Why should you create your app for iOS and Android in 2022?

app for iOS and Android

Mobile App Development is one of the fastest-growing areas in software development due to the increase in mobile application usage. Users spent 87% of their time on mobile apps in 2020. Mobile application development has seen a tremendous increase in interest since many businesses were forced to migrate to the internet quickly after the COVID 19 pandemic.

Android and iOS are the most popular platforms for native app development. Because of their incredible development possibilities, both these platforms are leaders in the global market. We will give you an overview of each platform to help make the right decision for your company.

Android App Development: Advantages

Android OS is the dominant mobile platform, accounting for 85 percent of the global market. For entrepreneurs, custom android app development that includes enterprise-friendly features and improved security may seem like a slice of the market. Below are the top benefits that business people should consider when choosing future-proof and feature-rich Android app development.


The Android platform is flexible and presents fewer restrictions than other platforms. Android apps can be distributed on any Android device. There are no hardware compatibility issues. Android development is much easier and more flexible than other platforms, as it relies on Java, a versatile programming language that is compatible with all Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Greater ROI

Android’s Software Development Kit is the readily available material design. This allows developers to create highly interactive and engaging Android apps that address a global audience at an affordable price.

Simple Customization

Android is a flexible platform that offers high flexibility and allows for easy customization. Your enterprise app will have multiple functions and be creative. Android is an OS that can integrate all kinds of modifications, from simple to complicated, to meet all your business needs. Android allows you to adapt and update various data management functions and tools, which makes it easy to meet changing business requirements. To reap the benefits of Android, you only need to hire the most skilled and experienced developers. Quinterocorp.com might be the right choice.

Learn more

Google offers a vast knowledge base to new developers, including interactive materials and complete training programs.

Publishing the app

In 2020, Google had reduced its leniency towards developers when it came to posting apps on Google Play. New developers now have to go through a lengthy process to review the apps before they are posted. This process, which used to take around seven hours, can now take up to a week. Despite this strict policy, most Android apps that adhere to the company’s content policy are approved. An android app publishing is much cheaper than other apps, as developers only need to pay a $25 one-time registration fee.

Beyond smartphones:

Android app development means creating software for a whole ecosystem of devices. You can extend the functionality of your android app, making it compatible with Daydream, Android Auto, and Cardboard VR headsets. Although the app’s flexibility may cause some design problems, it allows you to integrate your app into many other devices, including smartwatches, cars, TVs, and cars.

Easy marketing and security enhancements

Google’s recent updates have made it easier for malware to track the data structure with the introduction of several business-friendly features. Android apps automatically send periodic notifications to users, keeping them informed. These apps can also be promoted easily.

An Android app’s greatest advantage is its close interaction with Google. You might get a customized android app that is tailored to your business with many benefits from Google’s apps. Your Android app will automatically work with any new app or service that Google launches. Quinterocorp.com is a well-respected Android App Development Company that offers its services in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Haryana.

iOS App Development: Advantages

Although Android is now the leading mobile app developer platform, many established brands are still using iOS due to its superior quality and high revenue generation. Apple, the oldest smartphone, allows business units to quickly meet their business requirements and make a quick return.

Android 13
This is the most recent version of the Android operating system. If you’re interested in the Android platform or currently work as an Android developer, Android 13 will teach you about new features such as Dark Themes, Smart Reply, Gesture navigation, 5G Networks, Enhanced Location, and Privacy Tools, among others. Apps for foldable and other large-screen devices can also be optimised.

High-Quality Standards:

iOS mobile apps are reliable, fast, easy to use, and quick to develop. Because iOS apps are extremely reliable and offer many functionalities, iOS app development is on the rise. As the development is still incomplete, the quality and performance of iOS apps cannot be guaranteed. The apps are not released to the public until they meet the strict standards set by Apple’s Play Store. This allows one to build a loyal customer base.

Create an Apple ecosystem

iOS apps have both pros and cons. A smartphone that is only one Apple device might prove to be very inconvenient. This could be because the OS is so private it makes it difficult to transfer files between devices. There are pros to working with the entire iOS family, which allows developers to create apps for multiple devices instead of one.

Elegant, elegant, and exceptional UI/UX

iOS apps are a delight to users thanks to their amazing user experience, which is entirely supported by iOS’s inbuilt capabilities. Apple offers detailed instructions to developers on how to create a user interface for apps. Although this may seem restrictive to some developers, it ensures a great user experience.

Better App Revenue:

IOS apps have a higher ROI than other apps. You must be aware of the mistakes, tips, and other information to maximize your iOS app development revenue opportunities.

We cater to all your business needs

Although the price of iOS app development can be a bit higher than other platforms, they are still very lucrative for businesses due to their responsive interface, market reach, and better-paying clients.

Quinterocorp.com is one of the top iOS App Development Company in delhi, India. We can help you with all your business needs.



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