Women Over 40: In an age of women’s empowerment, it is time we start normalizing the conversation around bladder leakage.


A shocking and recent study from Harvard University reported an estimated 45% of women experience some form of urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. That’s almost half of all women and reason enough that it is time for change. And that’s why every woman reading this letter today is extraordinarily brave for taking the next few minutes to learn the simple upper body technique that will stop bladder leakage for life.

It truly doesn’t have to be this way. Women are suffering in silence and it has been ingrained in us that this is just a normal part of aging. What most women don’t realize is that there is actually an underlying condition causing this problem and once it’s fixed you’ll be able to get back to easy movements without fear of leakage, you’ll no longer have to worry about leaking every time you laugh in the movie theater or sneeze during allergy season.

You’re going to love that not only will your bladder leakage be healed, but your belly pooch will flatten and your back pain will be permanently gone.

And there are two main forms of urinary incontinence…

1. Stress incontinence, which occurs when women leak urine when laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping, or exercising—when there’s any impact or increase of pressure on the pelvic floor.

2. Urgency incontinence, which occurs when women have a strong urge to go to the bathroom and urine leaks out before they get there. These women tend to go to the bathroom frequently throughout the day and even wake up to go at night.

…and they are both related to one hidden condition that was discovered by a Physical Therapist who studied at Charles University School of Medicine in Prague in 1952.

The unconventional research articles by this Physical Therapist have now been rediscovered and women from around that world have found the secret to stopping urinary incontinence in just seconds a day… I’ll be showing you this gentle technique next.

Pelvic Floor Strong strengthens your pelvic floor… Puts intimacy back in your life, giving you self-confidence, while making sex feel good again.

Pelvic Floor Strong is the only program out there that heals leaking and diastasis recti with the consideration of layer syndrome.

All you need is the 3-movement sequence I designed to efficiently heal your body without cutting into your valuable time.

It’s going to give you the secrets to belly flattening, diastasis healing and a strong pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor Strong alleviates lower back and hip pain, while correcting your posture with the quick pec stretch variations I have simply laid out for you.

It stops your anxiety and depression and lets you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.


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