Why student avoids writing Complicated Essay?


Why student avoids writing Complicated Essay?

Students usually avoid writing complicated essays and comprehensions, as they find writing boring and time taking process. 

Most of the students feel that writing takes a lot of time, and some find it difficult because various sub-components are used while writing an essay or any such stuff.

 Despite writing since their childhood, the student yet feels dull in writing complicated essays writing services

The students usually write material that is difficult to read and understand. 

Writing is something that s cultivated after having a good reading habit. 

The more and more you read, the more and more you can write. Indolence, lack of motivation, and poor reading habit are some of the reason that leads to poor writing. 

There are various reasons to explain the flaws ingrained in students’ writing. 

Firstly, it could that they lack significant background skills. To perfect mastery, students must procure component skills, practice blending them, and know when to implement what they have learned. 

Secondly, various students have delusions about what creates an excellent piece of writing and what teachers look for when they grade the essays.

Most students and even parents consider that it is a simple l process, but in fact, it is complicated and iterative.

How do students feel about compositions?

Students who have previously received negative feedback on their compositions feel demotivated while writing complicated essays.

 The students believe that they are not good at writing, and it’s just a matter of grades. With this perspective, they somehow write anything and get a pass in the exam. 

No right answers

Writing is a tough task, and especially when you are aware of the right answer. 

Students usually write in emotional ways and go far away from the topic.

 Teaching writing structure for various types of essays and the writing process of brainstorm, outline, rough draft, and final copy, gives the students the confidence needed to jump into any writing assignment, even advanced level essays. 

Fear of failure. 

How on the planet do I complete this task? Composing style? What is that? Am I being reviewed on everything? 

These questions and more multitudes around in a student’s brain when they are confused. 

The guides and teachers should teach students about the basics of writing. 

When the students will know the art of writing and how to use them, they will definitely write an engaging composition. 

How teachers and parents can help students? 

A teacher and parents can help the student in dealing with the lack of enjoyment while writing. 

When students have the required skills and knowledge, they can easily apply them while writing a complicated essay format.

 This is beneficial for the dyslexic or dysgraphic students who are requiting for processing incompetence in the language area.

Skill development

The skill development process involves development in a variety of memory, motor, and language areas, such as: 

  • Physical elements of writing
  • Speed of performance
  • Active working memory
  • Language formulation
  • Idea formulation
  • Vocabulary

The mechanical skills include basic tasks such as automatic letter form, use of space, basic spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

 The primary steps involve speed, clarity of expression, and appropriate grammar.

The content skills correlate to organizing and formulating ideas. The top-most skills include: 

  • Writing using different writing styles
  • Being resilient in the writing process
  • Understanding the perspective of the reader
  • Writing with enthusiasm

Some other reasons that students avoid writing complicated essays.

1 – They find it hard to start and feel confused about the task.

2 – They lack vocabulary and fail in forming letters. 

3 – Most of the students are unaware of the writing style and the art of writing. 

4 – They fail in expressing the ideas and using appropriate words. 

5 – Lack of fluency is another major reason

6 – They are unable to pen down their thoughts on paper

7 -They struggle to keep track of their thoughts while also getting them down on paper.

 8- They find the writing process slow and tedious. 

9 – They are addicted to technology and only enjoy typing on mobile and laptops instead of writing on paper. 

It is universal that no student is born a perfect writer; it’s our parents and teachers who have taught us writing.

 Making mistakes is common, as students learn from their mistakes and then only become perfect in any field.

 In the case of writing, they may reverse words, spell poorly, or have difficulty producing their thoughts in writing, or exhibit other signs above.

 As in any academic field, teachers and parents must carefully watch and try to learn the child’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure growth.

 One way to observe progress is through handling a portfolio of a child’s work overtime. 

This will help the parents and students in identifying the problem at an early age and help the student in becoming a good writer. 


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