Why Whiteboard Animation Videos Are The Future of Marketing?

whiteboard animation video

Did you know that the average attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds in
2000 to 8 seconds in 2015? This is frightening, especially when you consider that this drop
occurs across all age groups from teenagers to people in their 60s. This means that no
matter your audience, you need to keep your message short and sweet. Whiteboard
animation is a great way to accomplish this. It allows you to deliver a message that is
engaging, fun, and educational all at the same time. This blog will look at the reasons why
you need to get on board with whiteboard videos
What is Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard animation video is a form of animation that is created on a whiteboard. This
type of animation is used to communicate ideas and concepts and can be used in a variety
of applications, such as marketing, product design, and training.
Whiteboard animations can be created in a number of different ways, including hand-
drawing, using digital drawing tools, and using motion graphics software. Once the animation.

is complete, it can be exported as a video or animated GIF file for use in marketing
materials, website designs, and video content.
Whiteboard animation is a versatile tool that can be used to communicate ideas quickly and
easily. It can be used to create engaging and informative videos, presentations, and
infographics. So, if you have an idea that you want to communicate effectively, Whiteboard
animation videos may be the perfect way to do it!

Why Should You Use Whiteboard Animation?

Your concept is intricate:

A whiteboard video may help you explain a complex or highly sophisticated product
or system. The more complex an explanation is, the more difficult it is for people to
stay focused.
You can keep your audience engaged for the duration of the video, whether you're
promoting a product on a squeeze page or introducing a new business procedure to
your workforce. For this reason, whiteboard animations are simple to watch since
they are fast-paced, visually detailed, and typically colorful.

Poor performers should be avoided at all costs:

You don't have to pay actors to perform in your video when you use whiteboard
animation. In addition to reducing your overall budget, this may save you from a lot
of shame, since talented actors are hard to come by, and lousy actors will have your
audience guffawing the whole time. This is an issue that animation completely

What kind of marketing strategy do you have in mind?

Using whiteboard animation films to promote your business on YouTube or social
media is a great option. Views and clicks are likely, as are revenues, thanks to the
popularity of these ads.
It's worth noting that YouTube alone receives 300 billion monthly searches.
Whiteboard animation films may be your best choice if you want a piece of that

You want to inject some comedy into the conversation:

Incorporating whiteboard animations into your film is a great way to make your
audience chuckle. Trying to be humorous on camera may be unpleasant and
frustrating, but whiteboard animation's laid-back visual approach can convey comedy

Is there a tale you wish to tell?

Whiteboard animation services are the best option if you want your film to
communicate a portion of your brand's narrative. Almost a century ago, Walt Disney
demonstrated the power of animation as a storytelling medium. Why not carry on the

How can whiteboard animation videos help you get more leads?

The Whiteboard Animation movies may be used to help one's company flourish.
However, why is it necessary to make use of them? In this article, we'll go through
some of the benefits of using them for your company.

Helps Make Complex Ideas Clearer:

The Whiteboard Animation movies may be used for a variety of purposes, from
establishing a new sales strategy to creating a video for B2B marketing. Non-
technical people will be able to better grasp complex technical concepts as a result of
this. The videos' visual aids make it simple to follow along.

● Preserves order on the Website:

Overcrowding on the site's landing page might result in a high bounce rate, which will
have an effect on traffic. Whiteboard animation movies, on the other hand, are
superior since they offer the site a more polished appearance. Additionally, the use of
videos is advantageous since they can be quickly shared by the audience on various
social media accounts. With a video, you may profit from both SEO and user
experience. As a result, the website will be more suited for use on mobile devices. A
higher number of visitors means a higher number of conversions.

Increasing the number of people who buy your product or service:

The Whiteboard animation movies not only attract the attention of the target audience
but also serve as educational tools. In addition, it aids in the transition from one stage
of a customer's trip to another. In addition to improving the customer's experience,

you may also assist the business make more money.

Enhances the visibility of a website in search results:

You may enhance the number of visits to your landing pages by including an
animated movie. Your SEO will benefit from this. Improved rankings for your
company's brand and more exposure for the firm will benefit both you and your

There was a time when the only way to reach your audience was to rely on mainstream
media. Magazines, newspapers, radio, and television were the only avenues that could get
you noticed and help you stay in touch with your customers.
Whiteboard animation videos have proven to be a powerful marketing tool, and it's easy to
see why. The statistics show that businesses of all sizes in all types of industries are using
whiteboard animation videos for a variety of purposes, from marketing and advertising to
education and training. There are many more examples of how whiteboard animation videos
are being used, and you can learn more about whiteboard animation videos in general by
contacting us.

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