Finding an ideal school for your child is indeed a tough job, but not as tough as it used to be some 2 decades ago. If you walk back a little down memory lane with your parents, you’ll be left aghast at their trials and travails in getting you admitted to a good school. Scenes of those long queues for buying an admission form and again for submitting them might make you nostalgic. Thankfully, we don’t have to wear out our shoes by hopping from one school to another in a quest for admission forms. Technology is continually making giant strides. Google Search, the most basic form of technology, will get you to the treasure troves of information.

If you are searching for the best schools in India, the first thing to do is run a Google search. The process of ranking schools mostly follows the positive/negative feedback in the form of reviews. Likewise, if you have to search for the best schools in Delhi, just type in the relevant words in the search engine box.


  • The school should have a well-made website. Often, the websites are designed to let you take a virtual tour across the length and breadth of the school campus. Admission forms are also available online.
  • The school campuses of the best schools in Delhi are nestled in the verdant greens, away from the noise and disturbance of the city.
  • An international school is always the best choice as it is literally a complete school aimed at the all-round personality development of enrolled candidates. Besides, your child gets an opportunity to interact with a global community of students.
  • It is better to go for a CBSE curriculum school that offers academic education from pre-nursery level to high school level.
  • A few good schools in Delhi offer residential facilities in addition to day schooling. The residential campus is well-equipped with suite rooms, prayer rooms, common rooms, a capacious dining room, house parents/wardens, medical care, ambulance services, etc. A few schools also have such facilities as a tuck-shop, a spa, a salon, and a gym.
  • The best schools in India ensure that academics are optimally balanced with co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • A reputable international school has huge spaces and arenas dedicated to various games, like cricket, soccer, basketball, volleyball, squash, badminton, tennis, table tennis, swimming, yoga, etc.
  • Safety measures like fire alarms, water sprinklers, guards on duty, and well-covered CCTV coverage are indispensable for a school of high standing.
  • The school should encourage frequent workshops and demonstrations on its campus to ensure the holistic development of children.
  • The school campus should be fully Wi-Fi enabled with full high-speed internet coverage across the entire campus.
  • It is highly advisable that you conduct a thorough internet search, before making any decision.



Q . What is the optimum student-teacher ratio?

A. It is usually 10:1

Q. How to avail an admission form?

A . The Application is available online. It must be filled and submitted online.

Q. Are there facilities like regular health checkups and counseling for kids.

A .Yes, all the students are regularly checked for any maladies.

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