Why You Should Start A Selfie Museum

start a selfie museum

Why You Should Start A Selfie Museum

How many people do you know that don’t have an Instagram? Of those people, how many of them are millennials or younger? Very few is my guess.

Instagram is growing in popularity with younger generations who are the future of our society. Why not capitalize on their Instagram-loving ways with a business centered around capturing the perfect selfie? This is exactly why you should start a selfie museum today.

People Loves Selfies

82% of U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 24 have shared a selfie on social media. Instagram is especially popular to share selfies on. Essentially, Instagram was designed to share photos of people’s lives with minimal words beneath them. People have taken this platform and turned it into a way to gain popularity and sponsor products.

Due to this, many people have tried to gain popularity on Instagram by posting epic selfies of them in different situations. They are always on the quest for the next viral post. You can capitalize on this quest by providing them their next epic selfie.

Selfie Museums Offer Exhilarating Experiences

If you had the chance to put a smile on thousands of people’s faces, wouldn’t you take it? Well, it turns out you do.

When you open a selfie museum and start selling tickets online, people get the chance to escape their mundane lives and be fully immersed in a world of magic. In each themed room you provide, customers will get the chance to experience something they never have before and capture it in the perfect photo.

You will be providing not only them with smiles, but all of their followers that get to witness their epic photos.

Selfie Museums Are Gaining Popularity

Selfie museums are rather new phenomena but are quickly gaining traction. As more and more selfie museums pop up all over the nation, people are going to become more aware of them.

You don’t want to be late to the game and try to open a museum in place with an already established museum. Take your chance now to open a selfie museum today and start putting smiles on thousands of people’s faces.


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