is Gracious
Janet God is Gracious
Janice God is Gracious
Jayce Strong
Jaycee From the Initials J.C.
Jayden God has heard
Jean Yahweh is gracious


English Girl Names with K, L, M, N, O

Kaely Loving, Smart
Kaia The Sea
Kailani Sea and Sky
Kaillie One who provides comfort
Kairavi Moonlight
Kairi Ocean village
Kaitlinn Pure
Kaitlyn Pure
Kaity Variant of Cathrine
Kalani Heaven sky, Royal Majesty
Kali Black one
Kalki White Horse
Kamalini Lotus
Kamara Moon
Kamila Young Ceremonial Attendant


Layan Soft, Gentle
Leia Weary
Leigh Ann Beautiful woman
Leland Meadow Land
Lena The ray of Light
Lennon Cloak
Lennox Elm Field
Leona Lion
Lesedi Gift from God
Leslie Garden of Holly Tree
Liah Weary
Lilias Lily
Lilith Of the night
Lillian A flower
Maisy Pearl, Child of light
Maisyn Just
Malene Magnificent
Maliah Sea of bitterness
Marceline Young warrior
Marcellus Young warrior
Marella Shining Sea
Maren Pearl
Margaret Pearl, Cluster of Blossoms
Margo Pearl
Maria Star of the Sea
Marie Star of the Sea
Marilyn Bitter , beloved
Marineth Combination of Maria and Kenneth
Maripoza Butterfly
Nancy God’s flavour
Natalie Birth of the lord
Navy A Fleet of Ships
Nayra Lucky, Beautiful
Naysa Miracale of God
Nazeli A Pretty and Beautiful Girl
Nedi Feminine of Edward
Nel Merciful, Bright, Light
Nelda Sun Ray
Neleh Beautiful light
Nellie light
Nemy Sweet
Nency Happy
Olenna Bright and Shining
Olga Holy
Olive Olive tree
Olivia Olive tree
Olwen White footprint
Olympia From mount Olympus
Ombeline Glittering Spirit
Omilly Citizen of Rome
Onyx Black Gemstone
Oona Lamb
Opal Precious Gem
Ophelia Help
Ophie The fountain of Greatness and Goodness
Oren Pine, Ash


English Girl Names with P, Q, R, S, T

Paige Young helper,Assistant
Paisley Church
Palina Small, Younger
Pallas Wisdom
Paloma Dove
Pamela All Sweetness
Paola Small
Paris From the triv of Parisii
Parker Park keeper
Pastel Pale Color
Patricia Noble
Paula Small, Humble
Paulina Small
Paytin From Aegas Town
Paz Peace
Pearl Pearl Jewel
Peggy Child of light
Qaifa The one who estimates things
Qaima A woman who is a bestower
Qantara A small  Bridge
Qaval Delighful to the Eye
Qeturah Incense
Qiana Silky
Quenby Womanly
Quenna Queen
Quentina Fifth
Querida Beloved
Questa One who seeks
Quiana One who lives her life with grace
Quincy Estate of the Fifth son
Quinlee Woman of Wisdom
Renna Peace
Reyna Queen
Rhea A flowing stream
Riley Courageous
Rinley Brave
Rita Right
Robin Nicname of Robert
Romany A citizen of Rome
Romi Rose, Beloved
Rory Red King, Dawn
Rosa Rose Flower
Rosalie The flower of the life
Rose Famous type
Roselyn Rose Flower
Sabrina Legendary Princess
Saffie Saffron
Saint Holly Person
Samantha Listens well, As told by God
Sandra Man’s deffender
Santiago Saint James
Sara Princess
Sarah Noble woman, Princess
Saskia Protector of mankind
Savannah Grassy plain
Savi sun
Saylix Willow
Saylor Name for a Dancer, Acrobat
Scarlett Force, Joy
Seigneur The Lord of Manor
Serenity Peaceful
Sevyn Seven
Taylor Cutter of cloths
Tempany Sobriety
Temperance Moderation, Self-control
Tempest Storm
Teresa To harvest
Tesla The region in Greece
Tess Harvester, To reap
Thea Gift of God
Theodocia Giving To God
Theodora Divine Gift
Theresa To harvest
Thessaly A region in Greece
Thistle To prick


English Girl Names with U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Ubelia Help
Uberta Bright, Shining intellect
Udela Wealthy
Udele Prosperous
Uira Water Lady
Ujila Sunrise
Ula Wealthy, Sacred Red
Uldwyna Special Friend
Ulfhild Struggle
Ulia Sea Jewel
Ulka Power of the Wolf
Ullrica Wolf Ruler
Vicki Victory
Vickie Victory
Victoria Victory
Vienna From Wine Country
Vinnlie Forest stream
Virginia Maiden
Vivianna Alive
Vivica War Fortress
Vivien Kind
Vixie Female Fox
Vlora A brave and fair woman
Wade To Cross the river ford
Wafiqah Successful
Wagma Breeze accompanied with a pleasant smell
Waialiki Water Chief
Wajia A beautiful melody
Wakely Damp Meadow
Walda Ruler
Waleis One belonging from Wales
Wanda Wanderer
Wanette The Pale one
Wann A Pale and Fair Woman
Waynette The Wagon maker
Welsie A woman from the West
Xalvadora Savior
Xamak Shine
Xanda Insignia
Xandra Protector of humanity
Xantara Protector of the Earth
Xantha Blond
Xanthe Fair haired
Xanthia Blond
Xantina Little, Saint
Xara Shining , Flower
Xaria The gift of Love
Yadeera Worthy, suitable
Yaffa Beautiful
Yaiza One that  shares
Yajaira Form of Yahaira
Yaletha Light, Nimble
Yamilet Beautiful, Elegant
Yamlla Pair, Twin
Yaneli Prideful
Yani God is Gracious
Yanira Gift from God
Ziarre Goddess of the Sky
Zimri Protected, Scared
Zinnia God’s Glory
Zinova Blessed forever by God
Zion Israel
Zipora Bird
Zipporah Bird
Ziva Radiance, Brilliance
Zoa Life
Zoey Life
Zoffany A Heavenly Gift
Zoie Life


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