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The key to productivity is efficiency and with digital workplace collaboration solutions for visual collaboration, you can improve agile workflow and enhance team performance.

The key to productivity is efficiency and with a digital workspace optimised for visual collaboration, you can improve agile workflow and enhance team performance, with further help of our workplace collaboration solutions. Keeping collaborators engaged and on track is crucial for project and workshop delivery, therefore a collaborative solution can provide your workforce with a seamless work environment that includes tools and features for both in-house and remote working engagements.

It is important to utilise all the workplace collaboration solutions on offer so that your key players are working together, having easy access to numerous features that allow the accomplishment of their goals quicker. These workplace collaboration solutions will empower your business’ workforce to communicate, connect and exchange information more efficiently.

Some of the work place collaboration solutions we use include:

  • Bespoke Housings
  • Bespoke Touch Overlays – IR & PCT
  • iiyama
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Video Walls
  • If you have any questions about the technology we have to offer or queries about the services we provide, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.Our team of experts are here to discuss your ideas, challenges, and objectives, providing all you need to know about the fantastic services we provide and how we can help your business.
  • GAMA Healthcare wanted to create an ‘infection prevention superhub’ at their head office to accommodate the business’s long-term rapid growth, embody their company values and act as a key strategic tool in achieving their commercial objectives.

    Working alongside award-winning office design company, Oktra, Handy AV created a state-of-the-art, digital-led workspace for GAMA Healthcare, a playful yet functionally designed environment with audio visual technology at its core. The workspace was built to enable and excite employees and visitors, as well as facilitating GAMA Healthcare’s company-wide hybrid working model.

    Handy AV consulted on and installed state-of-the-art video conferencing technologies and technology-led collaborative spaces to connect employees and stakeholders with agile, flexible workspaces enabling teams to customise their own work environments and remain collaborative, creative and connected to achieve their business goals.

    GAMA Healthcare’s hybrid working strategy specifies remote working for two days out of the week, requiring seamless communication between on-site workers and those working remotely.

    Project delivery specifics:

    • Samsung MagicINFO™ digital signage throughout all of the meeting rooms when the video conferencing is not in use.
    • 3×3 LG videowall at office entrance showcasing latest products through video content.
    • Central Hub space comprising a bespoke sound system with Shure handheld and lapels mics, Epson projector and motorised drop-down screens for each of the 2 floors over a bleachers-style seating/stairs to accommodate ‘town hall’ meetings. This also incorporates IPTV for large sporting events to be shown.
    • 17 meeting rooms throughout the workspace, utilising Poly video conferencing products, X30, X50 and Eagle Eye Directors, and Shure microphones and speakers enabling remote workers to join training sessions, company meetings or other types of virtual learning programmes.
    • Samsung 2×2 videowall in Games Room where employees can watch television and play Xbox.
    • Condeco room booking and desk booking systems, future-proofing the office for when more of the workforce come back to the office.
    • Multi-use training room that can be divided into 2 separate rooms with touch panel controlled QSC Dante audio system.
    • Replica hospital room with APC battery-powered mobile video conferencing, Sony DSLR camera and DJI Ronin gimbal setup for training customers how to correctly use products.
    • Centrally controlled via QSC, remotely monitored and supported systems throughout the office.

    Handy AV is proud to have been integral to this ambitious project – achieving short and long term objectives for GAMA Healthcare with a hands-on consultative approach and seamless integration of bespoke state-of-the-art video conferencing technology solutions. We have helped to transform GAMA’s way of working – activating their post-pandemic hybrid working strategy seamlessly with user-intuitive communication and collaboration technologies and how they train their staff and customers utilising the best in market video conferencing products.

    GAMA Healthcare is one of the first offices to truly bridge the gap between office and remote working by making the in-office meeting experience the best it can be.

    Handy AV was approached by one of the worlds fastest-growing companies, activewear brand, Gymshark, to deliver a technology-led workspace at their state-of-the-art ‘Lifting Club’ offices, in Solihull.

    Working alongside award-winning office design company, Oktra, Handy AV embarked on a discovery phase to meet Gymshark’s rapid growth needs with human-centric technology to add value to their communication and collaboration needs, putting the user at the heart of the experience.

    Gymshark’s vast office space is designed with the purpose of facilitating innovation and creativity with multiple zones requiring technology to deliver specific results – from communicating with their 600+ global employees, through to advanced digital collaboration.

    Handy AV fulfilled Gymshark’s communication and collaboration requirements through rigorous research and testing followed by the sourcing and installation of the solutions in collaboration with the design company, Oktra.

  • Project Overview

    Handy AV digitised the following areas at Gymshark Lifting Club office space:

    • Samsung digital signage in common seating areas to communicate with their teams in real-time.
    • Agile meeting space with device agnostic screen sharing and plug & play screen connectivity for on-the-go meetings.
    • Three project meeting rooms with Poly G Series video conferencing systems, 65” Samsung screens and writable surfaces.
    • ‘Lab’ meeting room used for collaborative meetings featuring a Samsung 2×2 interactive video wall, Poly G Series video conferencing and collaboration software, Mural.
    • ‘Art and Science’ meeting room used for multiple participant collaborative meetings featuring a Samsung 3×2 interactive  video wall, Poly G Series video conferencing and collaboration software, Mural.
    • ‘Pods’ for solo working with Poly X Series video conferencing bars and Samsung  commercial screens

    Creating a workspace that is future proofed for the next generation of working was key for Gymshark, with flexibility and connectivity more important now than ever before. Gymshark’s tech-enabled working environment enables seamless collaboration for teams both on-site and remotely with video conferencing facilities in all zones and digital workspace software for collaboration provided by Mural, which enables people to collaborate visually to solve important problems faster.


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