Wireless Mouse Troubleshooting Guide, Solution When the Wireless Mouse doesn’t Work.

Wireless Mouse Troubleshooting Guide, Solution When the Wireless Mouse doesn't Work.

One of the most widely recognized computer problems is that the wireless mouse doesn’t work either for casual use or for gaming.

Along with keyboard problems, this is a very troublesome problem that is as continuous as it seems to be, however, it is regularly a simple solution.

Along these lines, this time, I will let you know regarding the solution when the wireless mouse doesn’t move or respond.

Steps To Wireless Mouse Troubleshooting Guide

1. First check the reason

It’s a very simple reason, yet it won’t work if your mouse is low on battery or your Personal Computer doesn’t have a USB receiver.

Likewise, if the wireless mouse has an ON / OFF switch, it won’t react unless it is ON.

Above all else, we should check if there is a battery, if the receiver is not connected, and if the wireless mouse switch is ON.

2. There is a problem on the computer side

In the event that the wireless mouse doesn’t respond, there might be an issue with the computer itself.

In this way, most importantly, let’s check if it works by operating the keyboard other than the mouse.

If it doesn’t respond there, almost certainly, it’s frozen, so execute it and restart your PC.

3. Radio Waves Flaw

The distance between the computer and the mouse is excessively large or there is something that interferes with radio waves

This is additionally basic, however, it may not react in the event that you are too far away.

Additionally, since the wireless mouse is connected to the computer by radio waves, it may not work if other electronic/electrical hardware or metal (particularly iron) that is influenced by radio waves is put close by.

The solution is to get closer and get the influenced object far away from the mouse.

This is an especially common issue when using a metal desk, so be cautious in the event that you consider it.

4. Wireless mouse out of sync

In some cases, the wireless mouse and the USB receiver that connects to your computer are not syncing appropriately.

It would be ideal if you follow the synchronization method.

Steps to sync wireless mouse
  1. Ensure the mouse is turned on
  2. Press the small button on the rear of the mouse or the part where you embed the battery for around 1 second
  3. Press the button on the receiver on the USB side within 30 seconds of pressing the button on the mouse side

The send/receive button may not be on the mouse or receiver. So if you don’t have the idea how to work it, it would be ideal if you read the guidance manual.

In this case, you can also use a laser or optical mice instead of wireless mice either for gaming or normal work since they have emerged a lot in recent years.

5. USB Selective Suspend

It is highly possible that this “USB Selective Suspend” is the reason for the situation where it doesn’t work when it recovers from sleep mode or if it is left unattended.

This function is like turning off the power of a USB device that isn’t using to save power on the USB device, yet when utilizing a wireless mouse, it is recommended to turn it off in light of the fact that it interferes with mouse function.

See below for how to disable it.

Procedure for disabling the Selective Suspend function
  1. Enter “Power Options” in “Start”-> “Search Programs and Files” or hold down the “Windows” key and press the “X” key to choose and click “Power Options”.
  2. Click “Change plan settings” in the “Plan displayed on the battery meter” section.
  3. Click “Change advanced power settings”
  4. Double-click “USB Settings” showed in “Power Options” and double-click “USB Selective Suspend Settings”.
  5. Click the “Battery-powered” and “Connect to power” fields to set “Enable” to “Disable”


If the wireless mouse doesn’t work. First check the battery level, whether the wireless USB receiver is stuck in the computer, or check the wireless mouse switch.

On the off chance that it still doesn’t work, check your PC/mouse settings.

Things to check

  • Is your computer freeze?
  • Is the wireless mouse and receiver syncing well?
  • Does USB Selective Suspend disabled?

Will be, If that doesn’t work, all things considered. You have a problem with your mouse or receiver, so verify whether it reacts with another wireless mouse.

Again if the mouse doesn’t work then you should a new one for your computer.


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