Why You Need the Sliding Screen Door From Everlasting Comfort  This Summer


Why You Need the Sliding Screen Door From Everlasting Comfort  This Summer

Not all screen doors are created equal. Choosing the one that’s right for you can be a tough and lengthy process. There are so many different brands, types, and sizes to go through. But a sliding screen door can provide everlasting comfort if chosen wisely. So, what is a wise choice? A magnetic one. 

A magnetic door lets the outside in a way a regular screen door won’t. Consider it an upgrade. One that benefits your guests and yourself—even your pets. When a regular screen door breaks, cracks, or suddenly has a tear a sliding screen door from everlasting comfort will last you all summer long (and beyond). 

It’s time to dive into the eight reasons you need the sliding screen door for everlasting comfort in your home this summer season.

  1. It’s pet friendly

Are you constantly rushing your pet to enjoy their time outside out of impatience? Who wants to wait around a door all day long as they pressure their pooch to do their business in the backyard? With a gated, or enclosed, outdoor space and a magnetic sliding screen door you can instantly see the benefits as your pet goes from indoors to outdoors, and back, with ease. They can use the bathroom or get fresh air, as they enter and exit your home, safely without hurrying them along. There is no more barking, meowing, scratching, or begging. Plus, your home is safe from the elements.

  1. Instantly closes

Have you ever forgotten to close the door behind you—screen door or otherwise? It happens, especially in nicer weather. Suddenly, it starts to rain or it gets too hot and that outdoor weather is now inside (no thank you!). But a magnetic sliding screen door closes without a thought thanks to the magnets that run up and down the middle seam. These magnets instantly pull towards each other and close every time. No more worrying, thinking or leaving any door open.

  1. Installation Made Easy

Unlike regular screen doors, which need certain tools or equipment, a magnetic sliding screen door installation is made easy with some metal thumbtacks and hook and loop backing. 

  1. It’s even good for apartments

People think of sliding screen doors and automatically envision a formal home, with a backyard. But even people with apartments can use a magnetic screen door for their balconies, large windows, or even separate a room to create an outdoor feel for summer. Because it’s so easy to install it can be installed anywhere, and on fixed, sliding, metal, or wood surfaces. You can even grab two for larger entryways and create a more elaborate feel. All you need are some plants (real or fake), two separate rooms, and cool drinks to create the ideal space you need. Now screen doors are made for all types of homes.

  1. Built to last

It’s hard not to have at least one example of a glass door that somehow broke when you least expected it (how did that crack get there?). You leave it for a while because it’s hardly noticeable, but then that crack gets bigger and bigger until it looks like shattered glass. Then there are the mesh screen doors that tear when you bump into them, or accidentally rip from a sharp object or the pet’s claws. Now there’s a huge hole or rip that’s unbearable to look at and it’s letting all of those outside insects can. But a sliding magnetic screen door is made of heavy polyester material with reinforced edges so it’s built to last. The durable polyester mesh is specifically designed to withstand all types of use and weather—it expects all of the unexpected. It will not let you down.

  1. Go hands-free

You can easily push through the sliding door with minimal effort. With the magnetic seam comes a hands-free opening because the retractable screen is easy as one-two-three to push right through it without much effort at all. Now you can walk around with your hands full, to entertain guests, and go from inside to outside without fumbling around. All it takes is a nudge and you’re good to go.

  1. Great for kids

Kids have small hands that can’t always reach a door handle, let alone open it (they still have some strength to build up). But with a sliding magnetic screen door with durable mesh kids have the ability, with careful supervision, to walk around, in and out, without feeling neglected or left out. No more crying!

  1. There’s nothing better for sunny days

Love the feeling of the summer heat but am not a fan of all the elements that go along with it? The mesh of a sliding door allows all of the good elements in without the bothersome outside pests and problems, like bugs or pollen. Now you can let the sunshine, and the fresh air, without the additional irritants.

Whether it’s 95-degrees or a chilly 65-degrees, you need the sliding screen door from everlasting comfort to go from sunny to snuggle in no time. It’s a year-round door that makes the purchase worth it, but you’ll see a difference in how you spend your summer days and nights. Let nature in without all of the natural elements.



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