Why Vicodin Abuse is Dangerous?

Is Snorting of Codeine Dangerous?

Vicodin is a noticeably addictive drug due to its effective pain-relieving consequences. Once taken internally, it stops the mind from transmitting indicators related to ache, and at the same time, unites states the character’s dopamine tiers to make him or her feel euphoric. As with many different addictive capsules, the body easily develops a tolerance to the quantity of the drug being taken. Now you can buy vicodin online without a prescription and with free & overnight delivery. Curious to know “Why Vicodin Abuse is Dangerous?”, this is because it is a schedule ii drug & misuse for abuse causes serious health issues.

This results in the want for better doses to reap the same enjoyable effects. Even with a proper prescription from a health practitioner, an individual is at a high hazard of getting hooked on the opioid.

According to a publish through M13, an enthusiastic online user on Urban Dictionary.Com, his (or her) definition of Vicodin is “a genuinely wonderful painkiller with heroin-like houses. Perfect for putting up with idiot co-employees and micro-managing bosses. Makes getting off the bed each day really worth the trouble!”. 

Besides M13’s somewhat carefree and deceptive definition of Vicodin, what’s it exactly and what is it medically used for?

Is Vicodin an Opiate?

Vicodin is an opiate and is scientifically referred to as hydrocodone. Doctors or dentists regularly prescribe Vicodin for clients who are affected by diverse tiers of ache. When used as prescribed, Vicodin presents relief from physical affliction. Inside the mind, there are receptors that sign the feeling of ache in the frame. Vicodin acts as a blockade to these receptors, hence providing relief that lasts several hours, depending on the character.

M13 was accurate while he insinuated that Vicodin is not that difficult to accumulate. According to Narconon.Org, there are over 139 million prescriptions for hydrocodone-containing meds stuffed on an annual foundation! The top of these medications are Vicodin and Lortab, the latter being a drug that has comparable houses to Vicodin.

Also, clients who are prescribed Vicodin after the surgical operation can usually get the drug on a protracted-time period foundation, which means a variety of refills.


Also, if the sufferers were a doctor and/or dentist for a long time, every now and then a simple cellphone call to the dental care or medical health provider’s workplace will warrant a refill or two. After the very last top-off, while addiction begins to take over, and the medical or dental provider begins to get a touch suspicious, a few individuals will discover some other health practitioner or dentist or scientific hospital. Or perhaps in the event that they stay in Southern California, they may drive all the way down to Tijuana, Mexico, and choose up a few bottles.

Others would possibly inn to theft, writing up faux, or altering prescriptions. And the usage of manipulation to get a mother or cousin Nora to assist them to get the drug, or even trying to shop for the stuff online from one of those unlawful prescription drug organizations.

Addicts can turn out to be quite smart and very desperate when they need to be comfortable with the drug of their preference, and Vicodin is clearly no longer that tough to get.

M13 sounds like the appropriate poster child for Vicodin. That’s frightening due to the fact an unsuspecting reader will examine M13’s definition of Vicodin, and perhaps be intrigued to check out the drug, which as M13 fails to reveal, is fairly addictive and dangerous.

Effects of Vicodin High:

What makes Vicodin so addictive? Well, not simplest do Vicodin customers enjoy a feeling of relief from pain, but additionally, they get an additional perk. They experience really true, for a few hours or so. Also, Vicodin users come to be very at ease. Some turn out to be happy couch potatoes. The roof could fall on their head, and surely, they could no longer even observe.

The trouble is that once using the drug for a short period of time, customers require more dosage to get the glad results, in addition to getting relief from pain. By this factor, their bodies have developed a tolerance to the drug. Taking extra Vicodin can make the pain even worse. Those who take Vicodin in the order they could get excessive are abusing it and turning into addicts. Plus the euphoria doesn’t last up to it used to. The addict takes more and more in the hopes of taking pictures of the high that they used to get when they first started abusing that drug.

Well, guess what? That the euphoria slowly dissipates & then it goes away. And what is left in its stead are dangerous side results and horrible withdrawals. And in place of feeling satisfied, the addict becomes very unhappy and obsessive. The most effective issue that’s on their mind is getting their subsequent Vicodin restored. It’s now not uncommon for someone who abuses Vicodin to take between 20 and 30 pills a day.

Also, as opposed to feeling comfy, they grow to be torpid and walk around in a zombie-like state. This online FDA- approved pharmacy offers to buy hydrocodone online no prescription required and no hidden charge.

And how else do addicts abuse Vicodin?

Dangers of Abusing Vicodin

A common practice for them is to combine Vicodin with alcohol. This is extremely risky due to the fact when they get intoxicated, all intent goes out the window. Sometimes they lose count of what number of capsules they have taken, or how tons of booze they’ve been under the influence of alcohol. Many addicts have died this way, commonly from an overdose.

Other addicts weigh down the tablets and then chuckle at them. This is performed so they can get an immediate rush. But what they may not recognize is that by crushing or breaking the capsules they’re changing the chemistry of the drug.

Snorting Vicodin is sincerely alarming due to the fact the body goes to take in a pretty focused quantity of the drug right away. Another favored manner that an addict abuses Vicodin is by using dissolving the tablet in water, after which injecting it.

Snorting, swallowing, mixing with booze, and/or injecting Vicodin is like booking a seat at the Titanic.

And except demise, what are a few different aspect outcomes of Vicodin abuse? Well, for one element, taking an excessive amount of acetaminophen can result in liver damage and failure.

Other aspects result that Vicodin addicts revel in our paranoia, swelling, itching, volatile temper swings, fainting, nausea, and vomiting.

Sometimes the paranoia is followed by delusions or hallucinations, and some addicts hear voices. And that isn’t there or see horrifying pictures which can be straight out of a horror film.

Oddly at some point in all this, the addicts nonetheless hold an obsession with the drug and revel in severe cravings until they get their next fix.

Treatment for Vicodin Addiction:

Vicodin abuse is manifestly life-threatening and really unfavorable. For this factor, expert help is mostly required to better treatment. And that includes residential and detox treatment. It is due to the fact physical addiction to this medication is regularly only a symptom of other high serious mental fitness troubles that normally lie under the surface.

At Cycles of Change Behavioral Health Services, a high-cease residential remedy facility in Palmdale, California, customers are tormented by Vicodin addiction. And as well as other opiates are furnished with sub-acute detox, previous to attending residential remedy. Medication-assisted remedies, therapy, and medical tracking are presented. In order that the addict can adequately withdraw from Vicodin’s horrible aspect consequences.

The people who’re addicted to this medication, need different opiates regularly and require the help of specialists, in order that they can be adequately weaned off these chemical or medical materials. Once abused, Vicodin can kill. It is critical to are seeking for out professional scientific help.

Vicodin abuse is dangerous, however, there is a manner out and we will assist at Cycles of Change Recovery.

Once addicts emerge as clean, they’ll recognize that recovery frequently produces a natural euphoria that is a lot greater pleasing and plenty safer, than any chemical bliss.

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