Why should you keep track of your period?


Whether you call it Aunt Flo, your monthly visitor, shark week or any of the other euphemisms, periods are a mainstay in a woman’s life from adolescence to menopause. Keeping track of it will not only help you understand your health in a better manner but, can even show signs of any changes that the body might be going through that you aren’t aware of. By tracking your period, you can learn a lot about your body and overall health.

Even though you might find it unnecessary, it’s always good to pay attention to your period. Staying in touch with your cycles can help you be prepared for your next cycle (no surprises!), keep you informed of any health problems that may arise due to delays in your period, and indicate changes taking place within your body. It helps you plan your pregnancy, have a safer sex life, plan your social obligations and more, with ease.

Here are a few reasons why you should keep track of your period:

1.Helps you understand your cycle and any bodily changes that reflect through your period.

Through irregular periods your body gives you signs, which let you know that something is wrong. Now, every period isn’t always the same, this can be seen through constant changes in the blood flow. On some occasions, you might find your period to be heavier than normal, sometimes even continuing for more than 7 days. This can be worrisome, but by tracking your period if such irregularities persist, often you can keep it in check or contact a doctor.

Remember, your menstrual cycle lasts the entire month, and not just for 5 days. Ever noticed how your periods are delayed when you are stressed out during examination times? Periods can be irregular with changes in diets, when you’ve been doing too much exercise, or are nearing menopause. Paying attention to your periods can indicate why you feel tired on some days, why your sex drive fluctuates, why you’re emotional and much more. While delays and irregular periods sometimes are normal, tracking your menstrual cycle will help you feel empowered as you will understand your body better.

2.Can help you get pregnant or prevent pregnancies.

For women who are planning on starting a family, even for those who are involved sexually but have no intention of getting pregnant, it’s important to keep track of your menstrual cycle. By educating yourself about your menstrual cycle, you can be in control of your body and you wouldn’t have to constantly be worried if you experience a delay in your period.

Through being educated about your monthly cycle, you will learn to keep track of ovulation days- which occur 14 days before your said period date. Knowing that those are the days when you’re likely to be most fertile, you can either take necessary precautions by restricting yourself from partaking in sexual activity, or you could try and get pregnant during this period.

3.Helps you plan ahead

If you’ve ever gone on vacation and have ended up getting your period, you will know how that can hamper your plans. Periods have a way of making you feel down, now you wouldn’t want this happening to you at an important event, would you? Scheduling events or even vacation by keeping your period in mind can put your mind at ease, even letting you have an enjoyable time.

When you know your anticipated period date, you can prepare yourself mentally by carrying your pads, your outfits (keep the white pants at home), activities like swimming and trekking, etc. If you do happen to get your periods unexpectedly, an Avni Menstrual Cup will see you through. They aren’t only easy to insert and use, but you can even wear it for hours and be at ease. Wearing a menstrual cup will let you carry out all your fun activities unhindered, without the hassle of having to carry pads, looking for proper disposals, worrying about washrooms on-the-go and more. The cute pouch it comes in lets you carry it in your bag, ready-to-use when you need it.

4.Can track PCOS or endometriosis better

For women experiencing frequent irregular cycles, it can be a cause for concern. The best course of action for these irregularities would be meeting with an OB/GYN or a specialist to rule out any health problems. By tracking your menstrual cycle over time and by taking account of irregular cycles or delays in your period, the information provided can help doctors to diagnose conditions like PCOS or endometriosis and can even advise on proper medication and treatment.

While in some cases, irregular cycles might just be hormonal imbalance due to deficiency of necessary vitamins or minerals. If ever you feel the urgency, meet with a doctor and get checked, it’s always better to rule out any problem at the initial stages.

5.Tracking of PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Not many understand that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) exists and is a genuine problem. It can be a confusing period for some women as the days leading up to the period can spout emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety and irritability.

When a woman is on prescribed medication for anxiety, depression and various disorders, it can trigger mood swings, days or even weeks before a period, going to the extent of even affecting the menstrual cycle. If you develop any irrational emotions and if it keeps getting worse just before your period, keep track of it, but at the same time consulting a specialist is necessary.

Finally, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary to track your cycle even if you have normal periods. Well, yes, it is. Keeping tabs on your period even though you might have a normal cycle can make you aware of any unexpected changes. Hence, by maintaining a record of your menstrual cycles in the way of writing down the length of your period, the type of blood flow, any delays experienced etc, you can see the changes occurring within your body and can get treatment if needed. These days there are also several period tracking apps available to make tracking your periods easier. But that’s not all, maintaining your health also comes from making use of good breathable menstrual products. Choosing a sustainable menstrual brand like Avni will make your period a more comfortable one. Take time to understand your cycles and only by taking cues from your period you can maintain your overall health and wellbeing.


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